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It was a pretty interesting couple of days while we were out, thanks to Jared, Ryan, Starfish, and all the others for keeping the discussion going in our absence.

Evidently, Logan Mankins is more like Deion Branch than we thought. It is never easy to choose sides between a millionaire player and a billionaire owner, but the reported $7 million dollar per year offer sounded very reasonable to me. I think Tedy Bruschi sums up Patriot fan worries very well in the video below. (short advertisement first)

If Mankins gets his wish and is traded, there are a few possibilities where he could end up. Kansas City needs offensive line help, as well as the Rams and Lions. Mankins could arguably play tackle for some NFL teams.

Compensation though, is a whole different issue. The Patriots already have a ton of 2011 NFL Draft Picks, so ideally they would get a player in return. Pass-rushers would be ideal, but I don’t see many teams parting with those anytime soon.

A 2011 1st Round selection would be only a small consolation prize for losing the continuity on the offensive line, developed so well over the last few seasons.

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10 Responses to “Logan Mankins-Branch”

  1. JimC says:

    Logan Mankins is a outstanding player but a by-product of the Patriots organization. With that said – Offensive Guard is a very replaceable part, I believe that team will survive without him for this year. I would take KC’s first round pick 2011 in a hearbeat for him.

  2. Jared says:

    At this point, in my opinion. The Patriots by taking him in the first round, 20 picks before most thought he would go….have done more for him, they he has done for the Pats. He was paid far more than a guy like Evans from the Saints, who was takin in the fourth round. The Pats made an obvious financial decision wheb they offered Mankins his tender. Logan isn’t the only guy in the league that remained a retricted free agent because of the uncapped year, deal with it. Did him and his agent really think the Pats were going to hand them $20 million in bonuses, when they own his rights for $3.5 million,with no bonuses??? Obvious decision, I DO think there is something negative to say about Kraft & company hiding behind the CBA, other teams are giving guys big money deals, I think its faulty excuse on their part. That beeing said, for Mankins & his agent to think the Pats weren’t going to use his restricted tag against him…is insane. I dont think Kraft is in a rush to handout $20 million, with a possible lockout looming. Business is business, and no company is in it to hand out money they don’t have to.


  3. Ryan Buske says:

    But I will tell you this, he does not under any circumstance deserve 8 million a year. Every highlight I have seen of him he is holding.

  4. AP says:

    At first, when I didn’t have all the facts – if we assume anything we get from the media is fact that is, I sided with Mankins. He said the Patriots told him they would give him a new deal this year. And he was standing his ground.

    Good for him, as he should. Then I read they offered to make him top 5 paid at his position…


    How could he turn that down… to be THE highest paid player at that position…? That’s ridiculous.

    For me, he is not a team player – I get rid of him for a bag of donuts. Guys like TO prove that it takes more than talent to win SB’s… it takes chemistry, everyone playing together, like the 2001 team…

    This attitude is showing signs of the breakdown in the locker room ever since our core left – retired, traded, or whatever.

    Sad to say, but we need a transformation to get another shot at a super bowl with Tom Brady… He has about 5 seasons left at high caliber… we need to get rid of the Mankins’ types and add more Bruschi’s…


    • Ryan Buske says:

      Agreed… I disagree with the locker room break down, the guy has not even been to a single practice. I think the locker room from what I have read is far superior than that of last year.

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  6. Jared says:

    If i had to guess, right now…The chances of getting a player in return, that the other team is willing to give up, and a that BB can use in his system…slim-to none. I think the best the Pats could do…Maybe a 3rd round pick in this upcoming 2011 draft, with the 1st round pick beeing for the 2012 draft. No way, with 2 first rounders already, and uncertainty with labor agreements(rookie pay scale),that Bill will make a trade for a 3rd pick in the first round next year. If he felt it was the ONLY way to get a deal done, I think he might, but I cant envision BB stacking 3 first rounders in one draft…by choice, but he might have no other/


  7. Ryan Buske says:

    All and All I do not see the Patriots ending up with a good situation. I do not believe that we will get an even trade for him. Meaning at least a first and a third, in which case I do not think we could afford 3 first round picks next year. So then it comes to an established player that does well at his position. Who might that be? No Idea. We need an OLB or DE, but I do not see teams parting with them either. So, then becomes the matter of him just sitting out, wasting his time, our time and both our money. What to do what to do?

    I would prefer to get a 1st round pick and a good player for him. But I do not see that happening… so it looks like the situation is going to get awful.

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