NFL Draft Prospect: Chris Marinelli

Chris Marinelli, OT, Stanford (6-7/300)

Sometimes the best things are close to home. Chris Marinelli, who grew up just south of Boston and whose family currently resides in Braintree, just might fit that description.

The Patriots value versatility at all their positions, something that Marinelli excels at. “It really depends on the team. I’m willing to play anywhere that it helps my team compete for the Super Bowl. I’m most comfortable at right tackle, but I’ve played left, some guard, and even tight end in tackle-over sets.”

Chris is currently at the East-West Shrine Bowl, where he is matched up against some of the better Senior college defenders. When asked who the toughest d-lineman he’s went up against, he stated, “Jeff Fitzgerald of Kansas State, great hands guy, never stops.”

Overall, Chris has felt that the Shrine Bowl experience has been very useful. He stated that something he feels that he can improve is his response to an opponent’s bull rush. “I need to keep tight hands, sit down on the guy… For offensive tackles, I’m one of the more nimble guys out there, I don’t have much problem with the finesse moves.”

Scheme-specific to the Patriots, I asked Chris if he’s ever made the corner block on the WR screen before. Although they did have the play in the Stanford playbook, they never ran it. He has ran the play at Shrine Bowl, finding it fun to “get out there and hit the little guy before he has a chance to make a move.” Chris does have extensive experience in pulling on runs from the tackle and guard positions.

When asked what made Chris Marinelli a great draft pick, he related that, “You want to draft someone that is going to help you win. I’m a team leader, I lead by example. I do things the right way, in the film room, meeting room, and weight room. I work relentlessly, and my attention to detail is important. I have never been the most talented, but I’ve always put out the most effort.”

That sounds like a Boston/Foxboro type of work-ethic to me. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, as he’s been a Patriots fan for a long time. When asked what it would be like to don a Patriots uniform some day, Chris beamed, “It would be incredible, it would allow me to keep all my allegiances back home. None of my people would have to root against me. I have lots of pride there, and it would be quite an honor.”

The honor just might be all ours.

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2 Responses to “NFL Draft Prospect: Chris Marinelli”

  1. src813 says:

    What pride we would all have to see Chris in a Pat’s uniform! Crossing our fingers for you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rep that Btree pride

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