Polamalu’s Winning Formula?

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Does Randy Moss lead to a bad defense?

In Mike Reiss’ latest blog post, Mike references a Troy Polamalu quote about how to win in the NFL:

“I think it’s unique no question. Especially in today’s game. People don’t think that you can, for the most part, have a really smothering defense. But, with the smothering defense, you can’t have a pass-happy offense. For example, you would think you could take a great defense and mesh them together, but our defense would not work well with a New England Patriots offense or Indianapolis Colts offense. They may put up a lot of points, but it takes a lot more energy to play our defense than a Tampa 2-type defense.”

I have as much respect for Troy Polamalu as I do for nearly any other NFL player not on the Patriots, but I think he’s way off base here. Polamulu is trying to say that a “pass-happy” team can’t also be a “clock-killing” team, two things that I don’t think are mutually exclusive.  As Reiss pointed out, the Patriots ranked 2nd in time of possession, holding the ball for nearly 33 minutes per game.

About the “smothering defense” issue… we obviously weren’t there in 2009.  While the Patriots definitely don’t employ a Tampa-2 defense like the Colts, we do employ more of a “bend-don’t-break” defense than the hyper-aggressive Steelers.  This has more to do with our lack of legitimate pass-rushers than our defense not getting enough rest in between series.

With the embarrassment of riches amassed for Tom Brady to play with in 2010, don’t expect Belichick’s offensive philosophy (just score points) to change anytime soon.


4 Responses to “Polamalu’s Winning Formula?”

  1. Jared says:

    To me, the Pats won with balance. The Colts, they win with offense, which is rare. If you have a high-flying, high-scoring offense…you can get hot and win a ring, but the teams that can win with their defense OR their offense are the great ones. The best example of a balanced team ive ever seen, call me a homer but the 03-04 Patriots. Tom Bradys’ favorite reciever was always the open one, a smart, tough, defense with actual playmakers,(most of all a pass-rush). And when the game was in hand….give it to big Corey Dillon who I believe had more rushing yards that season than any Patriot ever. That was the best, & most complete team ive watched, but the Steelers of this decade, and the Saints of last year you could put in that category too. I agree with Ryan… if your in the top 5 on both sides of the ball, look out. The best years of Tom Bradys, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana career, & even Culpepper throwing 47 TD’s to Moss in his prime…..the best statistical year for all of those guys finished without a ring. Im not saying you cant get hot like the “greatest show on turf” did in the early 2000’s. But I think the rag-tag bunch of Patriots that won the SB in 01 vs the highly favored Rams proves the point of balance.
    I think the Pats have gotten closer to having more balance this off-season than in recent years, on both sides of the ball. But I dont think theyre there yet, or the Jets. The Pats defense I would still consider suspect, like the Jets offense. The most balanced team in the AFC, & my pick to go tp the SB….Baltimore Ravens. Sorry Troy, another year with no playoffs for your Steelers.


  2. Ryan says:

    I think if you analyze what he said is this: you either have an offensively productive team e.g. Saints or a defensively productive team e.g. Jets. However, it is tough to have both of them. Which I agree with. I think that he is right in that sense. However, I think if you can be in the top 5 in both, then you really have somthing there. But that is just my analysis.

  3. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    I don’t care how long it takes to score. Just score. Didn’t the Steelers win a Superbowl with Big Ben throwing 30+ times a game?

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