2010 NFL Draft: With the 27th Pick…

With the 27th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Patriots have selected Rutgers cornerback Devin McCourty. McCourty is a very physical corner with great ball and return skills.

McCourty will compete with Darius Butler, a 2nd round pick in 2009, for the starting CB spot opposite Leigh Bodden, although a 3rd CB is nearly a starter against many NFL Teams.

After twice trading back, with the Broncos and Cowboys, the Patriots ended up swapping 4th rounders (#119 to #113) and gaining a 3rd rounder (#90). Coach Bill Belichick stated that the Patriots would have picked McCourty if they would have stayded at the 22nd pick. The Patriots passed on DE/OLB conversion projects and fan favorites Sergio Kindle and Jerry Hughes.

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64 Responses to “2010 NFL Draft: With the 27th Pick…”

  1. vell says:

    n as far n the wr thing goes nxt year’s draft is loaded with good wr better than this year’s crop n we got a burner in price who will b very helpful n we got oakland’s pick so we gonna draft top 10 next seson so we cld address the need at wr and rb to be honest i want ingram cld u imagine if just one of our TES pann out wat our O wld do with a RB that can produce

  2. vell says:

    this years crop of pass rushers wont b that great alot of the experts said that so y wld waste a pick on one i like the pick mccourthy is physical n can tackle led the nation for cbs in tackles n is A GREAT SPECIAL TEAM PLAYER has blocked 7 kicks in his career n can return wgich we definetly needed plus he got sum picks for nxt years draft bb knows wat he’s doing just watch n c!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    the best draft pick since tom brady

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Devin's the best pick that we could get!

  6. Anonymous says:

    it wasn’t awful but definatly should have grabbed dez bryant, they kept moving down cause thet thought they could get pick’s and still get tebow but a corner back from a weak confrence is not saying much, butler last year had more coverage play’s made than this supposed 1st rounder

  7. Anonymous says:

    next year is gonna be even worse, we have a shot at mark ingram, how great would it be to see him in a patriots uniform! BB will find a way though to trade out of the first round. He sucks!!! This was such a safe pick, he thinks hes above the game, he might be a good player

  8. Anonymous says:

    All you dumb people complaining about the really need to relax. BB is a genius. Did you guys forget that the jets just added santonio Holmes and the dolphins added Brandon Marshall. Come on people think. Who do we really have to cover these receivers besides bodden. And the reason they picked him over Kyle Wilson is because he is a way better tackler and he has the speed to stay with these receivers. Good job BB.

  9. Anonymous says:

    When Cincy took Gresham, I was ecstatic. I was afraid the Pats would waste another 1st rounder on a TE, when we could get Pitta, Dickson later. I was hoping we get Kindle, or maybe Odrick or Hughes. Then we traded back, and I was o.k. with that, because it was only 2 spots. When Denver took Tebow, I thought we hit the jackpot. Hughes, Kindle, Bryant still on the board! yes! BUT NOOO… BB had to F****** trade back again! And thoiugh Dallas took Bryant, Kindle and Hughes fell into our lap again! But Bellichik had to take a corner, probably not even the best one left ( Kyle Wilson, maybe Kareem Jackson… ), who probably won’t make that much of an impact. Is he better than Bodden? Probably not. Springs? probably not, though Springs is getting old. Butler? Maybe, but we just don’t know. Sure, McCourty has great intangibles, good character, and is smart. But is he big enough to stand up to a Brandon Marshall? Braylon Edwards? Even Santonio Holmes? If we wanted a corner, at least get a good one. The Pats reached pn a “safe” player, who won’t make much of an impact, instead of drastically improving their pass rush. Unless the Pats trade up to get Kindle, then take Tate or Benn with their 2nd selection in the 2nd round, this will be a very bad pick.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I see that there are so many experts here on this board who obviously know everything there is about drafting in the NFL. I’m sorry I’ll trust the guy whose been drafting for 36 years and is paid to research and find out every little detail about every player possible to make the best picks for our team, Bill Belichick. This is one of the deepest drafts every for pass rushing OLBs and I’m perfectly happy taking a LB in the second round. You don’t draft risky players in the first round, you draft sure things. I’m glad we’re gonna have Butler and McCourty holding down our corners for the next five years.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Bill is having his “I am Keith Hernandez” moment, he thinks he such a genius, and is smarter than everyone else. Worked out so well to get Butler and Chung last year. Lets just keep trading back, eventually we will have all the 7th round pics in the draft.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You posters are too emotional…The JETS have great so-called corners but elected to draft a corner also. Why? Because they are so smart and Bill is so dumd? Devin McCourty is the fastest, most MAN on MAN coverage PRO ready CB in the draft…I’m suprised he was still there @ 27. He is also a great special teamer. This draft is loaded in the second round…be patient!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Devin McCourty was a great pick if any of you dumb asses ever watch him play. And yes it was a good pick, the JETS were waiting to grab him but had to settle for Wilson. If Kindle was so great why did he fall out of the first round? Hugh’s fell to the bottom on the first and that was too high for him…he is a 3rd down LB in the NFL for a couple of years at best.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Every year it’s the same story: People scream about how we need a pass rushing OLB, and then we never take one. BB simply doesn’t take those guys in the first round — why is this still a surprise? And you know what, he’s right not to. Pass rushers get by more on effort and grit than pure raw ability. Here’s a list of the top 6 sack guys last year — only 2 were 1st rounders.

    1 Elvis Dumervil DEN OLB 49 42 7 17.0 — — — — — — 4 1 0
    2 Jared Allen MIN DE 51 43 8 14.5 1 5 1 0 -4 -4 5 3 1
    3 Dwight Freeney IND DE 24 19 5 13.5 — — — — — — 1 — —
    3 LaMarr Woodley PIT OLB 62 50 12 13.5 0 — — — — — 1 1 1
    5 Will Smith NO DE 49 36 13 13.0 — 4 1 0 0 0 3 — —
    6 Trent Cole PHI DE 57 48 9 12.5 — — — —

    So relax. McCourty is going to play a lot next year, guaranteed. Hughes probably wouldn’t have gotten on the field as he was trying to learn our complicated system while switching to a new position.

  15. joe b says:

    Whoever likes this pick isn’t to bright could have got dez or kindle look at percy harven pick last year. this guy only had 1 pick who does he play northeastern, umass i’m loosing faith. this pick is like getting a punter

  16. Jared says:

    Ryan. Jags replacing Raiders with making the annual “what the *uck were they thinkin” pick. As for tomoro, I think Tate is perfect but he’l b gone by KC’s pick. I think a WR in the third maybe-A.Roberts or E.Sanders-Decker in the second maybe. They need some sort of DE maybe ya boy Lane. I think they need a 3-4 DE, or a DT transition guy like L.Houston or Joseph. I like Houston, RB in H.S, converted to DE,converted to DT. Great athlete for a big guy. They could take Gronk-Pitta ir Hernandez n im happy. No Kindle, Ricky Sapp and Brandon Spikes.

  17. Ryan says:

    Can’t sleep. I’m going to start going through who is left at OLB and DE, as well as possible WR targets. Just to see if I can figure out maybe a couple moves tomorrow.

  18. Jared says:

    Last year at this time,everyone said the same thing. They need an OLB, Then they addressed safety and corner, corner this year again. Still waitn i just feel like they need a starter at LB and DE.I hope i am the over-reacting asshole and you guys are right… big,big day tomoro.

  19. Jared says:

    I am whining, i kno. I was bullshit the way that all went down, it could be genuis if it pans out rite tomoro. But Bill has **cked up big time with a lot of personnely decisions. We have good reason to second guess his use of TOP draft picks.My days of “trust in Bill” are gone. Hes been good with late picks but trading down and drafting average players has left us with no playmakers on defense…at all !!!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Quit calling McCourty a special teams player. He was the 3-4 best CB in a deep draft. He is a damn corner back, he will play and most likely start. Everyone is acting like all they do in the AFC East is run, are you lost. Have you read the headlines.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I love the dude saying that we have too many DB’s, like safeties and CB’s are the same position. What the hell kind of logic is this? They’re not the same and there needs to be skill & depth at both positions. We have Chung & Butler ready to make a move for playing time…competition. Now you add McCourtey, but Chung is a SS, So you’ll have the new guy pushing Butler, which he needs, and Springs will have to make the team, and Bodden could be gone after the year unless he plays very well and earns his dough. COMPETITION…this is pro football ladies! The pass rush will come, that was 1 pick out of 12!!! It’s just started…

  22. Ryan says:

    You just wait, I think tomorrow we will be a lot happier, if not. We’ll both be drowning our sorrows. I had read in ESPN insider they projected Ordrick at a 4-3 end. If he was honest about McCourty the whole time, then we got to extra picks for getting our man. I like it, I like it alot. CB’s are going to be big the next couple years. I see them moving up in the second. I think Spring may be retiring. (heard rumors for a while)

  23. Anonymous says:

    i heard about kindles knee problems as well ,that could be one of the reasons they passed on him ,who knows they might draft a gem in the later rounds ,personnaly i kinda like our 1st pick in a way besides that kid we have from butler i dont like the other 2 guys and you can count shawn springs as well i think he sucks to be honest ,and has anyone heard of a possible trade with the Giants for OSI ?

  24. Jared says:

    Y did Bill pass on Kindle??? Brains and Motor. Doubt it was the knee. Traded up for Tate last year with a torn acl/mcl. Passed on him twice tonite, doubt they take him tomoro.

  25. Anonymous says:

    This pick obviously tells you what they (and many) feel about Kindle…character, knee etc…must be an issue. And, Odrick wasn’t looking spectacular…they either like their talent now, or they like someone like Joseph in the 2nd, who looks like a monster at DT…my guess.

    Would you people rather they trade the farm, and future, to move up and take Ryan Matthews??? San Diego has lost their minds making that trade…rediculous.

    Long way to go, all you whiners can get some sleep and watch more magic tomorrow night, and you don’t have to get it, the coach does and we will have a talented playoff team with some serious young talent to mesh with last years talent.

  26. Jared says:

    I know, i had a feeling they would pass on Kindle, and i was praying cinci took Gresham. I preached front seven the whole time, i thought Odrick was the guy. But bill knows better than me and he must have projected em as more of a 4-3 DT, or he thought he just couldnt play. I dont know man- i fool myself every year into thinkin i know what they need n want, and it almost happens every yr. Only guy i ever nailed with Bill was grabbin Mayo. I have faith, this time tomoro i mite not.


  27. Ryan says:

    Also has anyone heard about Kindle’s knee problem? Just curious? Trying to figure out what other reasons the patriots may pass up on him.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe the media and all the babies in this town…unbelievable. There isn’t some rule that states you have to fill your #1 need with your #1 pick, that’s not how it works, logically. Because you would more often than not be taking lesser players, and have a weak team. Not to mention there is a 2nd round tomorrow night where the Pats can clean up and take several pass rushers, then the 3rd round…4th etc…BABIES!!! They drafted one sweet looking footballer…top talent, and well-rounded in a very big need. 2-3 corners are on the field at all times, did you all forget this? I knew they would take at least 1 corner with the top 4 picks, and I knew they’d get into the 3rd…they are schooling the league again.

    I’m embarrassed by our media and these fools saying this is a bad pick…no sense at all.

    Did anyone every here of injuries??? We need a few CB’s or we’re screwed.

  29. Anonymous says:

    if sapp is still there thats the guy i would grab 1st ,then i would take a TE of course and if lucky grab decker with the other pick ,but when it comes to BB i might be 0-3 tomorrow on these 3 2nd rounders ,but damnit BB you better get SAPP at least !!!!!

  30. Ryan says:

    Sorry, to constantly address you. But we have be chatting back and forth, and I like to hear what you have to say.

    Ur boy Sergio is still there. Sapp. my boy LANE and Thaddeus (maybe severely underrated). Now if he fucks up with one of those OLB’s I’ll be writing hatred all over this bored.

    By the way what do you thik about the Jag’s pick?

  31. Anonymous says:

    to be honest with you i like sapp over kindle to me sapp is a lot quicker hes got that super fast 1st step i sure hope we grab him ,then theres still that guy from usc i think griffin if im not mistaken and i do like that guy decker from minnesota over tate ,when it comes to BB its a guessing game we never know which way hes gonna go !!!!!

  32. Ryan says:

    So to change the subject, and I’m sorry to do this. But who do we take tomorrow?


  33. Ryan says:

    Jared this is the posts from the Kyle Wilson blog:
    Ryan said…
    As bad as this sounds, Ordrick and Kindle the more I look at them do not seem like a good fit for the team. I Bill moving towards the second round, to get Sapp or Hughes. Maybe four total 2nds with a possible 3rd for the first round pick.

    Jared said…
    Ryan, unfortunately I agree with you. I just posted my mock draft and i had them trading down to 39 w/ Oakland and picking up the 69th pick. But at 39, the top three OLB’s mite be gone. I had them taking Odrick but then I was doin my Mock and I think Odrick will be gone at 22. I cant decide if Odricks is gone-who do you pick at OLB?? Kindle, Weatherspoon, Hughes. No-one in the thirty’s that will definately be there looks attracting to me for the Pats. If im going to trade down, their better be a couple of people you need that you know ill be there. So I Have the Pats picking the top-rated OLB…Kindle


    Personally, I think there is plenty of value in the second round. I feel like everyone thinks the draft is over, and that the only way to fill the void at DE is 1) through the draft 2) in the first round. Supposedly this is a deep draft, I wouldn’t lose to much faith yet.

    Also, if you can’t get the pass rusher you want the other way to defend would be to have premium CB’s out there. Granted we needed pass rushers, but you can also fill that void by having a better secondary. Which yes we will need 3-4 solid CB’s this year, because of all the potential offense in the AFC East.

    Anyone remember what the CB market was like this year? PREMIUM

    But whatever, I feel like everyone expected us to trade up. GET REAL. I dont think Kyle Wilson was better, did you notice how many teams passed on him? You guys have every right to be upset, but I dont think it was a bad pick.

  34. Jared says:

    I didnt want Tebow or Gresham. But with Dez Bryant, Sergio Kindle, and Jared Odrick on the board… I thought they hit the jackpot, those three players at three of their biggest needs?????? I think I speak for majority by saying at least one of those players could make a bigger impact. I like McCourty as a player, but I feel like this is the 3rd yr people thought OLB was their biggest need and want…then nothing. Shawn Crable in the 3rd rnd. I think fans’ trust in Belichick has run thin, mine has. I used to always give him the benifit of the doubt, you have to. But his draft and free-agent decisions have put them in diificult place. I still have faith, tomorows a big day. I want them trading UP!!! Tate is the guy, Sapp or Kindle. McCluster or Decker, Gronkowski-Hernandez-Pitta, Spikes. Even Lamar Houston or Brian Price. I want three of ’em.


  35. Anonymous says:

    you guys are forgetting somebody that i think the pats might take in the 2nd round that guy sapp from clemson ,i think hes an excellent pass rusher ,i think the pats will do ok ,lets just wait and see !!!!!

  36. Jared says:

    We have no-one to replace Richard or Jarvis. Odrick projects as the best 3-4 DE in the draft. How does he not fit? And i dont understand the value question For me?

  37. Jared says:

    Ya, ur right…. maybe we can find another stud like Crable with that 3rd rounder. Gimme a break

  38. Ryan says:

    Personally, I know I’m going to be out numbered but I dont mind the pick.
    Kyle Wilson pry bust, I’d rather have had Kareem, but I think he wants three solid CB’s, and if you think Whilite, Wheatley and Sanders are good your mistaken, we must be watching two different games Sanders I think might get traded. He got the fourth round pick so that he could get a TE.
    So lets think about a few things here:
    Graham not worth 12 over all
    Orderick doesn’t fit the system
    Sergio Kindle – bad knee, narcelopsy, and ADD
    Hughes: Isn’t tall enough, I like him though.
    Dez: I think there is to much risk.

    Jared- I thought you said there wasn’t a lot of value in the round?

    Also, we saw that the Jags couldn’t trade away their pick, I really think they were stuck with the pick. But that is my opinion. The only thing I would have done differently is take Bryan Baluga.

    I’m sorry but trying to be realistic.
    Who did you guys want so bad? Tebow?

  39. Anonymous says:

    People aren’t defending the pick because he can play special teams, they’re saying, or I’m saying, he’s a top 3 CB, PLUS he can really contribute in key areas on special teams…that counts you know. He returns with 4.35 speed, he’s a sick gunner (field position counts) and he is a tackling machine coming from a cover 2 system. He’s a very solid pick at a very important, and needed, position.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I hate the Patriots soooooo much on draft day. This time it’s to the point where I am tempted to disown them. How do we let a top 10 talent like Dez Bryant fall in to our laps TWICE only to trade the freaking picks away; and for what???? McCourtey, a projected 2nd rounder that we have 3 picks in and another 3rd rounder…..well whooopie, we still suck! And then to rub salt in the wound, the Jets take the BETTER CB 2 picks later with Kyle Wilson still on the G.D. board. I will never understand the $h!T that Bilichick pulls on draft day, to the point where I think it’s no longer worth caring.

  41. Anonymous says:

    there are plenty of pass rushing OLB’s left…relax, but they got a top corner…it’s just beginning, Jesus!!!

    CB is a very highly rated position, yes we need a pass rush, but it will come, don’t you think they know this? Have some faith, and stop embarrassing yourselves after 1 pick, and a very sweet football player with very high speed, skill, and versatility…of NEED!!!

  42. Jared says:

    This is the biggest draft in Bills’ tenure here. And people are defending this pick because he can play special teams…u got to be ***king kidding me. We have fourteen picks!!!!!! I think they can find a special teams guy. They need talent… Raw, smart, dumb, motor problems, character issues… dont care!!! Getting a 3rd rnd pick isnt genuis when you pass up on pro-bowlers and draft another mediocer depth guy instead. Thats why their in this positon…”value”…there’s a time for value. This year…**ck value. If we didnt trade down last year. We’d have a pro-bowl caliber corner of passrusher- Vontae or Mathews. Lets trade for 20 seventh 7th rnd picks, good value and they mite even be a gunner on specials!!!!!!!
    Keep defending Bill while he pisses our Brady SB window away


  43. Jared says:

    To people that like the pick, i agree its a passing league. But theirs two parts to pass defense, no such thing as a good secondary thats on a team with no passrush. Unless they trade up for Kindle or Hughes in tomorows top five-i’l be bullshit. They cant really keep like 14 picks, can they? They better, if they get Kindle or Hughes and Golden Tate. Even if their other picks all suck it would be a success. If they stand pat, i think everyone will be bullshit. They did pick a 3rd and a 4th rnder and moved up six slots with their other 4th… they gotta move up


  44. Anonymous says:

    Was that BB’s post defending this pick? Did you watch the Pats last year? Do you think getting a pass rusher would have been a good idea. WR? No. CB \ Gunner? He must be a good charachter guy too. LOL. Moron post.

  45. Anonymous says:

    wow the colts just got another dwight freeney/robert mathis. and kindle is still there!!!!!!!! why does bill talke mcourty over kyle wilson!? we need to make some moves in the 2cnd round!!!!!

  46. Anonymous says:

    We have Bodden at one corner and the other is open, Butler needs to win the job and Springs needs to make the team. Willhite is ok, but no job security there. This guy is needed, he’s a very well rounded corner, and the special teams play is no joke…it’s a big part of the game and it’s his cover skills that makes him a big asset right away…at gunner. Returns will be a bonus, but he looks like he can do that also.

    he’s tough, fast and very athletic. And, are people forgetting the need for corners in this passing league. The last fews years corners have been a top priority around the league, well, we just got a 1st round corner…a good thing!

    While we moved into the 3rd!!! Brilliant, again!

  47. Anonymous says:

    LMAO. Colts takes Hughes. Polian so much better picker than BB. This must be a bad joke. Bill and Casserio suck.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Great posts. Agree. Dumb ass that can rush the passer. Bill is outsmarting himself. He’s anticipating this league where DB’s everywhere. His old Giants pass defense started with Lawrence Taylor. I’m not saying get LT but get a pass rush !!! Stop the trading downs where we pick average players.

  49. Anonymous says:

    A Rutgers Guy, how long is it gonna be before we hear how smart he is and what a ‘ffotball’ mind he has. I sick of that crap, how about a big dumbass that can stop the run!!!!1

  50. Jared says:

    Aimen to everything posted. So ***king tired of Bill, he hasn’t made a call that mad any sense since he traded for Welker. So what do we do tomoro night? Turn three 2nd rounders into a dozen 6th rounders? Too bad you cant trade for those 7th round compensation picks Bill…. you could get like 20 of those… everyones tired of trusting in Bill. He thinks hes too ***king smart for his own good-U suck Bill !!!!


  51. Anonymous says:

    You like the pick and you’ll let us know in a year if you love it? Is that how it works? I love the Mathews pick by Green Bay last year in our spot. Can we change our minds and get him back? You pick and you live with it. This is a horrible pick.

  52. Oscar says:

    well this night pretty much sucks as it does not improve our team by much. the pass rush and wide receiver core still looks bad. Why did we not take Dez Bryant!?! That’s top 5 talent right there! so frustrating man…

  53. Anonymous says:

    Why waste your first round pick on a special team/nickle guy??? Why!!! Can someone please tell me why we are leaving pass rushers on the board??

  54. Anonymous says:

    Why wouldn’t we address our #1 need with our #1 pick again this year? Everyone knows our first need is a pash rusher… Some genius thinks the Brady pick in 6th round grants immunity for life to the Pats. Do you know who made the Brady pick?

  55. Anonymous says:

    BB said he was going to get younger and faster. I didn’t realize it meant 10 DB’s? Maybe he should have gotten stronger, tougher, too. CB? Pash rusher, WR, OL even.. fine. Another DB? I guess all those other picks are failures…. Dear Mr Kraft, get someone other than BB to run the draft. F’n horrible

  56. Anonymous says:

    relax people – we have 3 – 2nd round picks.

    hellooo brady wasnt drafted until the 6th- get over it

  57. Alex says:

    I like the pick… I’ll let you know in a year whether or not I love it….As for the comment about the Pats playing 8db’s, well you know, it’s a passing league and you should probably try to mentally prepare yourself for seeing 5db’s on the field quite a bit.

  58. Anonymous says:

    ESPN says he’s a good special teamer \ returner. Isn’t that why we drafted Tate in round #3 last year? Let’s draft all DB’s this year. BB has lost his mind. PASH RUSH. WR’S !!! Who knows if Welker will even be back in ’10? Keep trading down Bill. Outsmart yourself and save the Krafts some money. Awful strategy to our drafts.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Should have taken Dez Bryant.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Odrick with next pick. He and Kindle fit our needs. I hope Odrick kicks the heck out of our linemen for the next 10 years. Bring back Bobby Grier to run our drafts. This is ridiculous…. We passed on Mathews last year and Kindle this year? Guess they couldn’t make our team. But we have Adalius Thomas, Derek Burgess and Gary Guyton. Unbelievable.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Now watch the J E T S go and take Sergio Kindle. I’ve stayed up watching this just to have BB drive me nuts again with his annual corner back picks.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Awful night. We picked Wilhite and Wheatly in rounds 2 and 4. We pick Merriweather in 1. We pick butler and chung last year. We sign Bodden, Springs, Saunders. Either we can’t figure out who to take or we’re going to play 8 DB’s on defense. Hint to Patriots – your #1 need is pash rush and your team is in steep decline.

  63. Anonymous says:

    I dunno – I give up trying to figure out Belichick! Good night.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Awful night. We picked Wilhite and Wheatly in rounds 2 and 4. We pick Merriweather in 1. We pick butler and chung last year. We sign Bodden, Springs, Saunders. Either we can’t figure out who to take or we’re going to play 8 DB’s on defense. Hint to Patriots – your #1 need is pash rush and your team is in steep decline.

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