2010 NFL Predictions: AFC North

AFC North Predictions

Can Ray Lewis stick his tongue out at the other AFC North teams and get back to the NFL Playoffs in 2010?

AFC North Predictions

Baltimore Ravens (13-3)

The Ravens had quite a team in 2009 — good enough to lay a whoopin’ on the Patriots in the playoffs that New England fans are still smarting from.  The Ravens didn’t rest on their laurels, adding Anquan Boldin and a bevy of young talent through the draft.  Terrence Cody and Sergio Kindle join an already imposing defense, while Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson provide some safe targets for Joe Flacco.  Don’t sleep on the blackbirds in 2010.

Cincinnati Bengals (9-7)

Chad Ochocinco’s persona is a good proxy for the Bengals performance – enigmatic. The tools and material are all there to build a championship level team, but the walls keep getting knocked down by egos, arrests, and injuries.  The offense, once the leader of this team, will have to play catchup in 2010.  The 6th ranked defense added a few more youngsters, with athletes like Carlos Dunlap and Brandon Ghee joining the team.  Jermaine Gresham will need to show that he is recovered from his knee injury early, so that Carson Palmer can trust him in tight situations.  If Carson can remember the blueprints to a great offense, the 9-7 record could easily turn into a 12-win season.

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-10)

It’s not just the Ben Roethlisberger debacle. Their depth at tackle is razor thin after an injury to Willie Colon. Signing Flozell Adams or moving 1st round pick Maurkice Pouncey are truly deals with the devil.  After jettisoning Santonio Holmes,  the receiving corps is shaky and a bit unproven after Hines Ward.  Emmanuel Sanders should help in the long run, but the Steelers offense is going to be in trouble.  Their defense is still impressive, but any injury to Troy Polamalu will hurt this team – which lacks a good replacement at safety.  Thaddeus Gibson and Jason Worilds are two more toys to apply pressure to the quarterback, which might be the best way for the Steelers to score points this year.

Cleveland Browns (5-11)

The Browns need a lot more good football players in order to compete in this division, starting with their quarterback.  Joe Haden, Colt McCoy, and others show promise to join Josh Cribbs as impact players, but they are a year or two away. If Mike Holmgren has a plan, I hope it doesn’t involve the playoffs in 2010.


2 Responses to “2010 NFL Predictions: AFC North”

  1. Jared says:

    1.Ravens- My….slightly less than confident AFC champ prediction at this point. Good coach, good qaurterback, good defense-good team. Two biggest issues for Baltimore last year were WR on offense, and the defensive secondary. They turned WR from a weakness, to maybe what will be one of their strengths this year. Adding Boldin is an instant number 1 target for them, they also took a low-risk/high-reward chance on Dante Stallworth. I also think they had a good draft,-Sergio Kindle, who some thought would be a Patriot, Mt-Terrence Cody to play with Ngata. And the there was the whole TE thing that happened in this years draft…which was the Pats sneaking in front of the Ravenes in the 2nd rnd to take Gronkowski, then taking Hernandez the pick before them in the 4th round…both players were rumored to have been taken by the Ravens if they were available. Baltimore took TE’s Dickson and Pitta instead-only time will tell us how big those moves were.
    But the ravens were a good-young team last year, now they’re better.
    2.Bengals- Cinci had a great year last year, they had some good young talent come in and boost theyre roster into the playoffs. But a lot of things went right for them, and I think last years roster acceeded most peoples expectations. But most of all….theyre schedule, out of the 10 non-division game they play, 7 of them are against the Patriots,Jets,Dolphins,Colts,Chargers,Falcons, and Saints…ouch.
    3.Steelers-kind of a who-knows kind of season for Pittsburgh, filled with more questions than answers. Two best offensive players had offseason troubles…Te diva WR is gone, and the alleged-perv QB stays…who plays when Ben can’t?? your guess is as good as mine.
    4.Browns- Holmgren has Cleveland rapidly heading in the right direction. But QB is still a major problem, and that roster still has stains of past management all over it, and theyre’s just too trash to clean house in one offseason.Ravens.

    Ravens. 11-5
    Bengals. 9-7
    Steellers. 7-9
    Browns. 5-11


  2. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Ravens 10-6
    Bengals 9-7
    Steelers 7-9
    Browns 7-9

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