Pre-Game Meal: Washington Redskins

We’d like to welcome Brian DeLaBarrera, who wrote a nice wrap-up about the pre-season game against the Redskins tonight. Make sure you follow this great Boston Sports fan on Twitter!

Getting up to speed:

* Tom Brady looks good, he’s throwing good, he’s enjoying getting creamed by defensive ends… now if he can just get back into touchdown-throwing form this Friday, all will be well. After the first preseason match-up against Philly, I have to admit, I was psyched. Brady threw for 100 yards, two TDs, and a pick, however, in Game 2 Brady went 4-8 for 57 yards thanks to a 32-yard, Wes Welker screen pass.

* The offensive line did their job well which kept Tommy from getting dirty during the Eagles game. On the complete opposite, the “offensive line” looked more like 2-week old swiss cheese.

* The running back competition has been in full effect with Maroney, Law-Firm, Fred Taylor, Sammy, and Faulk. Fred didn’t play in the preseason opener, but looked average at best during during the Bengals game. Maroney is only getting carries when the defense knows it’s a run play and, subsequently, has to fight for all the little yardage he can get. Law-Firm, on the other hand, looks sharp as a tack. It would seem unlikely that he doesn’t make the roster-unless you take into consideration that he’s playing against the 2nd and 3rd units from the Bengals and Eagles. One of these RB’s will most likely get the boot, in my opinion. I’m personally not ready to make my decision, but if I had to guess, Law-Firm aka Green-Ellis doesn’t get his name called on Roster Day.

* The “Highlander” competition of this offseason/preseason has been with the tight-end position. The Hoodie himself has deemed the group “the best we’ve ever had”. Chris Baker is looking like a men amongst boys (and I couldn’t be happier that we took him from the New Jersey Number Two’s). Ben Watson may actually play on Friday! But if last season showed us anything about Watson, it’s that he is a Patriot because of his blocking skills, not his offensive explosiveness, or lack thereof. David Thomas will probably end up being a lead-blocker…and I hope we trade Alex Smith to one of the two west coast Patriots recycling bins: the Chiefs or the Broncos.

* Randy Moss is Randy Moss and the same for Wes Welker (he’s Wes Welker)… Joey Galloway hasn’t really ended up being the reciever we thought he would be, but it’s still preseason. Julian Edelman looks like a promising young guy with extreme-versatility in the receiving game, punt-returning game, and he entered the draft as a quarterback-Wildcat anyone? Greg Lewis seems to have secured his role at #4. I think we can expect average #4 play from the former Rutgers wideout.

* The defensive line has looked sharp in both games, because after all, it is our defensive line.. we’re stacked there and I see big things from them this season.

* The secondary still has some kinks to work out: Darius Butler looks strong and fast, Wheatley looks like he’ll be looking for a part-time job in September, Wilhite looks tough, and Chung, my personal favorite rookie, still has to prove he can hang with us, and he will.

* Linebackers! Mayo is a house. Where is Crable? Burgess is looking like sub-only status, Tedy looks old, Paris Lenon looks for time on Friday, and I hope his 148 tackles from 2008 find their way over to FedEx Field.

* We signed Tyrone McKenzie and let go of Tank Williams, as well as traded Ross Hochstein to the Denver Recycling Center

Nothing is more important than tonight’s third preseason game! (except for the entire season) Following this week, we will probably hear all about who is going to win the Super Bowl and who won’t make the playoffs and all the other FACTS that we can determine just from this ONE game.

But remember it’s still only the preseason. The 2006 Bears lost their 3rd preseason game and they made it to the Super Bowl.

What to look for:

* More 1st Team playing time: Now that I’m not concerned with how Tom reacts after a hit, I want to see more passing, more touchdowns, and more Joey Galloway. It’s imperative that he breaks out and becomes the receiver that we anticipate when we signed him.

* The offensive line play can IN NO WAY resemble that of the Bengals game. It was atrocious and I don’t expect to see that again.

* The running back and tight-end battle should continue in full swing tonight as Maroney, Taylor, Green-Ellis, and Morris battle for positions. In my opinion, Chris Baker has ran away with the tight end #1 spot and Watson will be locked in to block as a #2.

* reported this week that Leigh Bodden is fitting in perfectly and feels good about this year too. Lets look for some tight secondary play and hopefully my man, Pat Chung, get some opportunities to impress tonight!

* The defensive line should keep up with its aggressive play as usual. Look for breakout performances from Tully Banta-Cain, and one would hope, Burgess.

* The Patriots showed a lot of inconsistency last week against a mediocre Bengals team after a good showing against the Eagles. Look for the Pats to let it be known that they are aggressive and not offensively stagnant. Tom Brady and the 1st team should see snaps into the second half and try and make their presence felt against the Skins. The will be up for a tough task though; with a defensive line that features Albert Haynesworth followed by an exceptional secondary unit.

* The Redskins offense stars Clinton Portis, Jason Campbell, Santana Moss, Randel-El, and Chris Cooley, to name a few. The Patriots defense is, by no means, taking a stroll through the park today.

This game has the making for all the competetive edge of a regular season game. The Patriots and Redskins will both be tested to a high level, and at (1-1), both want another preseason victory. Good Luck to the boys tonight and let’s bring back a win. See you soon.

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5 Responses to “Pre-Game Meal: Washington Redskins”

  1. Admin says:

    Glad everyone enjoyed Brian’s writeup, and good win for the Patriots

  2. Anonymous says:

    this brian kid sounds like he knows what he’s talking about!!

  3. Rebecca says:

    its good to see game day write ups on here.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good stuff Brian, keep this up for the season

  5. Jack says:

    fantastic! go pats!

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