Cold Peppers, Taylor Heats Up

The Julius Pepper saga, which has hung around through the Jay Cutler debacle, March Madness, and the 2009 NFL Draft, might finally be losing whatever steam it had left. We don’t feel like he would be a good investment for the Patriots, and hopefully someone else pays him $50 million guaranteed. Read more from Vic Carucci after the jump…

That story continues to baffle me, and I know a lot of other people feel the same way. The fact Peppers has yet to sign that tender offer simply paralyzes the process for him to be traded anywhere, if that’s what the Panthers want to do. The Panthers keep saying he’ll remain with them, but nothing from Peppers or his agent indicates that that will be the case. Frankly, with the draft behind us, it’s hard to see what kind of deal could be made for him that would make sense all the way around. I supposed the Niners have to be a possibility because of their extra first for next year.

However the Jason Taylor saga, nearly as long and tiresome as Peppers’, seems to be drawing to a close. Phinsider is reporting that two teams, as well as the Dolphins, are currently negotiating with the former All Pro defensive end. No word if the Patriots are one of the two mystery teams involved, but if the price is right, Taylor would be a valuable addition to the new-look Patriot defense. Peter King, for one, thinks it will happen, as he detailed in his MMQB column, “I think Jason Taylor will be a Patriot, unless Miami steps up to offer some real money.”

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5 Responses to “Cold Peppers, Taylor Heats Up”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am jones-n waiting for us to sign Taylor. Peppers this is as annoying to hear as Brett Favre. This isnt Madden 09 where you can just trade anyone for any price so he isnt coming plus Jason Taylor has played in the 3-4 and played it well. Give him a 2-year 9 million dollar deal and you will get an all-pro for a couple years and with his constant pressure will make our new revampt DB’s look great

  2. Admin says:

    No offense Jade, but where has Peppers ever played the 3-4 before? He PROJECTS to be a good OLB, but who knows…

  3. jade says:

    patriots will decide between peppers and taylor by the money. i would say peppers would be better for newengland he plays good 3-4 defence

  4. Admin says:

    I would say the exact opposite… Taylor would be a one-season fill-in while Peppers is a long-term commitment. Taylor would be cheap (relatively), Peppers expensive.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Julius Peppers would be a good Patriot — Jason Taylor, not so much.

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