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After the NFL Draft is over and 90% of each team’s roster is set, it is time to start projecting how teams are going to perform during the 2009 NFL Season. While our individual team projections won’t be out for another month or so, this is how we have the eight different NFL Divisions stacking up. Each division has their combined record from 2008 listed.

1. AFC East (38-26)
All four teams have improved over the offseason. The Dolphins added more weapons on offense and defense, while the Bills added one very important weapon to their receiving corps. The Jets got much better on defense, and the Patriots happened to add some guy named Brady. Following a great 2008 season, the AFC East seems to still be on an upward trajectory.

2. AFC North (31-33)
With the Steelers retaining the majority of their Super Bowl caliber team and the Ravens continuing to develop Joe Flacco, the cream of the AFC North seems in good hands. The gains in this division will come from the lowly Browns, who get to bask in the glory that is Eric Mangini. We feel that the Browns are due for a rebound, and the Bengals can’t suck forever… can they?

3. NFC East (38-26)
No offense at all to the Eagles and Giants, your teams will be very formidable in 2009. We feel that this is the year that the Cowboys finally implode and that Jason Campbell can’t be feeling too wonderful about the way this offseason went. If either of the two megalomaniacal NFC East Owners’ teams overachieves, the NFC East might prove to be the toughest division of all.

4. AFC South (38-26)
We’re not feeling the Titans magic this year. The Colts will be just fine, but the Texans and Jaguars are huge question marks. Each team could have another disappointing season, or could surprise like Tennessee did in 2008.

5. NFC South (40-24)
How can the best division in 2008 (by record) be 5th next year? Jeff Garcia is gone and Jake Delhomme is still there. Byron Leftwich is not the answer for the Bucs. Matt Ryan and Drew Brees will continue to head up quality teams, but look for major regression from the Bucs and Panthers.

6. AFC West (23-41)

Color us odd, but we see the Raiders and Chiefs being somewhat respectable in 2009, maybe to the tune of 7-9. This might be a division where all teams finish at 8-8, especially if the San Diego Chargers continue to underperform.

7. NFC North (25-39)

Matt Stafford, Jay Cutler, Sage Rosenfels, and Aaron Rodgers. Full of promise, void of meaningful wins. We see that trend continuing.

8. NFC West (22-42)
These teams are not good. Arizona will prove to be a flash in the pan, while the 49ers, Seahawks, and Rams all were picking in the top 10 of the NFL Draft for a reason.

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