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Not surprisingly, the Patriots slapped Vince Wilfork with non-exclusive Franchise Tag today. The Patriots had this to say in their press release:

“A long-term agreement with Vince Wilfork has been the team’s top contractual priority for some time. Unfortunately, despite numerous conversations and proposals, the goal has not yet been realized.

“Vince is a tremendous player for our team and remains a significant part of our future plans. It is because of Vince’s importance to this organization that we have assigned the franchise designation as we continue to work toward a long-term agreement. We are hopeful that Vince will remain a Patriot for many years to come.”

As always, Vince’s family was incredibly respectful and understanding of the nature of the NFL. Bianca, Vince’s wife, had this to say on her Twitter account:

In regards to the many calls and emails i am receiving in response to the franchise tag we figured this would be the easiest way to (address this) …

“The franchise tag has been applied. After six years of dedicated service i do understand this is a business …

“With that being said it is my hope that the tag is applied for its true purpose …

“For the purpose of allotting more time for us to continue our talks and be able to reach a long term agreement. …”

“Only time will tell what the final result will be.

Hopefully a long-term deal will be consummated soon and Vince Wilfork can heal up and dominate the trenches for another 4-5 years.

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One Response to “Tag: You’re it”

  1. Seth Winkleman says:

    I hope we can get this resolved and then get a long-term deal with Brady!

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