Mile High House of Horrors

“IN! COM! PLETE!” – Bronco Fans

Those words have rung in Tom Brady’s ears before, but never so loud as they did this Sunday. After clanging passes off the ground, Broncos, and the legs of would-be receivers, Brady looked quite upset with his pedestrian performance. As you’ll read below though, Brady is not alone treading this path.

The Patriots defense did a decent job of stopping the Broncos, holding them to 17 points in regulation. Once Dean Pees started to make some calls with some imagination, they firmed up and gave the Patriots a chance to win the game. While Brandon Meriweather had an average game, Jerod Mayo stepped it up by making two game-changing plays: stopping Brandon Marshall short on 3rd and 2 and stripping the ball from Knowshon Moreno. With the Patriots being shutout after halftime, the offense has to take the blame for this one.

As alluded to earlier, Tom Brady isn’t the first QB to transition this way back into the league after an injury. After seven games last year, one quarterback coming off an injury had racked up 8 TD’s, 9 INT’s, and a 3-4 record. All Peyton Manning did was go on to win the NFL MVP Award and lead Indianapolis to a 12-4 record.

Whether Tom can circle the wagons like Manning did remains to be seen, but he has the right mindset to do it.

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One Response to “Mile High House of Horrors”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope so. Clearly Brady is not playing up to his caliber. We have to cut him some slack though because he came back from his injury months early. I don’t recall any player coming back and performing up to their potential. Hopefully he can play thru it and by the time it really matters, we are in the post-season and everything is clicking in all 3 phases.

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