Patriots Offseason Moves: Open Thread

Brandon Spikes

Linebacker Brandon Spikes at Rookie Camp

It’s been a long off-season so far, and we’ve still got over a month to go before training camp opens up for our New England Patriots.  That said, we here at NEPD want to know which moves have you excited this off-season, and which moves have you worried.  You can choose from draft picks, free agents, players released, etc… We’ll get the discussion going.

When the Patriots drafted Brandon Spikes, at least one player was smiling, along with a few million Patriot fans. Jerod Mayo has to be excited about the possibility of Spikes taking on some guards from the “Mike” position, letting Mayo flow to the ball and make some plays. Seeing these two former-SEC thumpers on the same field sounds like a dream. The new TE’s and re-signing Vince/Leigh would be my honorable mentions.

This is a tough one, as I really like what the Patriots have done this spring. That said, the loss of Jarvis Green is a tough one. Even though he didn’t have a spectacular year in 2009, he was a solid option at the 5-tech DE spot. The Patriots do have some options to fill that spot (Deaderick, Pryor, Wright, Lewis), but none of them have proven themselves consistent starters.

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18 Responses to “Patriots Offseason Moves: Open Thread”

  1. Dave says:

    I wonder if Crumpler makes the final 53

  2. Jared says:

    We do need someone to return kicks though.

    • NEPD says:

      Between McCourty and Tate, I hope we have that covered.

    • Ryan says:

      I hate to say this, but I really think our Offense is going to turn a corner this year. Having a solid TE and FB is just the start. Hopefully Tate and Edelman will continue to grow. There are just to many targets. As for those who believe our RB situation is bad, it could be better. However, running back by committee has been proven in the NFL. Plus Fred Taylor being healthy will be nice.

    • Ryan says:

      Shoot, and I forgot about Price, Holt and Crumpler

  3. Jared says:

    They need one of those DE’s to step up. And Ryan, you may be right about Tate…i just think excpectations for him are too high.Patriots run a tough system for a WR, but most of all..he hasnt made a play at any level in almost 3 yrs!!

  4. Jared says:

    Crable isnt injured….not yet. He just sucks, i hate to break it to people but he can’t play LB in the NFL. He has an NFL body, so do a lot of guys. Reports were that hes working with guys trying to snag a practice squad spot, and that he was struggling with 1 on 1’s. So Y does everyone think this kid can play??? An interception in preseason??? Or is it that he looks ripped on camera??? Because thats all anyone can go on. And sorry to pick on prioris…but Tate, McKenzie, & Crable…..thats what your really excited about? You and I have made as many palys in the NFL as those 3 put together??

    Most excited
    1. Mayo & Spikes… to eachother
    2. Gronkowski & Hernandez
    3. The offense in general….I think a change is coming. No new shiny RB, but Randy in a contract year…Welkers freak healing….Edelman coming into his own….and now add the 3 TE’s…a future HOF rec T.Holt to help bring along Taylor Price & Brandon Tate.
    4. Pumped that i dont have to watch #96 jog around the feild like he has an effort deminishing disease.

    Slightly excited
    1. Three legit starting CB’s-Bodden,Butler,McCourty
    2. ZOLTAN! Better be good
    3. Big Vince has probably earned a “most excited”, but resigning guys just aint exciting, but im still glad hes back.

    Now the bad
    1. Where is the Passrusher??… I know, next year we’ll get one right? I hope Cunningham is better than everyone but Bill thought he was. But the talent, or lack of, at OLB….is brutal. Tully & Burgess are sub-par starters, and Ninkovich & Woods are sub-par backups. And you know what I think abot Mr.Crable. Cunningham is their only hope.
    2. 6’7″- 320 lb- Richard Seymour left a bigger hole than ANYONE else who left, and they ALL left…Rodney, Willie, Vrabel, Asante, Bruschi & Ted.J. But in the 3-4 defense, the DE is as essential as any position besides nose. And they have no-one to play it at a consistent level. G.Warren & D.Lewis are under-acheiving DT’s & are Burgess like signings. But I do think they will help the run compared to departed J.Green. I dont know enough about the low-drafted DT’s theyve drafted the last 2 yrs, but I have low excpectations for all of them. And the highest drafted, Ron Brace, I have no excpectations….if Bill watched every game that he played at BC, he wouldnt have drafted him. He benifited too much from the best DT in the country- BJ Raji. At best, I hope he can be a back-up for Vince.
    3. No new RB’s, i’m not surprised. With the teams other holes…RB on the back-burner for 1 more year. Next year…they’ll draft one, sign one in FA, and resign one from this year.
    4. This isnt bad as much as it is a question…. who is the starting SS? Sanders, McGowan, or hopefully Chung can step-up. All 3 were inconsistent at best last year.

    Players that im excited to watch the most
    1. Spikes, – Mayo & Spikes together
    2. Gronkowski
    3. Hernandez
    4. Price
    5. Cunningham
    6. McCourty
    7. Chung
    8. Butler
    9. Holt
    10. Edelman

    Players i dont think we’ll see much of… Crable, Brace, Patten. & i hate to say it… but McKenzie & Tate.


    • Ryan says:

      I think your on with Crable, but Tate I can see at least being a returner, which is somthing to not be taken lightly. I have heard that Brace’s footwork is getting better. As for DE’s, Deadrick is interesting, his draft stock was hurt because of his past but I think it will be interesting to see these new guys step in. As for your question on SS, I hope that Chung makes the jump (I think he will).

  5. prioris says:

    someone ought to ask one of the coaches why he is on the scout team and the implications for him.

    i could imagine that he is rusty and needs to do preliminary activities before participating in first or second teams. that’s what i would have him do.

    the only comment on his activity was that he looked awkward hitting the blocking sled. i would find that good news unless his injury is still plaguing him.

  6. Ryan says:

    McCourty – Three Solid DB’s is a good start
    Tate – A solid return man, along with a decent receiver
    Cunningham – Possible sleeper at OLB
    Hernandez – Perhaps the key to the entire season, a deep threat which could help spread the field.
    Spikes – could take the head of Mayo

    TBC – One good year, dont forget most of his sacks came in ONE game.
    Crable – Probably will not start or play and end up being a bust.
    Mankins – We need him on the OL very badly
    C – Our center, is awful, he had the most penalties on the O-Line
    Chung – He has got to make a HUGE jump, but if he can our secondary is going to be very tough.

    • prioris says:

      i can’t see crable starting. he will sub in the beginning and gradually get more playing time as time goes on.

      the way you have to judge crable is how quickly he physically adapts back into the flow of football as a game after 2 years of no football. i think 2 months from now, we will have a sense of his rate of progress and prognosis.

    • NEPD says:

      It’s not looking good with Crable on the scout team for OTA’s. Hope he turns the corner.

  7. CtPatsFan says:

    Excited – Taylor Price
    Worried – Losing Adalius Thomas. Not sure if Crable, Ninkovich, Cunningham can handle it, even if AD was a problem child.

    • NEPD says:

      I’m not entirely sold on Burgess/Crable/Ninkovich, but I’m excited to see Cunningham try and play opposite TBC. I will NOT miss AD and his one tackle per game.

  8. prioris says:

    Very Excited – Brandon Tate, Sean Crable, Tyrone McKenzie

    Excited – Crumpler, Gronkowski, Hernandez, Taylor Price, Cunningham,McCourty

    Excited – more depth and talent in all major defensive positions

    Very deep array of wide receiver talent

    Very Hopeful – Ron Brace

    Worried – Brandon Tate, Shawn Crable … durability issues but both have potentially high upside

    Worried – who will be injured and be out for season

    Everyone rub your lucky rabbit foot for Crable because he may be the most important piece to defense along with a more experienced defensive backs. OLB position has the least depth.

  9. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Excited – Devin McCourty. We finally will have a decent secondary.

    Worried – Torry Holt. I hope this isn’t another Joey Galloway thing.

    • NEPD says:

      Definitely excited about McCourty as well. Bodden/Butler/DMC at corner with Chung/Meriweather/Sanders at safety makes me a happy man.

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