On Enemy Ground

NE Patriots Draft would like to welcome DC Pro Sports Report to answer a few questions regarding the upcoming game against the Washington Redskins.

1. What is the biggest Redskins Training camp battle?

A: It was thought the biggest training camp battle would be at right tackle, but Stephon Heyer took hold of that position early on and never let go. The biggest battle is for the starting flanker position, opposite Santana Moss. Antwaan Randle El has lost that job — good thing because he belongs in the slot — and the battle is now between sophomores Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly. Thomas had the early lead, but Kelly has evened it up. Sneaking up on everyone is Marko Mitchell, a late round draft pick who lit up the WAC last year and has, according to Redskins players, lighting up training camp, too.

2. Who has been the biggest surprise in training camp this season?

A: Definitely Marko Mitchell. He’s been the star of the offense. The star of the defense has been Brian Orakpo, but he was a first round pick so that doesn’t qualify as a surprise. Mitchell put up huge college stats, but in a gadget offense in a weak, pass-happy conference. However, he’s got great size and excellent hands and Washington’s secondary, easily one of the best in the NFL, has had real trouble handling him in practice.

3. It’s week 12, who do you want to see under center for the Redskins?

A: It better be Jason Campbell. If it is anybody else, the Redskins will have a very high draft pick next April. [Unless Dan Snyder trades it for another past-his-prime player.]

4. Will Brian Orakpo and Albert Haynesworth finally be able to pressure the QB? As Albert has proved that he is a bit fragile, who’s next in line if they get injured?

A: Orakpo has been a holy terror in training camp and the preseason. He’s still adjusting to playing in pass coverage as a Sam linebacker, but as a pass-rusher he looks like everything he was supposed to be coming out of college — and more. Haynesworth has also been extremely impressive, but he does have an injury history. Fortunately, for the Redskins, Anthony Montgomery and Kedric Golston, two home grown success stories, have plenty of starting experience and could step in nicely. Washington would be fine without Haynesworth for a week or two. Rushing the passer is a major priority for Washington, as the 2008 defense was 4th-ranked, but got no pressure and, thus, created so few turnovers. The team can’t repeat it’s 4th-ranking with the same lame pass rush.

5. Tell us how the idea for the Mock Draft Database came to you guys, and how much time do you spend on it during draft season?

A: The idea for a database came naturally when we noticed two obvious things: People absolutely love the NFL Draft and they love talking about the NFL Draft. For many fans, the NFL Draft is their Super Bowl — and not just because their team is usually on the clock early. The Draft inspires endless fascination, excitement and conversation. Mock Drafts are everywhere and we thought people would really enjoy having a place where tons of mock drafts are located in one convenient place. Instead of searching all over the Internet, they just come to DC Pro Sports Report and see them all.

The NFL Mock Draft Database is updated constantly. We currently have 62 mock drafts for the 2010 draft on the site. Our last update was August 25. Back in April, we had about 330 mock drafts listed and we updated right up until the last minute. We actually did two updates the morning of the Draft last April. All false modesty aside, it’s the biggest of its kind and no database is updated nearly as often. If a mock draft is worth listing, we’ve got it, including yours.

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