You’re on the Clock: 2010 NFL Draft

We’ve just discussed our Nightmare Draft Picks, ours being Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham, but now we want to see who you would pick or what trade you’d make come Thursday night.

We’ll start it off:

After trading our #22 and #53 picks to the Atlanta Falcons, we receive the #19, #83, and #117 picks in return.

With the 19th pick, the Patriots select Kyle Wilson, cornerback from Boise State. Houston is looking for a CB with the 20th pick, which necessitated the trade up. With Darius Butler, Leigh Bodden, and Wilson lining up in the Patriots defensive backfield, Belichick will be in a good position to neutralize the improved passing attacks of our major foes in the AFC East.

What say you?


56 Responses to “You’re on the Clock: 2010 NFL Draft”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank GOD none of you idiots draft for the Patriots. Belichick will masterfully manhandle the other teams love affair with certain players to again come out of this draft with talented players that fit our system and be well positioned for next year. Next year is not as deep which is why Bill traded for an extra first in 2011 as opposed to this year. Are you people not paying attention…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    My dream draft:

    22nd pick: OLB, Sergio Kindle. Good Instincts, very athletic, gr8 hip turn, hands, and first step. Will be a gr8 pass rusher, strong, rips off blocks. Strong tackler, and has good range.
    Character was over-analyzed, there was only one incident in 2007 ( DWI ), but he is more mature now. the Pats really need a pass rusher, and linebacker help, whith Burgess a bust, and Thomas probably done.

    44th pick: WR, either Golden Tate or Arrelius Benn. If either of these guys fell to us, and the Pats took him, I would be ecstatic. If the Pats don’t think either Benn or Tate will fall, I think we should trade up a few picks to get one of them. Tate has great hands, underrated speed, will find a way to get seperation, finds soft spots in zone coverage. Benn also has good hands, and is good after the catch, will make the first man miss, has great run vision, could contribute as a returner. Good speed, but also strong, powers through arm tackles, and uses a good stiff arm. The Pats need a WR, with Moss likely gone next year, and Welker injured.

    47th pick: CB/S: If Nate Allen is still on the board, the Pats should grab him. He has very good instincts, range, and cover skills, he could be a cornerback. Good speed, very smart, with a good work-ethic. Only needs work on tackling and physicality, but we have Chung for that. Otherwise, a gr8 safety, and could be a corner. If he is not here, I say we take the best cornerback on the board, or trade down. I like Parrish Cox or Kareem Jackson, assuming Kyle Wilson, Joe Haden, and Pat Robinson are already taken. We need help at corner, as Springs is 35, and not very big. Butler needs to improve his coverage abilities, though he is a gr8b athlete.

    Then I say we trade Adalius Thomas to the Rams, or another team, for a high 3rd round and 4th round choice. With the 3rd rounder, we take a TE, I really like Pitta and Ed Dickson. Remeber, this is dream scenarion, it probably won’t happen. With the 4th rounder, take a D-lineman, like Cam Thomas ( I love his upside ), or someone else, because neither Brace nor Pryor played well.

    53rd pick: If we can get a high 3rd rounder somehow, wether through trading Adalius Thomas, or some other means, I say we can use that to grab a TE, and use this to grabe Brandon Spikes. This allows us to use Kindle and Banta-Cain as OLB, with Mayo and Spikes on the inside. Spikes has gr8, amazing insticnts, and is a very good leader. He is also a secure tackeler, and will fall, beacuse of his 40 time. Has great football intellignece, and plays faster ( b/c of his instincts and intellignece ) than he times. A tough, strong leader, who is strong against the run, will fit well with the Patriots. If we can’t get a high 3rd rounder, I say we trade this pick down into the high third round, grab a TE, and use the other pick to shore up the D-line, or grab a linebacker

  3. Ryan says:

    So if it came down to Kyle Wilson, Devin McCourty or Kareem Jackson who would you pick?

    I know we dont want a CB but hell BB, picks who ever he wants.

    I like McCorty or Jackson, ultimate decision going to Jackson. But thats me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    didn’t we already go over this terrible idea???

    move up 3 spots and back 30 while picking another 4th rounder just to pick Wilson???

    Why not stay put and draft McCourty who on top of being a good corner does everything you can imagine on special teams, stay at 53 or use the 53rd to slide back and pickup a 3rd and a 4th???

    Or they could wait till round 2 to draft a CB, why press for a CB in round 1???

  5. Anonymous says:

    NO, not gonna’ happen. Wilson is a good player, but our needs are greater in other areas. Plus, he’s not as much of a “value” pick vs. other players that Fit OUR needs. Look for the Pats to pick Odrick or one of the premier Rush LB’s. If Odrick in the 1st, then possibly Sapp with the 44th.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wouldnt surprise me.Honestly though if we trade up I hope it’s for Dez Bryant.Let’s give Tom an explosive weapon to line up opposite Moss.It will keep secondary’s more honest especially once Welker comes back full strength (fingers crossed).

  7. Ryan says:

    Some drafts have Graham slipping, Dez Slipping, Early Thomas and subsequently have Ordrick and Kindle going earlier. I wish I knew their wonderlick score.

    Lane, is a sleeper for sure, and I’m not sure he is sleeping any more haha. I think there are quite a few teams seeing a lot of upside. I think as a DE 6-7 with a crazy vert he was running a faster 40 then some dedicated OLB. Thaddeus from Ohio St. if we trade out of the 1st we might end up taking him. Not bad, another under the radar guy. There is a decent OLB from Iowa as well as Penn St.. Just depends how Bill has evaluated the players and such. If Lane is there with the last pick of the second round, I would pull the trigger. To much upside to leave on the table.
    I’m also starting to like McCluster more and more. Faulk/Welker v2.0.

  8. Jared says:

    Ohh, and Ryan…i was looking up that DE-Lane…lot of people have good things to say about him. I think hes growin on me.


  9. Jared says:

    Ryan, unfortunately I agree with you. I just posted my mock draft and i had them trading down to 39 w/ Oakland and picking up the 69th pick. But at 39, the top three OLB’s mite be gone. I had them taking Odrick but then I was doin my Mock and I think Odrick will be gone at 22. I cant decide if Odricks is gone-who do you pick at OLB?? Kindle, Weatherspoon, Hughes. No-one in the thirty’s that will definately be there looks attracting to me for the Pats. If im going to trade down, their better be a couple of people you need that you know ill be there. So I Have the Pats picking the top-rated OLB…Kindle


  10. Jared says:

    After months of more questions than answers… Heres my 32 team mock draft.

    1.St.L- Bradford-QB
    2.Det- Suh-DT
    3.TB- McCoy-DT
    8.Oak-Pierre Paul-DE/OLB
    10.Jack-trade pick for to Philly=24th pick and 2nd or 3rd rounder….
    Philly at #10 picks Derrick Morgan-DE
    12.Mia-D. Williams-DT
    13.Sf-Joe Haden-CB
    24.Jacks=from Philly-Dez Bryant-WR

    I know people most people wont agree with many of these picks so I officially challenge you all to a DUEL!!!! Post your mock drafts and see if any of us can get more right than Kiper and company.

    I’l post my full Patriot Mock draft tomorow afternoon…post those 2!!


  11. Ryan says:

    As bad as this sounds, Ordrick and Kindle the more I look at them do not seem like a good fit for the team. I Bill moving towards the second round, to get Sapp or Hughes. Maybe four total 2nds with a possible 3rd for the first round pick.

  12. Marcel Smith of Sports Page/YOUTUBE ME!!! says:

    In my last comment i meant in this draft (i wrote im this draft…lol)

    if a trade does happen it should be one of the 3 number 2’s packaged with a 2 next yr for a team that really doesnt want its 1st rounder this yr……that way the pats can grab both POUNCEY AND ODRICK

  13. Marcel Smith says:

    no disrespect but….bad trade….Kyle Wilson isnt a game changer… this draft the PATS need POUNCEY OR ODRICK…..with GRAHAM AND SPILLER being dream picks

  14. Anonymous says:

    A great pick — not the most pressing need, but a position in need of competition, and someone who could push to start right away. A pass rusher is more of a team need, but how well would the top candidates (Graham, Kindle, etc.) ultimately project into the 3-4 OLB? If you’re going to make a first round selection, you’re better off going with someone who can make an immediate impact.

  15. Jared says:

    Ricky Sapp wont fall out of the 2nd rnd. And if Kindle, Witherspoon or Hughes were coming off an acl injury… they would be projected right where Sapp is being projected. If the Pats drafted Sapp in the 2nd i would be thrilled.


  16. Anonymous says:

    How come Ricky Sapp does not get the love? He is a year away from knee surgery and from this point it only gets better, gets stronger. I see this guy as possibly being better than any olb in the draft down the road. Everyone has him in the mid to lower tier of the third round. What gives?

  17. Anonymous says:

    The pats need a WR to replace Moss next year, like Bryant, but they also need a good OLB to pass rush. CB is not even close to the biggest need this year

  18. John says:

    I think people are going to be fighting over guys like Terrell Troup out of UCF in the second round. (K.C., Denver, Baltimore, Miami, N.E.) Projected as a NT, but would be a stout 5 technique, maybe too tall for a nose.
    Arthur Jones out of SYR could have been a late first/second if not for the fact he blew out the meniscus in his knee. Very sturdy two gapper. I think both of these guys are going to have long productive careers.

  19. jonm25 says:

    I’m all about high-motor, high character guys. That seems to be the theme of this offseason for the Pats. I think at #22 you take the highest graded player on the board and then turn to fill your needs in the second round.

    As for trading, I don’t see them moving up in the first round. The consensus seems to be that the “value picks” start appearing in the 20’s. If anything, I’d move back if it involved the possibility of grabbing a 3rd rounder.

    I will say that we do need to walk away with an apparent heir to Moss and Seymour, a pass rushing OLB, another strong ILB and a TE.

    Wouldn’t mind shipping Oakland back its 2011 first rounder for Kirk Morrison and a 3rd rounder. I’m also still high on the idea of prying Olsen out of Chicago.

  20. Jared says:

    Odrick os about Seymours’ size comin out Goergia. He aint no Richard Seymour but he does project like he did. He if you dont like Odrick, Lamar Houston from Texas. RB in highschool coverted to DE converted to DT. Houstons’ a great athlete for a Kid his size.


  21. John says:

    I have bad memories of Baltimore just blowing up the defense. How many passes did their quarterback complete?==four, five? Does Odrick really have the base to play five technique or is he a good looking 4-3 guy that you imagine will be good in a 30 front? You need some serious sand in the pants for that 30 front.

  22. Jared says:

    Love Dave’s mock draft. I am officially on the McCluster band wagon. I think he can be uncoverable in the slot. I think he could give the offense unpredictabilty and boost their big play potential. Hes a Belichick guy, etremely versatile. He could play 3rd dwn back, slot reciever, catch screens at wideout…not to mention punt and kick returning. I would love to see the Pats snag him in the 2nd.


  23. Anonymous says:

    In this position, if Kindle is there at 22, take him. He has the skillset to be an everydown OLB in the Belichick 3-4. I would also consider the following…

    Trade for Philly’s 37th pick with the Pats 1st rounder next year, its a possibility since Andy Reid loves aquiring future 1st round picks! If we have to give him this years 4th rounder also then make it happen! I would also try to trade Adalius plus a 5th for a 3rd rounder, maybe to the 49ers who want ‘pass rush.’

    Then in the 2nd round we would have 37, 44, 47, 53, and in the 3rd, 79th overall pick. These picks need to provide part of the nucleus for the next decade and with them I would pick the following players…

    37 – Sean Weatherspoon (has the skillset and size to transition to inside LB and has amazing leadership skills, could be our own RayRay)
    44 – Everson Griffen (has the loose hips and speed to learn coverages and with the locker room chemistry improving, could turn out to be a beast)
    47 – Damien Williams (amazing route running skills and good speed, the type of guy Brady would love and a good locker room guy)
    53 – Jared Veldheer (in the same mold as Vollmer and Matt Light looked very old against the better pass rushers!)
    79 – Anthony McCoy – (pats type of tight end – great blocking skills and underrated pass catcher – would be a very good redzone target and comes from a pete carrol offence)

    This would give us two very good pass rushers who could form and outstanding bookend OLB threat for years, a future leader in Weatherspoon, which adds the the offseason theme of team building, a dynamic and polished reciever and all round tight end, not to mention giving us our future LT to pair with Vollmer. I did not add a DE in this draft as the 2011 draft has a number of more viable options of 6’5 290lbs+ guys that would fit the mold and with another year under his belt, I think Mike Wright will not tire as much down the stretch.

    This is a crucial draft and we cannot afford to miss!


  24. David says:

    1st round – Jared Odrick
    2nd round – Ricky Sapp
    2nd round – Dexter McCluster
    2nd round – Dennis Pitta

  25. Jared says:

    AP… couldn’t agree more. We need a passrush more then anything but that 6’7″-320 lb hole Richard Seymour left needs to be filled. He will strengthen their D against the run and i think help there passrush slightly, he will require more attention pass-protection wise than Jarvis Green or Mike Wright did last year. If they could get Odrick and Hughes at OLB… aside from trading for McClain or Haden, best case scenario for the defense. Kindle to me is the attractive talent but he has a lot of people questioning his work ethic and motor and those are red flags. Odrick is Solid and Hughes is an explosive athlete with raw and untapped talent, upside with coaching has to attract Bill.


  26. John says:

    If you pick based on need and based on how others have stacked the board, you are almost always going to be screwed. Just because you spend a lot of money and leverage on a pick does not guarantee it is going to be anything more than a high-priced piece of furniture. What percentage of supposed great first round picks turn out to be players? If you get a piece of furniture that you pay millions to, you may have to bring in a 38 year old former third round pick to play so the furniture stays on the bench. The majority is almost always —wrong.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I am still sticking with my hopes on Jared Odrick at #22. I feel he can really stabalize that DE position opposite Ty Warren.

    #44, #47, #53… We need a pass rushing OLB (Obviously!) and a TE.

    I like the idea of E. Sanders in round 4, so I wouldn’t mind taking a flyer on a McCluster or something to overtake faulk next year… with his speed it would be like 2 welkers on the field.

    With all that said, I am sure they will draft another OL in the first 2 days… unsexy… and I am not sure we need it that bad, but just likely that they will do that.

    2 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!


  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Anonymous says:

    Ummmmm….No! 4 Picks 4 spots…. 2 on OFF 2 on DEF …LB DE…WR…TE

  30. Ryan says:

    T. Gibson OLB from Ohio State, somthing about him makes me like him. I think on espn for score he was rate 5 over all at 3-4 OLB. Still liking Austin Lane.

  31. John says:

    I agree it would be a failed draft without getting an olb/pass rusher. However, why follow the conventional route and follow the lemmings? –see vernon Gholsten, etc. I always liked Bill because he made up his own mind and went after it, no matter the criticism. I think Graham is a good player, but did he ever stand up at Michigan, did he ever drop to the flat with a flanker or a tight end? Also, with his height, I can see him just positively getting engulfed by a tall quick feet tackle while playing the run. I think there are two or three guys in the second and third that could do situational rushing their first year and develop into a full blown olb by their second year. New England fans are lucky to have bill, I just hope K.C., Denver, Miami do not go out of their way to sabotage him too much.

  32. Anonymous says:

    ummm i agree with the trade for the PICKS but not the player. Patriots need to pick Sergio Kindle or get jerry hughes in the second round or this is a failed draft.

  33. Jared says:

    For anyone thinking about Nhamdi Asumghua, he makes twice what Brady does for the next to years.
    De Bryant could fall because of who needs a WR. The cheifs are takin Golden Tate with their 2nd rnd pic if hes there. Niners got Ginn, Steelers got rid of Holmes for off-field stuff, -and big Ben beein a creep means that the Rooney family is gonna clean-up there team. And if McDaniels picks Dez Bryant…after getting rid of what could be in the top three WR’s in the league…. Everyone would ripp McDaniels bad, Bronco fans and all. Dolphins got Marshall so they’re not takin him.And the Bengals have Dez Bryant Sr.-aka-Ocho Cinco. Then the Pats sit at 22… who knows


  34. Jared says:

    Lamar Woodley is doing good in ” Blitzburgh” Woodley was a force rushing the passer on 3rd down. He fit perfect in the Steelers scheme. Pats need an every-down linebacker, someone that has been asked to cover. I could be totally wrong, he jumps off the screen hen you watch him at Michigan. Bill likes versatile guys at that position, he isn’t. His frame doesn’t match up with most DE, so they project him as a a OLB. But thats not his position, my opinion is that hes a DE in a LB’s body.


  35. Ryan says:

    I dont think KC is the only team in the hunt for Welker v2.0. I would say the Bronco’s are as well.
    As for moving down, the Jag’s are trying to move their pick. Who knows at what cost. Which is that were so, nab McClain.

  36. Jared says:

    I like the mock with Gronkowski and Sapp in the second round. Dez Bryant, i’d be shocked. But i’ve officially given in to wanting him to fall to the Pats at 22. If he came in here and dedicated himself i think him and Brady could be special together. But we are all wasting our time, if hes there with Gresham at 21-no way they take Gresham over Dez. Bill knows talent, and when u have Tom Brady and your best weapon shredded his knee in December… It would be hard to pass up a talent like that at 22


  37. John says:

    I like your move, it is probably the wisest of many good options. This neighborhood in the first is a good place to get a corner, and long term, all you are looking at right now are Bodden and Butler. From an emotional point of view, my move would be to trade down, maybe with Dallas, or New Orleans, and take Golden Tate and pick up a third. Tate would run crazy in this offense–4.34 speed with great touch and feel for the open windows on the field; Heinz Ward type toughness.

    Extra third round pick could be used for Meoki from Iowa or Skelton from Fordham.

    I am not totally sold on the pass rushers in the first round–I suspect they are further down hidden away.

    Problem with my strategy is that I think K.C. wants Tate bad and will trade back into the first to get him.

  38. Anonymous says:

    how is lamaar woodley panning out for the steelers? one of the best OLB’s in the game is he? oh, o.k., just checking.

    and Graham’s arms are 32″+, about 3/4″ shorter than kindle, oh-no, whatever will he do??

  39. Ryan says:

    I think signing Tory Holt says a lot about the draft considering WR’s. Usually they would until after the draft to asses their needs. Hopefully, Tory is just the 3-4th WR. I still think they should draft a young WR in there.

    Atleast we did not waste a pick on Holt if he does not pan out to anything. Sick of that stuff.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I say we trade our (not the Raiders) 1st rounder next year to assure the best player…move up, but gain a 3rd or something this year, or a 5th. That’s what I’m thinking they may do, then trade back with one of the 2nd’s and gain more picks etc…

    I will be shocked if they don’t wheel & deal with those 3 2nd rounders…it will be like having a new draft, while all the knuckleheaded owners/GM’s/coaches will have their juices flowing and jobs on the line looking to give away the house. BB will capitalize then, but move up in the 1st, you’ll get it back!

  41. Anonymous says:

    That would suck. Hopefully we get something like.

    22. Dez Bryany
    44. Tyson Alualu
    46. Rob Gronkowski
    53. Ricky Sapp

    Alot of people have Bryant falling far, maybe even Demaryus Thomas instead or take Brandon Lafell in the 2nd and and take Jared Oderick in the first

  42. Anonymous says:

    We have to give Butler a chance, we passed up guys Michael Oher, Clay Mathew and Rey Malauga, and end up with Chung, Brace and Butler, guys who did nothing for us this year. I’d rather see the Pats address one of their bigger needs (OLB, TE, DE, WR) in the 1st round

  43. Jared says:

    Kindle or Hughes would be my OLB picks. Drafting the best player in the first round is not how teems approach unless a teams’ board is decimated and they cant trade out of their pick.


  44. Anonymous says:

    Love it. I know we need an OLB, but, you take the best player available in the 1st round…PERIOD!!!

  45. Eric says:

    Depending on how far they fall in the draft I would like to see the Patriots trade up for Spiller, McClain, or Haden if any of them fall out of the top 12 or so…..

  46. Jared says:

    The person who wrote the Graham, Everson Griffen, Wootton. And Gearhart mock just constructed hands down, THE worst possible draft the Pats could have this year. We would end up better off if The JETS got to make our picks. First off, Patriots play a 3-4 defense and every guy named was not just a 4-3 guy, but they also all play the same postion?!?!… Graham may be the best pass rusher in the draft, but he is the opposite of what Bill drafts. Not just his freakishly short 30 inch arms, hes only 6-1 or 6-2 and most people think he isnt good enough in space to play OLB in the NFL. He could go to a 4-3 team and rush the passer all day and make the pro-bowl like Orakpo last year, wont be here. As for Griffen, workout warrior. His draft stock has risen due to combine and pro-days. Someone made the perfect comparison to Griffen yesterday, Vernon Gholston. Wootton, good…4-3 !!! DE prospect. Morgan will be the most highly touted 4-3….DE in the draft. You mentioned him too, if Bill goes against what hes done forever and goes to a 4-3… I’l be wrong, and the big Vince signing wont make sense. Lastly with Gearhart, he would fit right in with stable of 5 below average NFL running backs we alredy have. I think that would be another horrible pick.

    Pats just signed WR Torry Holt to a 1 year deal for less than 2 million.

    Jets just signed Jasan Taylor to a 1 yr/$3.5 million deal.


  47. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see this move happening because of the 2011 Raiders pick. We all assume the Raiders will be horrible this year, meaning the Pats will have a potential top 5 pick. One of the best corner prospects ever is coming out next year in LSU’s Patrick Peterson. The Pats will draft for pressure this year hope that will mask some secondary deficiencies until next year.

  48. Ryan says:

    I like your thought process. My second thought maybe you have touched on, OL I think with one of our first four picks we will take an OL guy. Vlad is who I’m thinking. But I’m not sure. OL is Bill’s sweet spot… But I guess thats my opinion.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t be terribly mad about that move, but would prefer the following picks:
    Brandon Graham at 22 (if available)
    Everson Griffen at 44
    Corey Wootton at 46
    Toby Gearhart at 53

    I agree with the other posters that we should trade the Raiders pick we got for next year to Jacksonville or Cleveland for their pick and with that pick, select a premier player. There’s probably at least a possibility you can make that trade straight up, and if you do you select the four guys I listed above with those picks and take either McClain or Haden with the pick you trade for, either 7th or 10th. At the end of the second round you’ve plugged all major holes and added some serious youth and depth to that defense. Another guy you might think about grabbing if you’re the Pats is Derrick Morgan if you can trade into the top 10 somehow. One thing’s for sure, the defense needs a talent injection in this draft, and the draft is built to give it to them.

  50. Anonymous says:

    No, only reason to move up is for McClain, otherwise stay put and pickup the 5 tech. DL or the Pass Rusher.

  51. Jared says:

    I agree that those three DB’s would be nice to have on the field. If they want to trade up to get a corner it has to be Joe Haden. If they are going to trade UP to pick a one, they mite as well trade up five more slots to pick the only lock shutdown corner in the draft. Forget about Suh, they have two first round picks next year and i dont think they want to take on a fourty million dollar rookie contract. If Bill wants to trade up at all, it should be for McLain. McClain and Mayo would be the best MLB tandem in the league. Guyton could be sold for us if he played his natural postion. An undrafted OLB whos known weakness is fighting off blocks playing MLB spells trouble. Two smart tackling machines in the middle, Tully, Guyton, Adalius-(if hes here) and or a OLB we take in this draft would make our defense better than replacing springs and wilhite with Wilson or McCourty.


  52. Anonymous says:

    so we move up 3 spots back 30 and pick up a 4th, all for what? drafting Wilson? why not stay at 22, draft McCourty, and then move back with the 53rd and pickup a 4th rounder? I think that scenario is giving up too much for too little in return.

  53. Bruno says:

    I would try to trade Raiders’ first round pick in 2011 with someone like Jags to get Rolando McClain. Our front seven is not looking good right now, so I think we need to put more pressure on QB’s. McClain is a stud and got instincts, he knows the game and he played for Saban.

    Imagine McClain and Mayo playing side by side, that would be promising. I think we can pick a good CB in the second round, possibly Kareem Jackson at #44?

  54. Ryan says:

    Earl Thomas, versatility at CB or S. Wilson or McCourty, I don’t think is a 1 corner. If the idea is for a number one Corner trade this pick to Al Davis for Nnamdi.

    I like Graham and Ordick, but that being said if we can get substantial value for our pick, lets get some more picks in the 2nd and 3rd. So many guys in the 2nd round that would help.

    However, that being said we need playmakers, and game changers. If we go in the 1st Graham or Ordrick

  55. justin says:

    I’d like to see the pats trade next years number 1 back to the raiders and a second rounder this year for the raiders first rounder this year and pick up McClain and pick up either Kindle or Bryant with the 22nd.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t be against this move…I think Butler has a big step up to make in his fundamentals, and Bodden is a nice player, while Springs may be done. They do need a very good CB, if they feel this guy is, and he does look pretty strong.

    I would like to trade up to get Suh, Bryant, but the player I want to see the most next year is Graham. I just want to see his motor and skill out there.

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