Patriots 2010 Compensatory Picks

We project the Patriots to receive four compensatory picks for the 2010 NFL Draft. These compensatory picks are awarded when a player is lost to free-agency and signs a qualifying contract with another team. A compensatory pick can be lost by signing a qualifying player in free-agency as well.

Projected 2010 Compensatory Picks:

7th Round: Jabar Gaffney (small possibility of a 6th rounder)
7th Round: Heath Evans
7th Round: Lonnie Paxton
7th Round: Lamont Jordan

These picks are awarded at the end of the round and cannot be traded.

One Response to “Patriots 2010 Compensatory Picks”

  1. Anonymous says:

    They have 2 in the seventh that they can trade with….Patriots should see if they can trade one of their 7 and a 4 to get back into the 3rd and and a 7 and a 6 to get back into the 5th round.

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