NFL Draft Prospect: Mike Iupati

Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho (6-5/330)

An incredibly talented offensive guard that moves like a ballerina and hits like a truck. Even better, he played his college ball at Idaho and LOVES cold weather. I think Foxboro would be a great home for Mike — let’s make it happen.

We’d like to thank Becky at the U of Idaho offices and Mike himself for allowing us to take time from his training and answer a few questions.

Mike, coming from American Samoa to Idaho had to be a big change… how does cold weather agree with you?

I miss the cold weather. You can just stay home and put on triple layers of blankets and go to sleep. (Mike’s currently Training in California)

Some scouts have stated that while you have had a great year, it has come against sub-par competition. How would you respond to this?

It is true. I wanted to go against Anthony Davis, who is the best defensive lineman in our conference. If I would have gone against ACC or Pac 10 teams I don’t think it would have made a big difference; just competition-wise. I’m going to play the Senior Bowl against the best of the best, which is always good. If I adapt to that level of playing then I’ll be OK. It’s just a matter of how you know the game and how you compete.

Any certain players that you’ve played against that you feel will follow you to the NFL?

D’Anthony Smith (Louisiana Tech), Kevin Basped (Nevada), Carl Ihenacho (San Jose State), Kyle Wilson (Boise State), Kyle Winterswyk (Boise State).

Your athleticism seems to be a strength in your game, is pulling and getting out on screens a high point of your game?

It’s usually the runs – like head-to-head run inside zone run. That’s a strength of my game. My movement off the ball is pretty good.

Mike, right now we have you going to the Patriots in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft — how would that make you feel?

A blessing. It would be a dream come true.

Okay, last question Mike. Pretend that I’m a GM interviewing you at the NFL Combine, tell me why you would be the best prospect to draft for my football team.

Because I work hard and I’m very competitive in all aspects of the game. I’m very physical. I will make your team be better is what I’m offering.

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One Response to “NFL Draft Prospect: Mike Iupati”

  1. Cory says:

    While I do like Iupati as a prospect, he may have become overhyped. Let’s not reach too far for an OG.

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