Pre-Game Meal: Tennessee Titans

The Heavyweight Champion of the World: The Weekly Match-ups:

* Tom Brady vs. The Injury-Ravaged Defense – One week after being shredded apart by Peyton Manning and the Colts, the Titans secondary has to face Tom Brady and the Patriots. In any year prior to 2009 the Titans would be down in the dumps. But after a dissapointing performance in the second half against the Broncos, the Patriots look like the chance Tennessee has been waiting for to finally earn a W. The Patriots offense was completely shut down in the second half and Tom Brady continues to struggle with the communication and the timing with his receivers. Tom Brady is going to need to really work on figuring out and fixing the issues with his wide-outs or the Patriots might not be able to make the Titans 0-6.

Last Sunday, veteran pass rusher Jevon Kearse was made inactive. Although it’s non-injury related, Kearse might not be suited up this Sunday which will serve as a relief to Tommy Boy. Tom will have to establish his comfort in the pocket and his confidence in the pass early in this game to set the tone. This Patriots team does not lose 2 in a row very often and I am placing all of the responsibility of maintaining that tradition in Tom’s hands… or arm. Tom Brady needs to use Wes Welker, Randy Moss, and Benjamin “2009-Hands-of-Glory” Watson to score at least 3 touchdowns in the air. What ever happened to the Brady who didn’t need superstars to help him win? Was Albert Haynesworth’s preseason blow to his shoulder really more serious than we thought? Maybe that’s why Tom has difficult with the long ball and his longest completion is only 36 yards… just sayin’

* Randy Moss vs. Cortland Finnegan & The Secondary vs. Bill O’Brien – How come it seems that every other team can get their #1 wide receiver the ball? Randy Moss has 30 receptions for only ONE TD! Just one! How is that possible? Moss is, hands-down, one of the greatest to play the WR position. Ever. I’m not okay settling for 100-yard games if we dont stick it in the end zone. It’s not like Randy can’t run anymore, that dude is still fast as hell. This one is not on lack of production, laziness, or any of that garbage. It’s simple: if QB coach O’Brien doesn’t find a way to start getting Randy Moss the pigskin, Patriot Nation is going to have to start getting used to “Life Around .500”. Randy Moss has to get pretty rough at the line with a recovering CB Cortland Finnegan (17 tackles, 1 INT) and maybe break free for a couple of big ones. There will no doubt be help over the top from Chris Hope (33 tackles, 1 INT) more times than not, so Brady will have to take advantage (ACCURATELY) of the times that Randy breaks free in man coverage.

* Whoever-Starts-At-Running-Back vs. The Titan D-line – I know it will probably be Sammy Morris, but I do not agree with it. If this is supposed to be the “Year that Maroney Silences His Critics”, how the hell is supposed to do it with a handful of carries per game. Our top rusher, Fred Taylor, is injured (huge shocker) and I strongly believe that our former first-rounder needs to get his chances behind Tom. I can see that the Hoodie and the goons are not pleased with his production thus far, but without sufficient playing time, his numbers will never change and his confidence will only decrease. That being said, the Titans defense only allows 2.8 per rush and Kyle Vanden Bosch (13 tackles, 0 sacks) still hasn’t realized that the 2009 NFL season has begun. If he decides to play on Sunday, the backfield might be lucky to get those 2.8 yards per rush. Their run defense is good and it will take some good push from our guys up front to open some holes and make some room for the backs to squeeze through.

* Tackles and Guards vs. Tackles and Ends -Matt Light’s out with an ankle injury, Nick Kazcur will likely be on the left side; meanwhile rookie Sebastian “SeaBass” Vollmer will start on the right. Kazcur will probably be out of his comfort zone and SeaBass will line up for his first start, so look for the Titans to bring some heavy pressure and see what these men have. Protecting Tom is key to winning this match-up because a win on the ground will be hard to come by against the Titans. The defensive tackles feature Tony Brown (2 sacks) and the defensive ends may feature Jevon Kearse (3 tackles, 1 sack) and the Sunday silent Vanden Bosch. Hopefully the latter two either don’t show up so that pocket will be nice and fluffy for Tom Brady. On the other side of the line, 3W (see last weeks article if you don’t know) need to crash the Titans’ O-line and slam country rock sensation, Kerry Collins, to the ground. Not to mention we also have Chris Johnson to worry about; yeah he’s good.

* Chris Johnson vs. Anyone Who Can Bring Him Down -Chris Johnson is absolutely a beast on the ground (468 yards 2 TDs); and he’s a serious threat in the passing game (126, 1 TD). He isn’t performing at the rate that he did in 2008 but there is no indication for anyone to take him lightly. In a loss to Houston he had almost 300 total offensive yards and all of his touchdowns. He can blow up and scorch a defense at any time. The Tackles cannot be sloppy this time around. If Johnson breaks it to the outside, Leigh Bodden needs to remember all the way back to week 4 and how to tackle. Jerod Mayo is back in action and hasn’t seemed to lose a step seeing that he already has seven tackles. He needs to do his job and get through the line to make tackles for losses. His presence needs to be felt especially on thrid and potential fourth downs. It’s going to be a team effort to contain Chris Johnson and his bag of tricks, and I’m confident that the boys will make me proud. Let’s just hope LenDale White doesn’t decide to pull any funny business and the Titans are forced to pass their way out of this one.

* Not-Quite-Tim-McGraw vs. The Patriots Defense – Kerry Collins has been performing at way less than 2008 form. He had 5 TDs, 7 INTs, and 1 fumble, sporting a brilliant 67.3 passer rating. Collins went 19-32 for 264 yard with 1 pick in the 31-9 massacre at the hands of the Colts during week 5. In the second half Collins was benched for Vince Young (you may remember him as the former U of Texas star who supposed to be the next big thing, then got booed and benched, and finally disappeared last year only to be found in a attempted-suicide scandal) who went 0-3 on pass attempts; but he did rush for a first down! Baby steps, Vince. If the Patriots can contain the running game and score a lot of points. Collins will have to attempt to being his team back strictly through the air to some inconsistent wide receivers; and that doesn’t look like the Titans preferred plan as of late.

I am very excited about Junior Seau coming back to the Pats. I have nothing negative to say about this man, he is nothing less than a respectable gentleman. He has all the class in the world and the leadership he will bring to this young defense is priceless. He’s been playing football since Patrick Chung was 1 and he’s been playing it the right way. He knows he’s past his prime but he knows he can still make an impact in this league, whether it be physical or psychological. Seau said he’d only play football again if it was for New England, no other team. He would do anything for this team and we show him the love for it. Derrick Burgess even relinquished his number (#55) to Seau because even he knows, in his f
irst Patriot season, what Seau means to this organization.

For those of you who are wondering where my “Quick Bites” from last week’s game are… First rule about ugly losses is “don’t talk about ugly losses”. Plus, anything I wanted to say, I’ve already said. Let’s not dwell on the past anymore, let’s move on to Week 6.

Let’s go Pats!


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6 Responses to “Pre-Game Meal: Tennessee Titans”

  1. Admin says:

    I’m picking up what you’re laying down now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    tom brady is gonna come back strong. good post

  3. Anonymous says:

    means pats are are gon’ make ten. ride dat wave and be like oweee.

    go pats

  4. Admin says:

    I understand little to nothing of what you just said.

  5. Anonymous says:

    you got this… after this game they gon’ have to wipe u down like boosie… oweee

  6. Anonymous says:

    woo! go pats!!!

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