Department of Tate

UPDATE: Brandon Tate has been activated to the 53-man roster and will play on Sunday.

The more I reminisce about watching Brandon Tate in college, the more I can’t wait for him to hit the field this Sunday against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Here’s a little highlight video to whet your appetite:

I think that I could make a living throwing to this guy…

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2 Responses to “Department of Tate”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was actually disappointed when they drafted him, due to the positive test for weed, etc… (Can’t be that smart if he smokes less than 30 days before the combine)… Then I saw his highlight reel, and I realized why they gambled on him!

    I don’t expect much out of him this year, but next year with a full training camp hopefully he can learn the system.

    One thing I liked about the above highlights was that he would make an amazing catch, then just get up and jog to the huddle, he didn’t make it seem like he won the super bowl every time he caught a pass (like they do all too often in the NFL…) After he caught a TD he celebrated with his guys, but he wasn’t making it all about himself…

    I hope he proves me wrong and has straightened out his act off the field, because it looks like he has a tremendous amount to offer on it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brando Tate is the MAN. He will rock London!

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