2010 Patriots Draft Picks

This is the list of the Patriots draft picks going into the 2010 NFL Draft:

Updated 4/24

1st Round (27th Overall) – Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers
2nd Round (42nd Overall) – Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona
2nd Round (53rd Overall) – Jermaine Cunningham, OLB, Florida
2nd Round (62nd Overall) – Brandon Spikes, LB, Florida
3rd Round (90th Overall) – Taylor Price, WR, Ohio
4th Round (113th Overall) – Aaron Hernandez, TE, Florida
5th Round (150th Overall) – Zoltan Mesko, P, Michigan
6th Round (205th Overall) – Ted Larsen, C, NC State
7th Round (208th Overall) – Thomas Welch, OT, Vanderbilt
7th Round (247th Overall) – Brandon Deaderick, DL, Alabama
7th Round (248th Overall) – Kade Weston, DL, Georgia
7th Round (250th OVerall) – Zac Robinson, QB, Oklahoma State

These picks have been traded away:

1st Round (DEN – 1st, 4th)
1st Round (DAL – 1st, 3rd)
3rd Round (OAK – Derrick Burgess)
3rd Round (CAR – 2011 2nd Round)
4th Round (DAL – Package)
5th Round (OAK – Derrick Burgess, Thru DEN – Le Kevin Smith)
5th Round (TMB – Alex Smith)
6th Round (OAK – Package)
7th Round (WAS – Package)
7th Round (WAS – Package)

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110 Responses to “2010 Patriots Draft Picks”

  1. Anonymous says:

    colts vs pats will be a great matchup

  2. Anonymous says:

    good for zac robinson train under brady

  3. Anonymous says:

    "Look, we should have gotten a QB out of this class, Brady has proven that whenever something bad happens or he gets his feelings hurt, he's worthless for the rest of the game. We should have gotten a new QB in 09, but Kraft was too busy letting Oher slip to Baltimore."Dude, what are you smokin?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Look, we should have gotten a QB out of this class, Brady has proven that whenever something bad happens or he gets his feelings hurt, he's worthless for the rest of the game. We should have gotten a new QB in 09, but Kraft was too busy letting Oher slip to Baltimore.

  5. Anonymous says:

    nice zac robinson

  6. Anonymous says:

    So, another year of semi-confusion for Pat fans. So much for months and months of mock drafts that mean so little in the end. Afterall, how much do we truely, as fans, understand BB’s evaluations…a lot less than we think. That’a why the smart guys run the organization. It may not have been very popular, but when you think about our pass coverage last year, we certainly needed another contributor on pass defense. So much of this draft will hinge on Cunningham’s success as a pass rusher, maybe not initially, but he’ll need to produce soon. I love the picks of Spikes, Gronkowski and Hernandez. I’m sure that Brady does too. Price could be a “diamond in the ruff”, and could take some time to progress. Let’s hope that Tate is recovered and ready to contribute (McKenzie too at LB). The punter, Mesko, better be a real prize to warrent a 5th round pick. I too would have loved to see us take Austin Lane (taken 2 picks later than Mesko) as a developmental DL rusher. Maybe they have more faith than we know with what they cyrrently have on their roster. Keep the faith, gang! Only 12 months to go before we get to do this all over again.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My wish list (Austen Lane is gone).

    6th round – George Selvie, DE.

  8. Anonymous says:

    the pats should get joe mcknight from usc for a more dynamic player

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure what to think about McCourtney and Spikes. I worry about Spikes speed. I do like the TE pick and Cunningham. I would hope for OL, DL, WR as options this third round.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Start rebuilding that old slow O line. golden tate would b good too

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully they pass on Taylor Mays. A number of red flags went up when Pete Carroll passed up on his one of his own players and chose a different safety. I wonder what the issue was?

    We’re better off without Dez Bryant, the last thing we need in New England is Deion Sanders hanging around.

  12. Anonymous says:

    are you serious? Once again Bellichek would rather play around with his picks than actually select a quality player. Is it just me or are we watching a dismantling of all our talent as our opponents make good team decisions regarding personnel?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yes please taylor mays. We should have drafted dez bryan????????

  14. Ryan says:

    Keep dreaming about running backs when healthy maroney sick and he’s not goin anywhere this year this draft will be about defense and maybe a late running back I live in rhode island and have been watching the pats since the grogan days all our super bowls were won with average players don’t sleep on the coaching this year and next are rebuilding the pats legacy is far from over and maroney wasn’t drafted firs round to be disposable so keep dreaming fellas

  15. Anonymous says:

    whats the chance of the Pats trading the 22 pick?

  16. Jared says:

    I agree, Hernandez could be dynamic. Hes a great athlete and could instantly help. People are saying that we’ll draft Gresham if hes there, i’l b pissed. There is like five recieving tightends that could all be good picks in the 2nd round. If they want offense…Golden Tate or Ryan Mathews would both be an instant lift. If the pats get Gronkowski, Hernandez. Pitta, Graham, or Moeaki id be satisfied and one of them could last all the way to the 4th rnd. Picked a good year to need a recieving TE.


  17. Anonymous says:

    The pats would be wise to draft Aaron Hernandez with one of their second round picks. He’s the kind of player that will make an immediate impact, just look at his body of work at Florida. Plus, he’s from New England so he can handle those cold winter games. Im telling you Hernandez is a steal in the second and will work well in the Pats pass oriented offense.

  18. Anonymous says:

    we still need a big running back!

  19. Anonymous says:

    To answer someone’s “how did the pats get three 2nd rnd picks” question. Last year BB traded 73rd overall to the Jaguars for their 2nd rounder this year,then 89th to the Titans for their 2nd in 2010. I have a feeling he’ll do the same this year, the stronger the draft the more teams have to pay to get a 2nd from the pats this year. Maybe a 3rd Rnd pick this year with a 2nd and 3rd next year. Bill aint a genuis because of the wardrobe.


  20. Anonymous says:

    This draft is too deep with actual players to draft Tebow as a project or a FB?!?! I kno he is a freak athlete but playing QB in the SEC and running people over in the NFL are a little different. Patriots have too many holes, plus last year Brady said he’ll play for at least five more years. I hav been thinking defense with their picks but i think the Patriots could go either way with all of their picks. I dont think are O-line is in need, Bill had some good O-line picks last year besides Vollmer who is a stud. The pats strength draft-wise is lineman, Belichick is always drafting them late like Matt Light or Koppen. I think the pats top needs are….
    1. passrushing DE or OLB
    2. Big 3-4 DE
    3. WR
    4. TE
    5. SILB
    6. RB
    7. Nickel back
    Lot of needs to fill in one draft and they’re all legit. They need to make a couple trades if they want to fill all of them. Maybe Kirk Morrison at ILB from the Raiders or TE Greg Olsen from the Bears. No teams as ever filled six or seven holes in one draft.


  21. Anonymous says:

    i hope the patriots will get the #11 pick from the broncos forget mays bring in someone better for there linebacker they need a great df and good offense plays mccoy for the #49 pick im not sure about that but what the heck

  22. Anonymous says:

    what yall saying is true they do need better picks but i dont know if taylor mays will go to the patriots

  23. Anonymous says:

    This will be one of the most interesting drafts to date. They have so many needs. I would really like to see a running back taken early in the second round. With Brady aging his protection is so important. Right now all they have is older backs and no clear stud in the backfield. A strong O lineman would be great too. Go Pats!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Can someone explain to me how the patriots got 3 second round picks? Especially the Tennessee one, I don’t recall any trades being made between the two….

  25. Anonymous says:

    Listen guys, we NEED to look at defense with our first pick, maybe first 2. Possibly a solid DE stud like Graham? idk, but we need someone to slow down the running game. Then assuming we dont trade any picks, the second round gets crazy. we have 3 picks and we have to make them count. TIM TEBOW!!!!!! put him anywhere on the field and he will give 200%. This guy can be a great utility player and can help us at RB, FB, TE, and a solid back-up QB who can run the wildcat, giving us another dimension to our solid offense. If he is there, which i think he will, take him. Then get another defensive star to help our pass rush and then get an offensive linemen to make our RB’s loook better. Our RB’s arent as bad as some of you guys say they are. have faith. 2011 CHAMPS!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ryan Matthews (Fresno State) I’ve been watching this guy the last few years and I promise you a few years from now teams are going to look back and wonder why they passed up on him. He will be a STAR!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I’m pumped. It should be a great draft. Before the bonehead blunders from above that lets someone better fall in our lap and just based on the “Top100 Prospects” alone we get:

    22nd pick = Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri
    44th pick = Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU
    47th pick = Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona
    53rd pick = Brandon Spikes, LB, Florida

    Plus 3 more 4th-6th rd value/need picks
    & 5 compensatory dice roll picks in the 7th.
    And that’s before any trades?!! That may not fill every hole but that’s a whole hunka help.

  28. Anonymous says:

    from colts area so i get lots of crap wearing a pats jersey but they will rock 20010 season and bes supper bowl champions

  29. Anonymous says:

    come on guys, we need better people in the 2010 patriots, get Tim Tebow

  30. Anonymous says:

    “January 1, 2010 4:39 PM
    i hope we get a de and running back,maroney needs to go”

    why would we get a running back ?? everybody and there mom knows the pats ain’t a running team !

  31. Anonymous says:

    someone please tell bill belichick to look at Danario Alexander on youtube he will be a steal if u don’t believe me check him out he will be a steal. he could replace randy moss n the future he is like randy moss and Andre Johnson combine so what do you get a BEAST-MODE of a wide receiver

  32. Anonymous says:

    The Steal of this draft will be Dexter McCluster out of Ole Miss. Very versatile. I hope we get him with a 2nd.

  33. cpatswin says:

    I think the biggest need for the pats is o-line we need a new center and matt light has to go. The pats defense was rank 6th overall in the nfl, and our running game was non existant. Ever since the super bowl loss against the Giants. any team with a deasent pass rush was able to get to Brady.Wes welker set new records due to the fact that their was no running game and Brady didn’t have any time to throw deep to Moss. are defense carried us the whole year. their were only 2 games that the defense didn’t keep us in the game.(Saints,Texans)Every other game the defense gave us a chance to win.Our offense was overrated and if it wasn’t for welker we might not have even won 7 games. I think they should take the best center in the available and then take a left tackle.

  34. Anonymous says:

    at 22 Kindle, Weatherspoon or Graham. If there gone trade down.

  35. Anonymous says:

    In this particular draft i think you can do better than 11th, with a 22nd and 44th picks. The talent level supposedly for 3 rounds is strong. I see BB doing more of the same, and trading the 22nd pick for another 2nd and possibly a 3rd round pick. Honestly if he cant get up to the top 3 picks and get Suh, this is probably the most practical thing to do.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Word is the Patriots are looking at cutting a deal with the Broncos to get that #11 pick in the first round. I did the math using the draft value chart. If they sent their 22nd in the first round and their 44th 0r 47th in the 2nd round the numbers match up and a deal could get done. Remember Josh McDaniels is the HC there now. Word is Broncos want to move down. Pats could get impact player at #11 in what’s rated as a strong draft.

  37. Anonymous says:

    The Patriots don’t need a CB or safety, we have 4 safeties already that can start, all young, and three cb’s who ar ecapable of starting. I do see maybe picking a up corner back in later round, but definitely not early.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I think it is important to remember that we do have players that can and will play next year that haven’t seen the filed much. Brandon Tate, Tyrone McKenzie and Pierre Woods. While I think our first pick should go to an outside LB, I have a feeling that we will be trading out of the first round yet again this year. They say the first three rounds, have all been graded at first round picks. I would not be suprised if we can get rid of our 1st round pick for a couple 2nds and a third we might do it.

  39. Anonymous says:

    we need taylor mays. chung sucks. he barely even played. we need a hammer like rodney was

  40. SOTO says:

    Why aren’t the Pats in talks to land T.O.? Brandon Marshall? How did we let Thomas Jones just mosey over to KC? We’ve signed the core of players we wanted to bring back, with the exception of Jarvis Green. Let’s open up the checkbook a little! I know the signings are a lot, but we’re the New England Patriots!!! Let’s give them a reason to hate us all over again! Colts still suck!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    i think if the patriots get a runningback it would be comfortable for tom brady

  42. mvpct says:

    we need a running back guys,cmon,i think jonathan dwyer would fit nicely in there,our secondary could use some more help too,myron rolle maybe……hmmmmmmmmm

  43. Anonymous says:

    Remember, both the offense and defense begins with line play. A good offensive line can make a quarterback or running back’s job much easier. Similarly, a good defensive front 7 can make the other 4 in pass coverage look better than they are. Sure, it would be nice to draft an Asante Samuel or Darrelle Revis. Each group feeds off of and accentuates the other. But if I had to pick one, I’d say strengthen the front 7 first, especially the 3 down linemen, and the rest of the D will be that much better.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Everyone keeps saying pass rush but last year I remember yelling at my tv when they coulda took Clay Matthews who had a lot more sacks than anyone else on the pats(10 btw) expect this pick to get traded away by cheapo kraft…..2007 now seems decades away

  45. Anonymous says:

    Ill be happy if we get brandon graham or jerry hughes or someone who can get to the qb. qb’s have too much time while playin against our D as we have none and so are db’s are running sride 4 stride with the WO and they get free thats it and no were not going to get taylor mays or dez bryant u idiot! we need a pass rush. Im from Ireland and i probably no more than u do about what the patriots should do with these draft picks. —-> to the person who said #1 D.by the way.

  46. Anonymous says:

    some players that would be solve our issues
    brandon graham or jerry hughes, rob gronkowski or jermaine gresham, bryan bulaga, von miller,eric norwood, mike williams or eric decker, kyle wilson, ben tate or chris brown, players like that. we don’t need taylor mays. his coverage skills are very poor and he would make a better lb than a safety, and he is someone that we don’t really need right now. brandon graham or jerry hughes would be both good selections as a converted 3-4 lb. we’re not too sure about ben watson’s status so we need a playmaking good overall te and gronkowski and gresham provides that. with some of our interior offensive linemen getting a bit old we need to stock up, and bryan bulaga is perfect. von miller was the leading in sacks last year and his pass rushing skills are unquestionable, he would be amazing to pick up. eric norwood has great run/pass recognition and has good size and he would be a great player to play beside jerod mayo. randy moss is getting old and we’re not sure if we’ll extend his contract next year so we need more depth, mike williams from syracuse has great size, speed and hands. erik decker would be a consolation prize if mike williams is already selected. kyle wilson is a cb from boise state and he has shown great potential and we need more depth at this position. ben tate and chris brown can help out our depth at rb and both players have good enough skills to be a starter.

  47. Anonymous says:

    IF wilfork comes back (and lets hope he does)….the patriots need some depth at DE. If Green does not come back…..they only have Wright…who is really just a solid backup player. They need big…athletic bodies at the end positions. Ty Warren is a solid fixture….and Wilfork (if he returns) is a stud….Brace has did not show much as a rookie…but that is expected. They need Defensive line depth….trenches first. After that it would be nice to see them get a OLB instead of thinking they can find one on their current roster like they have been for the past several years. They also really need to find a stud RB. Every RB they have (except for maroney) is well over 30. Its about time to focus on drafting some players that they actually need…even though I am sure they will continue to reach for safeties, corners and offensive lineman like they always do. It would not be a bad idea to pick a TE either. The past few years I have watched the patriots pick player in dissapointment. I havent seen too many superstars……especially when you compare to their early 2000-2006 success.


  48. Anonymous says:

    what we need to do is hope julius peppers becomes an unrestricted free agent and sign him long term and then trade up to get rolando mclain, that guy is just a beast at LB but dont give up the 22nd pick in the draft to get sergio kindle or ricky sapp

  49. Anonymous says:

    Realistically belichick won’t trade up nd we will get a good pass rusher in the first. We will get a handful of other guys (cb rb wr qb) who may be half decent. Old bill will fill up the defensive holes with vets from the free agency (peppers Taylor bullocks and sharper pierce all availiable). I think this would be great for us. We get Veterans for the defense, we get a decent pass rush, in the second round we get a cb like butler who was a good in his rookie season and was a starter and we still got to playoffs so he can’t be that bad. In the second we also get a rb to take over from/share the workload with maroney and we get a wr in the second who Brady can make into a great weapon. Then we use our other four picks to get good backup players especially for Brady, and we might get lucky and draft a player like vollmer in the later rounds.
    If we do this, which I tink we will, we are a superbowl team.

  50. Anonymous says:

    on draft day realistictly i see maybe jerry hughes the OLB from tcu or brandon graham the DE from michigan. belicheck has interest in the florida program. so fantasy view i say the pats trade one of next years first rounders for rolando mcclain (if availabe) plus tebow. now i am going to explain. tebow will be a solid option for wild cat and a whole other dimension to the offense as a solid FB/TE hybrid (like cooley and dallas clark), plus the pats RB are inconsistent too and he can fill the lack of depth at QB on the roster… remember good ole’ bill looked hard at pat white last year but never got that wild cat player option picked up on draft day. but in the end the pats are starting to lack the age and talent combination (some guys have talent but are old and some guys are young but not that veteren talent)… guess we will see when draft day hits…. but i am hoping for a surprise tebow select and a handful of crazy trades… but this year will be a re-build year. and another AFC championship… btu hard to tell which of the four teams in the division will be dominant. bottom line my on draft day tebow will boost fans and merchandise and get rid of a lot of headaches on the depth chart, he fits with the pats “variety man” players (fb/rb/te/wr/qb)… so pats!

  51. Paul says:

    RB Michael Bush would fit so good in the pats offence hes a young correy dillan,get it done we could rip off oakland again !!!

  52. Anonymous says:

    the pats need to get a good cb like joe haden

  53. Anonymous says:

    It’s very simple. Four picks in the first two rounds. The priorities: DE, OLB, ILB, CB. Not safety, Chung, Merriwether, McGowan, and Sanders are fine. Wheatly and Wilhite at CB are not. Mayo needs a running buddy inside. Woods and A.Thomas need to be replaced outside. So do Warren and Green at end. It would be better to resign Wilfork if possible otherwise trying to deal him for a 1st, rounder is a must. Dealing the two first round pick from next year should be an option only if it nets a pick in the top 10 or a later 1st with a second. Matt Light should be kept and moved to RT, so Vollmer can take LT. N.Kazcur could then be traded for a pick, or kicked inside to guard, to replace S.Neal if he retires. Offensive picks should be left to after the 3rd. round this year. Serviceable RB’s and WR’s can be had late, and so can OG’s. Fortunately we are not desperate for a OT, so unless a probowler falls into our laps we can ignore that at least this year. If you are panicking over backup QB, I’d grab Lefevre, if he’s still on the board in the fourth.

  54. Anonymous says:

    norwood from south carolina would be a nice pick

  55. Anonymous says:

    dwyer from gt is who i want in the fist. then de/olb, cb, ol in the second.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I’m a big fan of Jerry Hughes from TCU; great pass-rusher.

  57. evan says:

    haha did someone say wilhite can only get better? did that person watch a single game where wilhite trailing 5 yards behind chansi stuckey, kelly washington, and david clowney? did you even see how many times he got burnt for a touchdown this year? at least half of the touchdowns went to him, hell, he was the Colts late 4th quarter drive!! put dean peas’ old ass on Garcon and wayne and we probably win that game!

  58. evan says:

    im guessing the Patriots will get Ray Edwards, nate burleson through free agency, then sergio kindle and Kyle wilson in the draft, sergio with the first cause hes valuable and can rush the passer, kyle wilson can solidify a starting role immediately as either 2nd cornerback or slot but definitely at least in the slot. c’mon Pats dont dissapoint..

  59. josh says:

    sounds prity good. i like him alot..i do like r wide outs but moss is def not getting any better. i just hope we make some bold moves ta get some great players

  60. Anonymous says:

    CJ Spiller to the Giants at #15. Explosive back who can do everything (and do it all well)is the perfect replacement for Ward in the NY backfield. The Giants attack is best when the 3-headed beast is grinding out yards and Eli is dinking defenses apart.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Definitely need a pass rusher-would try to get someone with experience already-this team is good , but young on D and that showed. We lost too many vets. Plug 1 or 2 vets into line backing and D line and watch us roll next year!

  62. Koscher says:

    Jahvid Best is the player the Pats really need to go after if he’s available. I don’t see them trading up to get him but if he slips to the 2nd round then they should definately take him, that would be a steal.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Its obvious we need a stronger D, I think our secondary will be more mature next season, so we should pick up some pass rushers late in draft. PLEASE tell me im not the only guy that is sick of no running game. Let Maroney, Morris, and Taylor go and draft a stud RB in firts round. Jhavid Best or CJ Spiller. Tom is great but needs a running game to keep D honest.

  64. subri says:

    1st round, #22 – a DE or OLB OR trade to STL for 2nd & 3rd & 2011 2nd. Might not be a huge difference from 22 to 33, and this is a very deep draft – lots of underclass coming out for fear of a lockout in 2011.

    So for this mock (OK, a bit fantasy, but what the heck)
    #33 (STL) – Odrick DE
    #44 – Selvie, OLB
    #49 – McCoy TE
    #53 – S.Lee, ILB
    #65 (STL) – Decker WR

    Also, if trades are made I see Light to KC for #52, Moss to DEN for #47 and another pick, Thomas to TB for #67.

    FA- Peppers, Taylor, Bullock, Walter, Sharper.

  65. Anonymous says:

    yes!! we need defensive help. Offense can play but sometimes are D cant stop them. Defense wins games

  66. Anonymous says:

    Cardinals are willing to trade boldin for a first and third rounder why don’t we trade a first round pic from next year and a thrid rounder this year that would def take care of a number two reciever for us it would be huge boldin is a beast when he is healthy

  67. Anonymous says:

    We need a beast of a pass rusher. An some veterans on the defence to teach the young ones what to expect.

  68. Anonymous says:

    If we could trade our first round pic for next year since we have two and not the one we got from oakland cause im sure oakland will not be very god next year either we could have two first round pics this year mayb at 14 from the seahawks and then the 22nd overall. Mayb cj spiller would fall to 14 i have read mock drafts that have him available at that point and then we could still get a very nice defense player or ol at 22

  69. Anonymous says:

    The pats have two first round pics next year I think they should use one of them and trade up this year to get into the top 15 pics we need defense Rolando Mclain would be huge for us him and mayo would be a force.

  70. Vanessa says:

    The Patriots need to take the best offensive lineman available with their first pick and then go from there unless McClain somehow slips past the top thirteen. If that happens, I think they could probably trade their first rounder and middle second pick up to Seattle for the fourteenth. That way everyone’s happy – The Patriots can have somebody competent next to Mayo for the next decade or so and Seattle can address another need before going after LeFevour in the second.

    Regardless, Dexter McCluster Round 2 or else I’ll really begin to wonder if Belichick’s lost it completely.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Pierre out of USF is the best DE..very underrated. we will not go anywhere near the top 15. so pray that a talent will slip. there are not many 1st rnd linebackers anyways. Navorro Bowman; Bruce Carter; Jason Pierre-Paul-DE ma boy. lets see where the chip fall. what the patriots need to do is get their players involved. we won championships that way. that spead shit to welker and moss bull. they didnt use watson to his potential and ppl need to give maroney a break. he started out looking good his rookie season then what they went away from a run game after that. patriots are killin themselves

  72. Anonymous says:

    we are not gonna get eric berry he will go in top five pics so u can forget about it its either a rb or lb

  73. Anonymous says:

    taylor mays is no polamalu so it dont matter what the stats are

  74. Anonymous says:

    the patriots will not draft another safety i believe they will go for a running back knowing maroney probably wont be around anymore i say they take jahvid best or johnathon dwyer from GT. cj spiller wont fall that far down. then they have to get lb or de and dunlap and spikes would be great for us

  75. Anonymous says:

    Yes the pats are deep at safty but how could you pass on Taylor Mays? That is IF he falls that far. He is a playmaker and will be for years to come.

    Steelers without Troy Polamalu 15yds per pass.
    Steelers with Troy Polamalu 7.5 per pass.

    I know we have other needs but Patrick Chung, James Sanders, Brandon Megowen are not Taylor Mays.

    Saying that I think the pats should stay away from WR’s because history has proven that we miss on such selections. DEFENSE DE & OLB, O-LINE, maybe a legit FullBack prospect in the mid rnds? A good FB will help even the worst running backs.

    What do you guys think?

  76. Anonymous says:

    yeah men im like brandon spikes for our defense is agressive and press TO QB is amazing

  77. Anonymous says:

    need olb and wr or one rb

  78. Anonymous says:

    yeah nedd stop the runner and press to qb(brandon spikes or weatherspoon or traede 1r and 2r for rolando mclain is the best linebacker prospect)

  79. Anonymous says:

    for some reason tate is projected in the 2nd round shocking to me. we already have a tate in brandon who is a stud who got injured. again people we do not need to take a safety with our first pick. linebackers are not that great in 1st rnd… so moving up in first round not good. we will get value for those second rounders and our first round pick. dunlap might be there. if we can get pierre from usf. dont sleep on him good DE

  80. josh says:

    yeah.if we do that i think will be dam good

  81. Anonymous says:

    and brandon spikes that would take care of losing jarvis and adalious

  82. josh says:

    we need to trade are 1st an 1 or 2 2nd rounders an get eric berry and then with the other 2 get a wide out like golden tate..thad be nice! then get a pass rusher and blitzing linebacker in FA.

  83. Anonymous says:

    pats should go for carlos dunlap he is a beast

  84. Anonymous says:

    we got a lot of free agents that probably won’t resign (wilfork, springs…) i think butler shows promise he was only a rookie but we need to keep bodden. i wouldnt be surprised if we drafted OL in the first round but an OLB or playmaker on offense would be really nice. thomas is gone for sure so we’ll need to address that need. dont forget that we drafted brandon tate wr out of UNC last year who was looking like a 1st rounder prior to his injury so that is someone to keep an eye on this year. spiller would be nice but i doubt hell be available.

  85. Anonymous says:

    If brace can play decentely at the nose next year we could then shore up our needs with 6 picks in the first 2 rounds guard , tight end , receiver , running back , defensive end outside linebacker or 2 outside linebackers . In free agency go for braylon edwards on the jets . We actualy need 6 picks not 4 to continue the dynasty and shore up the offense and defense with its holes of poor plavy !

  86. Anonymous says:

    how good is ron brace 335 pound nt out of boston college we took with our 3rd second last year . The corner and tackle look good for the futeure jury is still out on safety chung and nt brace . Can he replace wolfork at the nose and get a first and a second for him . I think baltimore would do it they have lewis and the safety both miami canes like wolfork .

  87. Anonymous says:

    I agree whos picking for us if we took ray manugulia from usc who slipped from top 10 first round to middle second because hes not an einstein . If we had him theres no way that ray rb would have ripped 83 yards on the first play hes a serious gunner at middle linebacker . we took chung instead jury is still out but he didnt even play against baltimore yesterday as our first pick in the draft ! somethings srewey in foxboro !

  88. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but did you say Willhite can only going to get better? From a cold he can get better, but as a db he’s done.

  89. Anonymous says:

    looking at just how bad the 2008 draft was, I’m not feeling too confidant.

  90. Anonymous says:

    the pats need to get Mark Ingram.that guy is a beast.

  91. Anonymous says:

    If the pats had cj spiller it would open up the field for everyone on O he has to be accounted for LBs cant cover him less double coverage for moss and welker

  92. Anonymous says:

    They need to trade up and take the best OLB available. Their lack of a pass rush was laughable most of this year and kept them on the field way to much

  93. Anonymous says:

    i hope we get a de and running back,maroney needs to go

  94. Anonymous says:

    Pats will go heavy on the D-Line and/or OLB for the start of this year’s draft. Time and again this year lack of depth at those positions and a solid pass rush spelled disaster for an average defensive backfield. This was especially evident in the 4th quarter. Glamour positions (QB/WR/RB) bring excitement to the fans but our glaring weaknesses are depth and execution on the defensive front.

  95. Admin says:

    Hadn’t seen that the pick was disclosed — I see that it has been now. Thanks.

  96. Anonymous says:

    Don’t the Patriots have two 7th rounders? The one from PHL for Greg Lewis, then they traded one to DEN for Le Kevin Smith, but received one back for Russ Hochstein.

  97. Anonymous says:

    I think CJ Spiller would be a great pick to replace Faulk. he is a great return man and catches well out of the backfield. Just another weapon for Brady.

  98. Anonymous says:

    dude, if Dez Bryant is on the board when we pick at the end of the first round, I can’t see how we could pass on that talent…..he’s better than Crabtree, who went top 10…

  99. Anonymous says:

    we need MLB CB OLB and DE. also we need playmakers the patriots always draft players that will be good in five years. why cant we just get someone that is good now.

  100. greenbeand says:

    biggest glaring weakness by far: pass rush

  101. Anonymous says:

    We wouldnt take taylor mays or dez bryant u idot i cant stand u patriots fan wanna bes

  102. Anonymous says:

    Whoever said a pash rusher would make the Pats defense #1 is just stupid. I rank this current defense near the bottom, because they can’t even stop a rookie QB with no recievers. How can a team have so many holes (2 CB, 2 LB, 1 DE) and still be one player away from being the best defensive team? By the way, I am a Pats fan.

  103. Anonymous says:

    That titans 2nd round pick looked alot better after week 6.

  104. Anonymous says:

    PLAYMAKERS, PLAYMAKERS, WE NEED PLAYMAKERS. Passrushers would make the Pats defense #1

  105. Anonymous says:

    With 3 second round picks in the 2010 draft the Patriots have to get a quality pash rusher at the OLB position. Then need a running back, another playmaker on defense either at CB or FS, and a WR who will take over for Randy Moss, who maybe slowing down.

  106. Admin says:

    The Cassel pick was a 2009 2nd Rounder. That selection has already been used.

  107. Anonymous says:

    What pick did we get for Cassel?

  108. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that second rounder from the Titans is looking great right now. The Pats will probably be picking at the beginning (Titans), middle (Jags), and end (Pats) of the second round. Plus, I think this will be one of the better drafts in recent memory.

  109. Anonymous says:

    Taylor Mays to the Pats in 2010!!!!

  110. Anonymous says:

    Setting the table for a great 2010 draft for the Patriots

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