Why Jared Odrick is our NFL Mock Draft Pick

In our 2010 NFL Mock Draft, we have the Patriots selecting Penn State defensive lineman Jared Odrick. Do the Patriots need another DE that would presumably play the 5-technique? What does Odrick bring to the table? Let’s discuss…

With the Patriots switching from a 3-4 base to a 4-3 base seemingly at will, multi-scheme ability is is incredibly important. Here’s Odrick on his versatility, courtesy of DraftBreakdown – “I’d say I’m a 3 or a 5 technique. I think I can play in multiple schemes, to tell you the truth, and I’ve been hearing the same thing from NFL teams.”

Measuring 6-5 and weighing in at a touch over 300 pounds, Odrick seems to have the prototypical size to fill the 3-4 RDE slot left vacated by the departures of Richard Seymour and Jarvis Green. He also has demonstrated the speed (4.9 forty) and quickness to apply pressure to the quarterback and collapse the pocket.

Odrick doesn’t come without some issues, however. His time against Idaho OG Mike Iupati showed that he can have some trouble disengaging from blocks, where he needs to use his hands better. Odrick would also be wise to add to his repertoire of pass rush moves.

While there are probably more attractive picks to the fans of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick is well aware that it all starts with the defensive front. Look for #91 to get his name called early this April 22nd.


11 Responses to “Why Jared Odrick is our NFL Mock Draft Pick”

  1. Blue-berry says:

    This guy is the real deal. I’ve watched highlights and this guy was sometimes double teamed. He would be a good fit in NE. DO your homework and watch tape of these guys at DE/DT and decide for yourself and plus he’s a good guy from his interview. At #22 the New England Patriots select Jared Odrick DT Penn State 6’5″ 304

  2. Anonymous says:

    to hell with a sexy pick. effective picks are what the pats need. i hope to hear his name on the first night with the 22nd pick in the draft.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Come on team…Think outside the box. Odrick is not even a safe pick. I am really suprised with the staff of this mock site, time and time again Odrick is picked at #22. In my opinion BB will be trading up in this years draft to snag Alabama MLB Rolando McClain.

  4. Anonymous says:

    TOMMYTEE IS A 1,000,000% CORRECT with his assessment of Odrick! Not many NFL greats come from Penn St. The Patriots don’t need to be picking a DT/DE hybrid at number 22 of the first round. With 12 picks in this draft the patriots need to take the best available at #22 spot period. I don’t care what the position is…The OL talent in this years draft is too good to pass up if it falls to the big #22.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I like the idea of taking Odrick at 22 and I think it is a need. There are several pass rushing LB’s we can take a shot with in Round 2.

    For the most part, the Patriots always hit on their number 1 pick. Maroney was probably the only one in the BB era that didn’t turn out to be stellar. OK, maybe Watson too… EDIT: They always hit on their defensive picks in the first round!


  6. TOMMYTEE says:

    Never draft Penn State DL’s. Never!! Pats can get Cam Thomas/Linval Joseph at 44/53 in 2nd round. Both played NT and also broke the 5.0 mark in 40. Both are at least 6’4. Both are projected as 3-4 DE types. Both have played two gap technique. Penn State lineman never have and never will!! By mentioning Odrick in first round does make him “SEXY”. Take the IMMEDIATE long-term starting #2 WR in Golden Tate and go defensive blitz in round 2.

  7. Cory says:

    I agree that Odrick has to be the pick. Pass rushing OLBs have such a high bust rate that using a first round pick on one would be a huge gamble. Besides, there are several pass rushing OLB’s who will be available in the second round. The Pats made a huge mistake by not taking Oher last draft; not to mention letting the Jets take Shonn Greene. Go Hawkeyes! NE needs to properly utilize their 1st round pick this year.

  8. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Should Patriots fans care about sexy NFL Draft picks? I don’t think so…

  9. Patriots Draft Guru says:

    Seriously? We care if the Patriots NFL Draft picks are sexy? I just want the Patriots to improve through the draft – sexy or not.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I agree this would be a good pick. If he slips to the 2nd like Darius Butler did that would be ideal. I agree with NFL Draft God, a very unsexy pick, that just may be needed. As fan, I see myself wanting a play maker at OLB or an terrorizing DE. I just hope that BILL doesn’t waste a good pick again.

  11. NFL Draft God says:

    Odrick would be a decent, but un-sexy pick. Not what Patriots fans want this year.

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