Patriots Sign Torry Holt

The Patriots signed veteran wide receiver Torry Holt today to a 1-year deal worth just over $1 million dollars. Holt was formerly part of the “Greatest Show on Turf” with the St. Louis Rams, and most recently with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

With the 2010 NFL Draft quickly approaching and WR a definite area of need for the Patriots, this signing would seemingly give them flexibility in finding the right value for a receiver.

Still look for the Patriots to add a wideout during the draft, but now it might be able to wait until at least the waning hours of Friday.

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15 Responses to “Patriots Sign Torry Holt”

  1. Fan says:

    Tory Holt band aid statement is ridiculous. Well, Only if your thinking past this comming season.He brings veteren leadership skills to young recievers on the team. He still has something left. If he can catch passes for 750 plus yds with Gerard throwing to him he can surpass that in NE. He runs great routes and Brady can count on him. He is a band aid only in the sense NE needs to to get young again. The needs on defense may make this a necessary signing. Tate will be heathy this year and hopfully the young reciever can show us something. Edelman is no Welker but he did a damn good job filling in. You can complain with his production and effort. The Patten signing who knows but I love the attitude these proven veterens bring to the locker room.

  2. Jared says:

    It will be hard to pass up Dez ife hes there at 22-which %50 he is in my opinion. But i think most of you guys are right, i DO think he could be as good as Ocho Cinco eventually but he seems TOO much like Ocho-has his Chad’s bad qualities too. But i just dont think he fits the Pats scheme. After the one year Brady and Moss honeymoon, teams caught up to the two of them. I say get back to what always worked…the little guys, guys that catch screens and can make a quick move to get open on 3rd down. Golden Tate is the guy, pro-style offense with Charlie is one thing… Tate and McCluster and Spiller are the best open field runners in the draft. Tate projects to me as a mix between Deion Branch and Steve Smith. Hes small but he consistently leaps and snags balls in traffic and would be deadly in the screen game.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ryan…Dez Bryant probably would not be a good fit with the type of offense that the patriots run. Picking him @ #22 would be a big risk and I am not really sure he is much better then some of good second round receivers. I have not seen much highlight film on him recently since he did not play competitive football in 2009. I would wait for the second round to tab receiver.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ryan….I would not draft Dez Bryant at #22. Not because I don’t think he is any good, I just don’t think he is worth the risk. There are many solid receivers in this draft that may be better suited to play on the Patriots style of offense. I Dez’s mind he is a #1 Deva receiver, I’m not really sure how well he will take being a #3 at this stage of his career.

  5. Ryan says:

    Anon & Jared:
    The question then becomes if Dez slips to 22. Do you pull the trigger? Or do you go for Tate, McCluster (I consider him more of a WR than a RB, since he played RB, WR and QB), Tate, E. Sanders (my fav), Damian W.

    I say NO, I think he is a bust. But, with a veteran WR team, he might be able to fall in line and work hard.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ryan…It is unbelievable that we could have wasted picks on Lewis and the “already forget his name TE” but Torry Holt is heads above those players and will not have a problem making this team unless he goes into a coma!

    Jared…I was more or less talking career wise when I compared the two players. I totally agree that we need to draft a top tier rookie receiver that can spread the field not just run the slot, we have Welker and Edelman for that. My personal choices would be Andrea Roberts or Eric Decker.

  7. Jared says:

    U can tell it was 4/20 yesterday…who types their full name in….hilarious

  8. Jared says:

    I hope you are right about Holt, but c’mon… I would want Moss out of town if we didnt need him so bad- but Holt beeing better than Moss- Moss had 1264 yards and 13 touchdowns last year in what most people said was a so-so year. Holt overachieved with the Jaguars pathetic passing attack last year and didnt catch a single touchdown all season. Its just that people thought Galloway would bring some of the same stuff that Holt is going to. I know Holt is better than Galloway but im not sold hes gonna impact our offense as much as people think. If they pair Holt and moss up with a rookie i think the move will pay bigger dividends.


  9. Ryan says:

    I disagree, I think Holt will contirbute if he makes the team. I don’t know if he will to be honest. If you look at the players Bill has brought in the last couple of years. Most of them do not even make the team, Greg Lewis, plus three TE’s last season. Hopefully he stays and plays.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Jared….Torry Holt is equally as good as Randy Moss! Seven Pro Bowl visits proves that. He is not 43 he is 33 and can still play, this was not a desperate move by the Patriots at all it was a smart move. rest assured he will not take plays off and if Randy does this year like he did last year he will not get the ball. Holt will now provide Brady with a veteran option that can catch a ball anywhere on the field!

  11. Chris says:

    Constantly changing my mind as to what the pats may do but heres something a bit under the radar…with our need at DE and the questions as to whether Odrick can be an effective 3-4 DE, I think the pats should look at trading for Marcus Spears. Its no secret the cowboys are looking to move him, as he doesnt fit their more attacking one gap front. He is 6-4, 309lbs, and is excellent against the run whilst being disruptive in the backfield. More importantly, he is only 27 and apparently one of the locker room leaders for the cowboys aswell as a proven DE. Apparently the cowboys love Odrick but may need to move ahead of the ravens to make sure they get him. I think we could look into switching positions in the first round and giving up next years 3rd? This would address a mojor need for minimal price and sitting at 27, its highly likely we still grab the best remaining pass rusher from Kindle/Hughes.

    Two huge needs filled before then end of the 1st round.

    Then with our second rounders…
    I still like Everson Griffen – high upside with Belichicks coaching
    Damien Williams – As posted earlier
    Jared Veldheer – He would make a slightly aging line instantly younger with Dante’s coaching

  12. Jared says:

    Im not a big Moss guy at all but Torry was brought in because they have no-one else and most of all he comes cheap. I dont think Randy is worried about Holt-who signed for the close to the veteran minimum….threatining Randys job. Moss makes about 8 times what holt does this year and has a pretty good track record with Brady. If something is going to lighta fire under Randys’ ass it will be his expiring contract. Last time he was playin for a contract i recall him having a pretty decent year.


  13. Chris says:

    I have posted before the pats should take Damien Williams in the 2nd round. He comes from a pro style offense, is an excellent route runner (critical to the pats scheme) and is very effective in the screen game at making people miss! Add to that he can ruturn punts and kickoffs and you have the versatility Bill loves.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I believe the signing of Torry Holt was the correct thing to do for the very short term. He’s not affraid to go up the middle in traffic or throw a block for a running back, he’s a tough football player. Torry Holt is also a team player and a great locker room leader.

    Torry Holt was brought onto the Patriots for one reason, that reason is to light a fire under Randy Moss’s fanny. Torry is not a token reciever, he had 51 catches and over 800 yards playing for Jacksonville. He has the uncanny ability to get open and does not get lost on the field during the game. He also doesn’t take play off like Moss.

    I am looking forward to seeing him and Tom work together…should be fun.

  15. Jared Nims says:

    Torry holt is a Band-aid, and the Pats just stuck it on the broken leg that is their passing game. Without Welker the Pats dont have a go-to guy. Randy moss is more talented than 95% of the wideouts in the league but he isn’t that Troy Brown, Deion Branch, or Wes Welker guy when they need 4 yards. Quick routs are Randys’ weakness, thats why signimg Faulk for at least one more year was huge. I am convinced that Edelman can be 80% of what welker was, but they need one more weapon. If thats comes in a recieving TE or WR remains to be seen. I think between the 2nd and 4th round they NEED a pick they like at both positions, and maybe more later on.The players they have on offense…. Its like the 2005 All-Pro team, players that were the best at their positions- Brady, Moss. Holt, Taylor, Crumpler,even Faulk and Light. They have some of the best players in the league to learn from. Jaguars coaches said Holt was outstanding with their young revievers. They need a jolt of young Talent on offense bad right now with Moss’s contract expiring and Welkers’ knee status. Problem is, Belichicks weakness draft-wise on offense is at the skilled positions. They have found lineman and qaurterbacks in later rounds. But TE, RB, and Wr they have struck out with high picks. They traded up for Daniel Graham and Chad Jackson, Watson and Maroney both had all the the tools but never caught on. Bill drafted Branch and Givens who were both great finds but since then, no-one but edelman. Never a better time then now to bring in talent at TE and WR. Moss, Holt, and Edelman aren’t good enough. But those three with along with say…. Dez or Golden Tate, even A.Roberts-E.Sanders or Eric Decker along with one of the top five recieving TE’s in the draft….. I think would be good enough.


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