Undrafted Gem: Bill Noethlich

Update: Bill has been picked up by the Vikings.

Each year, there are scores of great college football players that, for some reason or another, fall through the cracks and don’t get drafted. Bill Noethlich, offensive tackle from Southwest Minnesota State, is one of those players. A starter for 40 straight games and Cactus Bowl participant, Bill was kind enough to take a little time from working out to answer a few questions for us.

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Bill Noethlich, OT, SMSU
6-7, 310, 34″ arms

What do you think you can show a team during a tryout or a rookie camp as an undrafted free-agent or late-round draft pick?

1. If given the opportunity, I think I would impress teams with my drive and hard work. Work ethic on the field is something that I have always been known for. I also feel that I have great character and my winning attitude is tremendous, I never want to lose, no matter what I am competing at. Finally, I feel I have a strong ability to be coached, because I believe and invest in what my coaches tell me.

Other than left tackle, do you have experience playing at other spots on the offensive line?

2. Yes I have experience playing in other spots, and I am confident that I can play at any position on the offensive line. Although the only experience I have at another position is at right tackle. First few games of my freshmen season I played back and forth between left and right tackle before being named the starting left tackle. Also at the Cactus Bowl I played right and left tackle during the week of practice and during the game I rotated each series between right and left tackle.

Walk us through a typical play, from the break of the huddle to the whistle. What goes on inside your head?

3. First at the break of the huddle I concentrate on the play that was called. As I approach the line of scrimmage, I check the defensive alignment and front and quickly make needed calls to TE or G and get all assignments configured. Then as the cadence is being said I focus on the footwork needed to start and finish my block. Finally when the snap happens, I fire out of my stance and make sure I give everything I have to make sure I finish my defender off until I hear the last echo of the whistle.

Describe your experience at the Cactus Bowl. Who was the toughest defensive player you went up against? How did you handle him?

4. I thought the Cactus Bowl was a great experience, I met some guys that are good friends of mine now. It was extremely exciting because it was another opportunity for me to play football. I felt the week of practice went pretty well for me overall, right away I was a little sloppy technique wise playing on the right side but I felt I quickly adjusted and played just as well in the game on the right as I did in the left. I thought the best player that I faced during the week of practice was Eugene Sims. I felt he had great speed, got off the ball well, and was physical. I felt I did well against him, I faced him 3 times in one on ones, first one I lost and the next two I won. During the inside run and team sessions I felt I won a large majority of the battles.

6 Responses to “Undrafted Gem: Bill Noethlich”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This kid just signed with the vikings and he's going to make it big.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, good call D/C, you are a regular Nostradamus…except for the fact that he signed 24 hours before your post.Hindsight is always 20-20, LOL.

  3. D/C CHARGER says:

    Noethlich is destined to be a Viking. He grew up in the same general area of South Dakota as two starters for the Vikings, Chad Greenway and Ben Leber. But his claim to fame is he played high school football in the home of Hubert H. Humphrey, whom the Minnestota Vikings home field is named after ! It's destiny, I tell you ! ! !

  4. Anonymous says:

    Vikings need to

  5. ctpatsfan says:

    Patriots should try and add this guy to the practice squad.

  6. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Interesting prospect. We should try and get him on the practice squad.

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