2010 Patriots Team Needs: Secondary

2009 Unit Grade: B-
2010 Starter Need: Medium/Low
2010 Depth Need: Medium/Low

The defensive secondary and the defensive line are forever linked together when you look at performance. When a team generates little pass-rush, like the 2009 Patriots, the defensive secondary is forced to cover for longer periods of time. This will ultimately lead to some poor statistics for the corners and safeties.

The Patriots secondary’s performance in 2009 can’t all be blamed on the line however. Communication was incredibly poor between teammates until safety James Sanders stepped in for Brandon McGowan, shoring up their back line nearly instantaneously. In doing that, they lost some of the playmaking that McGowan brings a team

Leigh Bodden, who the Patriots need to re-sign, was great at cornerback. Darius Butler and Pat Chung also showed promise going forward. Wilhite and Wheatley regressed, showing an inability to cover man-to-man and break in the ball in zone.

The Patriots can improve their defensive backs in two ways: improve the pass-rush, and the depth at the cornerback position.

Potential NFL Draft Prospect Targets: Joe Haden, Kyle Wilson, Amari Spievey, Syd’Quan Thompson, Devin McCourty, Brandon Ghee, Dominique Franks

Leigh Bodden
Signed Through: UFA
2009 Grade: A-

Brandon Meriweather
Signed Through: 2011
2009 Grade: B-

James Sanders

Signed Through: 2011
2009 Grade: B-

Darius Butler
Signed Through: 2012
2009 Grade: B-

Shawn Springs
Signed Through: 2011
2009 Grade: C+

Pat Chung:
Signed Through: 2012
2009 Grade: C+

Brandon McGowan
Signed Through: 2010
2009 Grade: C

Jonathan Wilhite
Signed Through: 2011
2009 Grade: C-

Terrence Wheatley
Signed Through: 2011
2009 Grade: D+

7 Responses to “2010 Patriots Team Needs: Secondary”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If we could have a front seven like we did fi ve years ago.No reason Meriweather, Butler or Bodden cant become playmakers. We used to hace Otis Smith, an ols Terrell Buckley and Troy Brown playin at the corners.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I still can’t figure out why last year, they didn’t sign Bodden to a three year deal and Springs to a one year deal.. Blows my mind.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No pass rush and poor coaching led the the secondary failures.

    Meriweather, Sanders and Butler deserve a B.

    Wilhite a C/C+

  4. Anonymous says:

    Any interest in former FSU star, Rolle, in a later round? Seems like a Belichick player – smart and talented.

  5. Nick says:

    Seems very harsh to me to grade the secondary lower than the linebacker corps.

  6. Randy Lutz says:

    This should have been the name attached to the previous comment regarding a leader on d.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The one thing the Pats really lack in the secondary is a standout player at any position. Truly dominant defenses have this player, whether it’s Reed in Baltimore, Polamalu in Pitt, Sharper in NO (although not really a “dominant” d, they did win the Superbowl), or Dawkins wherever he’s been (again not a dominant d, but better than ours was). I’ve always felt a team needs that one dominant leader on d, whether it be a shutdown corner in the Asomugha/Revis/Woodson mold, or a defensive QB like the safeties mentioned above.

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