2009 NFC West Predictions

Arizona Cardinals (10-6)
The Cardinals are lucky to be in the worst division in the NFL. They will be hard-pressed to duplicate their run to the Superbowl, but a second division championship in as many years seems to be a lock.

San Francisco 49ers (7-9)
Michael Crabtree can’t throw the ball to himself, otherwise, this might be the new team to beat in the NFC West. Mike Singletary has the defense on the right track, while bringing the leadership potential to a rolling boil. This team is on the cusp of something great, but you’ll have to wait until 2010.

Seattle Seahawks (5-11)
Teams don’t win with former Cyclones running the team, and until Matt Hasselbeck proves that he can be the quarterback for a full season in the Pacific Northwest, this team will have a very low ceiling.

St. Louis Rams (5-11)
Jason Smith will help keep Marc Bulger upright, but the former Pro-Bowler might be suffering from shellshock at this point. A so-so defense isn’t enough to overcome the rapid aging of the once great offense.

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5 Responses to “2009 NFC West Predictions”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If either Alex Smith or Shawn Hill even approach proficiency (and Hill did that last year), I think you’re grossly underestimating the upside this season. Players are going to play for Singletary-he’s let it be known it’s not an option. They finished with a good taste of hopeful anticipation last season and they are hungry to prove something. Call it success breeding
    success or playing over their heads, I think 9-7 or maybe 10-6 is possible if they start out well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The 49ers have a slightly easier schedule than last year and they will be better than last year so i would say 9-7 maybe 10-6. They will give the Cards more of a run this year, just watch.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rams should be much better [just like they all say about their teams] I’m hoping for 9-7

    Karney @ FB to block for Jackson & Bulger
    Brown @ Center fixes a blaring need.
    Butler @ Safety is an upgrade over aging Chavois
    J. Smith 1st round RT will help protect Bulger & open holes for Jackson.
    Laurinaitis @ MLB should be exciting & allows Will Witherspoon to return to natural WLB.
    Billy D., Spags, Flajole & Shurmerare a huge improvement in FO & all aspects of coaching.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seahawks will not be that bad.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Those seem pretty plausible. As a 49ers fan I’d agree that they will be good, just not quite yet.

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