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1. Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State (6-2/210)
After sitting out the majority of the 2009 season due to some “issues”, Bryant will look to prove himself in the pre-draft season. Dez is a highly explosive playmaker that is limited only by his sub-par route-running and lack of elite speed. Bryant is not as good as a prospect as Andre or Calvin Johnson, but he is the best of the 2010 Draft class.

Pros: Size, Hands, Playmaking
Cons: Character Issues, Speed, Route-Running
Verdict: 1st Round

2. Brandon Lafell, LSU (6-3/210)
Incredible possession receiver that is fearless going over the middle. His speed and leaping ability let him make incredible catches, sometimes because his route was a bit sloppy. With a little polish, Lafell will be a pro-bowl WR in the NFL.

Pros: Size, Hands
Cons: Route-Running
Verdict: 1st Round

3. Golden Tate, Notre Dame
Tate’s success in the NFL will depend on his ability to deal with press coverage. If he can run a 4.4 at the combine, he will show teams he has the ability to separate and make plays. If not, he will struggle to be as productive on Sundays as he was on Saturdays.

Pros: Playmaking, Hands, YAC
Cons: Route-Running, Strength, Size
Verdict: 1st-2nd Round

4. Aurrelious Benn, Illinois (6-2/220)
Benn has suffered a cruel fate playing with Juice Williams as his quarterback. With a true QB, Benn has limitless potential, as his athleticism and ball skills are off the charts. Hopefully his NFL team will be able to shake the bad habits out of him soon.

Pros: Explosive, Big-Play Receiver
Cons: Consistency, System Experience
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

5. Mardy Gilyard, Cinci (6-1/180)
Explosive slot receiver. Burns up the cushion extremely fast and has good game hands. Great kick returner as well. Could get off the press better, but showed improvement at the Senior Bowl

Pros: Explosive, YAC, Burst
Cons: Press
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

6. Damian Williams, USC (6-1/190)
Williams is the ultimate route-runner. He is rarely out of place and catches the balls that are thrown his way. He needs to bulk up a bit in order to help him shield corners and block on running plays.

Pros: Route-Running, Quickness, YAC, Consistency
Cons: Blocking, Injury History
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

7. Danario Alexander, Missouri (6-5/215)
Alexander is an extremely productive WR that has followed well in the footsteps of Jeremy Maclin. He will need to improve his strength to thrive against press coverage in the NFL, but if he can get his hands on the ball – watch out.

Pros: YAC, Size, Speed
Cons: Strength
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

8. Demaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech (6-3/230)
Thomas is an imposing figure for opposing CB’s to deal with in the run game, but not yet in the passing game. Thomas will have to improve his route-running quickly to compete at the NFL level.

Pros: Blocking, Size, YAC
Cons: Route-Running, Speed, Hands
Verdict: 2nd-3rd Round

9. Andre Roberts, Citadel
Very shifty guy that gets off press coverage with ease. Needs to accelerate out of his release better. Shows great hands and the ability to go over the middle. Can play in the slot or outside. Steve Smith-esque.

Pros: Speed, Smarts, Hands, Courage
Cons: Blocking, Competition
Verdict: 2nd-4th Round

10. Eric Decker, Minnesota (6-3/220)
Decker is an extremely gifted WR that might not have too much room to grow in the NFL. He will be a solid #3 WR in the league, adept at picking up first downs, but not much else.

Pros: Hands, Route-Running, Consistency
Cons: Injury, Speed, YAC
Verdict: 3rd-4th Round

11. Jordan Shipley, Texas (6-0/190)
Shipley and Colt McCoy have had a sixth sense with the burnt orange uniform on. Shipley is very versatile, with his receiving and return skills, but with his small size, look for Shipley to be a Stokely/Collie-esque slot receiver for an NFL team this fall.

Pros: Speed, Elusiveness, YAC, Hands
Cons: Size
Verdict: 3rd-4th Round

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