Checking In With Uncle Al

Raiders 2011 1st Round Pick

Will Al Davis come through for the Patriots?

Before the start of the 2009 NFL season, the Patriots made a somewhat shocking move by trading long-time Patriot DE Richard Seymour to the Oakland Raiders. At the end of the coming 2010 NFL season, the trade will finally come to fruition for the Patriots, where they own the Raiders’ 2011 1st-round draft pick.

Many Patriot fans at the time of the trade expected the pick to land somewhere in the top five or ten, however, over the last few months Al Davis has made some surprisingly decent personnel moves.

The addition of linebacker Rolando McClain, a NEPD favorite, and Texas DL Lamarr Houston through the draft bolstered a decent defense, while jettisoning JaMarcus Russel can’t be a bad thing.

However, they replaced the ill-fated Russell with Jason Campbell, a supposed savior that led the Redskins to a 4-12 record in 2009. To block for him, they drafted Jared Veldheer and Bruce Campbell, two developmental tackles that probably won’t be ready to make a big contribution until 2011 at the earliest.

The Raiders have made some decent moves this off-season, but we don’t see them crawling out of the top 10 in the 2011 NFL Draft Order just yet.  Check out our 2011 NFL Mock Draft to see who NEPD thinks the Patriots will select with the Raiders’ pick.

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9 Responses to “Checking In With Uncle Al”

  1. Jared says:

    Watched some Raiders mini-camp coverage. People are pretty excited about Heyward-Bey, Mcfadden, & Campbell. Hopefully, its just the annual optimism, and not actual improvements.

  2. leatherstarfish says:

    Not a Raiders fan, but am a fan of the AFC West so I watch them closely. They are in a weak division with only the Chargers as a real contender. Chiefs are a lettle better but still not good, Donkeys are worse. Plus their schedule is not that harsh. Predicting is always a crapshoot, but I think the Raiders get close to 500 for the reasons I stated earlier.

  3. Jared says:

    Leatherstarfish must be a raiders fan. Pick 14, no way 13 teams in the NFL are worse than Oakland this year. They went from a terrible QB, to a slightly less terrible one… I would bet my house on them in the top ten.

  4. leatherstarfish says:

    The pick will be out of the top ten. I would say around 14.

  5. Jared says:

    I am always agreeing with you Ryan…two things though.
    1. Bill made that deal for Seymour under the assumption that there will be some sort or rookie pay scale by then. There is no gaurentee’s, but both unions have stated that rookies are getting too much money. So I dont know what new rules will be in place, but i’m confident there will be a rookie pay scale, and I dont think bill would have traded his second best player to the Raiders for a pick they cant afford to make.
    2. I love Welker, hardest working guy on the team. But Randy is the number 1 reciever, nothing against Wes or Julian, but thery’re slot guys. Slot guys aren’t number ones, future HOF’s that are 6’5″ tall and make $9 million a year are. And next year they are going to need someone cheaper to fill his very large shoes.


  6. Ryan says:

    I think before anything can be said about the draft, some of the expectations of these players must and need to be realized. I will however, admit we have glaring holes at OLB (2), DE, RB, perhaps WR and maybe OL if Mankins does not resign. However, the question of next years draft becomes all about the money and who they resign. Resigning Brady, Moss, Gost., a couple RB’s and Mankins could leave the Patriots with nothing to sign a a top 5 or top 10 draft pick. So do not be suprised if they walk through the first round with only a single pick.

    First of all I’m a firm believer that Welker is the No 1 reciever, Moss just doesn’t fit that role. In my opinion, it then becomes the job to find good 2 , 3, and 4 WR. With Price, Tate, Edelman and Hernandez I think we have a shot there. To atleast give one, so draft a WR late.

    RB is where they need to focus however, Maroney if you look at the numbers has not been doing that bad. But if he wants a big deal I would cut him.

    If we resign OL I think we would be set on OL unless there is a sleeper late, that they need. The secondary should also be set as well as TE.

    If they can draft two Defensive players who can contribute next year, I would expect amazing things from the team espically as solid OLB and DE. However, I think Cunningham is the real deal. Cain I can see as sitting.

  7. Jared says:

    On paper, i love what crazy Al has done this offseason, unfortunately. He drafted two of my favorite rookies, including the one that I had a pre-draft man-crush over-Rolando McaClain, the other being athletic Texas DL Lamar Houston. Al also snagged two of the best OT prospects coming out. Most of all, they parted ways with the biggest QB bust ever, biggest as in 300 lbs big. They traded one of their best players-Kirk Morrison, and acquired Jason Campbell to play QB. I do think the Raiders have improved the overall make-up of their team, but how much did Al improve their 2011 record?… Hopefully not much. The only definite help will come from McClain, but hes replacing the teams biggest loss. Campbell couldn’t make it work with the Redskins, so how much can he really help a disfunctional Oakland offense?? He has to be better than Russel, but that is hardly saying much. Besides McClain, I dont see any of the Raiders new guys besides maybe the OT Veldheer, making a big difference for them NEXT year. I think the Pats pick will remain in the top ten, hopefully your prediction of 7th is about right.
    As for who the Pats take?? Right now, the draft looks stacked with hybrid 3-4 OLB’s & WR’s. Hopefully, Bill will have the pick of the litter at the OLB position. Maybe that way, he mite actually take one in the 1st round,(although I wouldn’t bet on it). As for which OLB? Time will tell who the best players are, a lot will change from now until April. On offense, the Pats will be looking at RB’s & most likely wideouts. I personnaly dont see Randy playing in NE in 2012, most would disagree, but I HOPE he isn’t. Im not going to go on a Randy rant, but no matter how much Tom & Randy love eachother, Randy is not a Patriot-type guy in my opinion. I personnaly would rather have someone who you can rely on for one clutch reception over the “threat” of a deep ball. At this stage, one dimensional Randy is not worth the cash he gets paid. I think the Pats will be looking for his replacement in the draft.
    RB, a no-doubt vital hole that will have to be filled.
    I am a believer in drafting skilled position players later in the draft, especially as a Pats fan. BB’s worst picks have been offensive skill players. None worse than Chad Jackson out of Florida in the top 5 of rnd 2 a couple of years ago. Even the best “skill” players(Adrian Peterson), have questions coming out of college about they’re game & toughness. Old & recent success in later rounds at WR(Edelman & Givens in the 7th rnd), assures me Bill should stick to what he does best…draft skilled players late, and defense early. In the Pats SB runs, they were made up of top defensive picks like W.McGinest,R.Seymour,T.Warren, and now big Vince & Mayo. The offense, the highest pick would be Branch in the 2nd round, but other than that…T.Brown,D.Givens,K.Faulk, D.Patten,the whole O-line,the RB’s, oh ya, Tom Brady… all lower picks( like Welker & Edelman now)
    I know when you need a player at a certain position, you just need one… but Bill should stick to what he does best. Defense early, offense late,(unless the offense is a lineman). Another couple of picks like Ben Watson, Laurence Maroney, or Chad Jackson, could kill the Pats chances on building for ANOTHER Super Bowl run.


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