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1a. Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma (6-5/265)
Gresham looks like a top 15 prospect until you realize that he has very little experience lining up in a traditional formation. He spends most of his time in the slot, where he hasn’t developed solid blocking skills. He has all the ability in the world, but the coaching will need to be strong.

Pros: Athleticism, Speed, Hands
Cons: Blocking, System Experience
Verdict: 1st Round

1b. Rob Gronkowski, Arizona (6-6/265)
Beast. Coming off a big injury, but has the upside to make it worth it to teams. Catches and blocks equally well like a young Tony Gonzalez – words not thrown around too lightly.

Pros: Size, All-Around
Cons: Injury
Verdict: 1st-2nd Round

2. Aaron Hernandez, Florida (6-3/250)
Hernandez is a Dustin Keller class of TE that excels in the passing game, but has the size and ability to make a small impact in the blocking game as well. Hernandez’ 4.5 speed and elusiveness make for a gifted target.

Pros: Speed, Hands, YAC
Cons: Blocking, System Experience
Verdict: 2nd Round

3. Anthony McCoy, USC (6-4/255)
McCoy neglected his academics enough to have a good year on the field and get himself ineligible for the Trojan bowl game. In the NFL, we see a starting tight end that does everything solidly, but nothing at the pro-bowl level.

Pros: Hands, Athleticism
Cons: Off-Field Issues, Strength
Verdict: 2nd-4th Round

4. Tony Moeaki, Iowa (6-4/250)
Moeaki is a beast in the passing and running game that has trouble staying on the field. If he can get over the durability issue, he could be the 2nd best all-around TE prospect in the draft behind Gronkowski.

Pros: Inline Blocking, Size, Strength
Cons: Durability
Verdict: 3rd-4th Round

5. Dennis Pitta, BYU (6-5/230)
Pitta is basically a big WR that will occasionally try and throw a block, with an emphasis on try. He will need to work on his strength if he wants to be a Dallas Clark clone.

Pros: Hands, Size, Route-Running
Cons: Blocking, Speed
Verdict: 3rd-4th Round

6. Ed Dickson, Oregon (6-4/245)
Similar to Pitta, Dickson is a muscled-up WR, although Dickson does show effort, if not success, in the blocking game. His coachibility will help him transition from the spread to the NFL.

Pros: Size, Hands
Cons: Blocking, System Experience
Verdict: 3rd-4th Round

7. Garrett Graham, Wisconsin
Coming Soon!

8. Colin Peek, Alabama (6-6/260)
Peek is an ideal #2 TE. He excels at inline-blocking and can make the short catches in traffic. Peek isn’t a vertical threat, and won’t do much with the ball after he catches it.

Pros: Size, Hands, Blocking
Cons: Durability, Athleticism
Verdict: 4th-5th Round

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