The Joe Horn Effect, Or Why Twitter Will Need a Few More Servers

When Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg cashed his $20.2 million dollar check in 2008, he should have given a large chunk of that to one Mr. Joe Horn. Twitter CEO Evan Williams and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should start listening up. Horn, a former NFL WR famous for his cellular telephonic celebration during a 2003 game against the Giants, made a huge contribution to the mobile telephone industry.

Worldwide subscribers in 2003 were estimated to be at around 900 million. Six years following Joe Horn popularizing the handheld mode of communication, experts estimate the 2010 subscriber total will be near 3.6 billion. Propelling an entire global industry to 4x growth in just over six years is nothing short of a miracle.

Chad Ochocinco promises to do the same thing for the micro-blogging industry this coming season. OGOchoCinco, a Twitter fanatic, promises to tweet during an NFL game this year, regardless of the cost.

“There’s a lot of things they don’t want me to do. I do it anyway. They know that. I don’t know why they even fussing about it. … When I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it, regardless of what they say.”

Joe Horn was fined 30k for his infraction, one can only assume that Ochocinco would get even a heavier fine.

Commissioner Goodell and CEO Williams, however, need to see the marketing possibilities in this venture. Provided that the Joe Horn Effect holds true, Twitter’s 4.5 million users in 2009 will turn into more than 18 million users by 2015. If anyone can find a way to monetize Twitter, I’m sure that it is the NFL.

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