Top 5 "Vincible" Moments

5. Mike Tyson v Buster Douglas
Tyson was 37-0 prior to getting KO’d by Douglas. “Iron” Mike was never the same, as his invincible moniker was left somewhere in Tokyo. Presumably, his brain might be there too.

4. USA v Argentina
The undefeated “Dream Team” was the best team by far for so many years, that many teams wilted before their aura of greatness. That all changed in 2002, as the upstart Argentinians wiped the invincibility of the faces of Shawn Marion, Jermaine O’Neal, and more in an 87-80 bombshell. It took USA Basketball a full 6 years to recover.

3. Patriots v Giants
If you are at this website, I really don’t have to recap this game, do I? Sixteen and zero getting blown to bits by a 4-man rush pretty much sums it up right?

2. Tiger Woods v Y.E. Yang
Since Y.E. was sporting a cock (le coq sportif) on his shirt, he definitely showed he had the balls to pull it off. Woods doesn’t lose the lead in majors, period, or so we thought. When Yang chipped in on hole 14, Woods looked beat.

1. Russia v USA
C’mon, haven’t you watched Miracle? We beat the freaking Russians at their own game. Best… Win… Ever… USA! USA! USA!

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