And the Crowd Goes Wild – Open Thread

Landon Donovan

Is this in your Top 3 Sports Moment list?

As Landon Donovan deposited the jabulani ball into the back of the net this morning, sending the USA through to the knockout rounds of the World Cup, many people had to be thinking that this was one of the best sports moment of their lives.

We here at NEPD would like to know what your top three sports moments were, what really made you stand up, yell, wake the neighbors, or high-five a perfect stranger? We can exclude the three Patriots Superbowl victories as the lists might get a bit repetitive.

While the Donovan goal certainly got me off my seat, it won’t crack my Top 3 list — I’ll let you guys handle the Patriots moments:

Big Papi Walkoff(s) – Take your pick… either the Game 4 or Game 5 heroics were pretty insane.

Tate to Holloway – The Capital One Bowl hail-mary (video here) left me and my brother-in-laws in a dogpile in our living room with a pregnant Mrs. NEPD cowering in the corner fearful for our unborn child. If you didn’t know it, I’m a die-hard Hawkeye.

And There’s a Steal by Bird! – I remember watching this with my dad on about an 18-inch TV that wasn’t even “def”. That said, it’s the first time in my life that I recall being excited about a game – and that is something to remember.

Your turn!

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8 Responses to “And the Crowd Goes Wild – Open Thread”

  1. Papa NEPD says:

    Soccer will never make it on any of my lists. Watching guys fall down and act like they are in pain. No way! What would they do if they got hit by Bob Sanders? Sorry for bringing him up but partial to Hawkeyes.

    1. Phil winning the Masters this year. Warmed the heart.
    2. USA Hockey beating the Russians. Inspiring.
    3. Jack Nicklaus winning the Masters when considered over the hill.

  2. Paul D says:

    From my side of “the pond”
    Leeds Rhinos thrashing St Helens in Rugby League’s Grand Final 2007
    Leeds United avoiding relegation in May 2003 with a win at Arsenal.
    England winning the Ashes in 2005.

  3. Jared says:

    Sooooooo many tough ones to leave off.
    Brady to Moss for # 50.
    Mannys walkoff vs KRod and the Angels-(that ball still hasnt landed)
    Bruins/Canadiens. Game 6, 2yrs ago-(best hockey game i’ll ever watch)
    Cant leave off ” Varitek” splitting the uprights in the tuck game. Menino cant speak for shi*, that beeing clutch kick ever.

  4. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    1. Phelps – sucker for the Olympics.

    2. Brady to Moss – breaking the record and making it 16-0. It ended up being hollow, but at that time, I was as excited as any Superbowl.

    3. Donovan – not a huge soccer fan, but I yelled louder today than I have in a while. It still amazes me that I cared so much.

  5. Jared says:

    With all due respect to your lack of pats super bowl request…i wont put it there,(but for the record, Pats beating the greatest show on turf is number 1, hands-down).
    Im not going to bash soccer, but no soccer moment will every be on my favorites list. I can respect what the World Cup is, I can respect what team USA is doing, but I dont care. Soccer is at its biggest ever in this country, but team USA is JV compared to other countries(as always). Not to mention, the annoying fans, the rediculous calls that dont even get explained, if i was a soccer fan, the calls alone would drive me crazy.
    On to my 3-besides Pats vs Rams.
    1. Celtics going from worst to first in 08-beating LA in finals ta boot!
    2. Michael Phelps a couple years ago winning all those gold medals-highlighted by the teams’ relay win over the trash-talking France team.
    3. Red Sox coming back from 0-3 deficit to crush the yankees in game 7, in Yankee stadium. Then going on to sweep the WS for the first time in 86 years.

    PS-love the question. i could give you 50.


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