2010 Patriots Needs: Running Backs

2010 Starter Need: Medium
2010 Depth Need: Low
2009 Unit Grade: B-

Laurence Maroney
Signed Through: 2010 ($2.0m)
2009 Grade: C+

Sammy Morris
Signed Through: 2010 ($1.4m)
2009 Grade: C+

Fred Taylor
Signed Through: 2010 ($2.73m)
2009 Grade: B

Kevin Faulk

Signed Through: Unrestricted Free Agent
2009 Grade: A-

BenJarvus Green-Ellis
Signed Through: 2010 ($477k)
2009 Grade: C+

Other than Kevin Faulk, the 2009 season for the running back was full of ups and downs. Injuries derailed Taylor and Morris at times this years, while fumbling concerns knocked down Laurence Maroney just as he was hitting his stride.

The Patriots have an immediate need at 3rd-down back if Kevin Faulk is not re-signed. While Faulk has been quoted as wanting to play with the Patriots, it remains to be seen whether he will get that chance or fall under the same chopping block that caught Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, and Richard Seymour.

With no clear #1 back and three expiring contracts, one or more of the trio of Maroney, Morris, or Taylor could be on their way out if a free-agent or draft pick that the Patriots feel fit their system would become available.

2010 NFL Draft Potential Targets: CJ Spiller, Jonathan Dwyer, Ryan Matthews, Anthony Dixon, Jahvid Best, Joique Bell

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4 Responses to “2010 Patriots Needs: Running Backs”

  1. Blue-berry says:

    The Patriots value OL,QB & WR all ahead of RB who aren’t used as much. If they do take someone it could be Ryan Matthews Fresno State. He is an all purpose back.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If your talking about not fumbling on the goal line, why would you get Javid Best!? You wouldn’t need a speedster at the goal line. you would need more of power downhill runner. Of all the big backs this year, the one with the best “no fumbling” record is a definite sleeper in the draft…M. Hardesty…and he could also be used as a receiver whose familiar with running different routes and a willing pass blocker, which could also be used in those goal line situations.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I tottaly agree with you. If we could get Javid Best, or someone like him, that would be great.

  4. PATIORS ROCK says:

    Patriots need to use there first or second Draft pick on a Running Back. Can the patriots stop fumbling on the goal line.

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