2010 Patriots Team Needs: Special Teams

In 2010, the Patriots Special Teams were anything but. Stephen Gostkowski, who will be a RFA this off-season had another great year, joining Jake Ingram and Kyle Arrington as solid contributors.

The other facets of the kicking game weren’t quite as good.

Wes Welker was the Patriots only decent punt-returner, while Matthew Slater proved that he can run into tacklers faster than anyone I’ve seen.

The Patriots ranked dead last in the “net-punting” statistic, although those numbers are a bit misleading. Chris Hanson is never going to be a boomer, but he does create a lot of fair catches and zero returns, often kicking from the wrong side of the 50. Nevertheless, his sub- 35 yard average was pretty poor.

2009 Unit Grade: C+
2010 Starter Need: High
2010 Depth Need: Low

Potential NFL Draft Prospect Targets: Mike Brandtner, Brett Bowden, Zoltan Mesko, Mardy Gilyard, Mike McLaughlin, CJ Spiller

Stephen Gostkowski
2009 Grade: A
Signed Through: RFA

Kyle Arrington
2009 Grade: A
Signed Through: 2010

Jake Ingram
2009 Grade: B
Signed Through: 2012

Chris Hanson
2009 Grade: C-
Signed Through: UFA

Matthew Slater
2009 Grade: D
Signed Through: 2011

Brett Lockett
2009 Grade: D
Signed Through: Exclusive RFA

3 Responses to “2010 Patriots Team Needs: Special Teams”

  1. Anonymous says:

    We need help on kick and punt returns. Also need more sppeed in backfield and downfield. Solution is Dexter McCluster of Ole Miss with top 2nd round pick in this draft. NFL is about offense and scoring and you need speed players who can bring it. Go Dexter. Even Mel Kiper knows this. What say you mates?

  2. Anonymous says:

    kyle arrington-great find, glad to see the young guns get a shot! Grade A plus!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think Hanson did better than expected this year.

    Slater is an F. He never deserved to be the 5th round pick…

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