Patriots Pre-Draft Need Analysis: Defensive Line

If there is any position that the Patriots tend to address in nearly every draft, it is the defensive line. Looking at the likes of Richard Seymour, Vince Wilfork, and Ty Warren, all first round picks, you begin to believe that this might be the position that the Patriots value most.

That being said, how much better can the defensive line get? Having three pro-bowl caliber players is a luxury few teams can afford, as the Patriots might find out next year. Vince Wilfork and Richard Seymour will both be entering free agency next year, barring unforeseen circumstances such as a trade or a creative extension.

There is some depth on the line, as LeKevin Smith, Mike Wright, and Jarvis Green all have played well when called upon. Expect Jarvis Green to be looked at for a contract restructure sometime soon.

Draft Analysis:

With the future of two of the three cornerstones of the Patriots defense up in the air, expect the Patriots to jump at any player they feel can play in the 3-4 and presents good value. An example of this would be if B.J. Raji would fall past the Packers at #9 or Broncos at #12. If that would happen, expect Belichick to use some of his accumulated ammo from round 2 or 3 to swoop in and grab him. Sen’ Derrick Marks, Ziggy Hood, and Jarron Gilbert would also be good additions.

The following DL prospects have been interviewed or worked out by the Patriots:

DL Robert Ayers
DL Chris Baker
DL Rulon Davis
DL Alex Field
DL Josh Gaines
DL Jarron Gilbert
DL Adrian Grady
DL Lonnie Harvey
DL Terrence Knighton
DL Sammie Lee Hill
DL Evander Hood
DL Alex Magee
DL Sen’Derrick Marks
DL B.J. Raji

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One Response to “Patriots Pre-Draft Need Analysis: Defensive Line”

  1. Anonymous says:

    BJ Raji won’t make it to #9 and Green Bay, but if he did, the patriots should go up and get him

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