Patriot Trade Possibilities

If there is any team that you have to watch out for on draft day, it is the Patriots. They love to wheel and/or deal from the starting gun until Mr. Irrelevant has been announced.

While the Patriots don’t have a history of trading up in to the first half of the first round, they have been known to throw their weight around on the latter portion of day two. They have swung deals to grab Matt Light, Eugene Wilson, Chad Jackson, and Daniel Graham before anyone else could grab them.

Another Patriot trademark is rolling picks into the next year, as they traded their 2007 1st rounder for a 2008 (Jerod Mayo), and traded a 3rd rounder in 2008 to San Diego for a 2nd rounder this year.

Moving on Up

The Detroit Lions need a lot of new players. They may be willing to part with pick #20 and change for picks #34 and #58. If a pass rusher is available here, look for the Patriots to try and pull the trigger.

If the rumored deal with the Broncos take shape for the #3 pick, the Chiefs may be willing to deal either the #12 or #18 pick for the right compensation. BJ Raji, Aaron Curry, or Malcolm Jenkins all could make Belichick think about moving up.

Green Bay, Oakland, and Jacksonville are all in a sweet spot this year to trade down with the Patriots.

Moving Down/Out
We don’t see the Patriots moving down for more picks, as they already have plenty of ammunition this year. Moving at least one pick into the 2010 draft, however, seems almost like a certainty.

If Josh Freeman is still available at #23, expect someone to be ringing the Patriots phone a la Kyle Boller in 2003.

Another possibility would be trading for a player, like Randy Moss in 2007. Julius Peppers is still being linked with the Patriots in trade talks.

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3 Responses to “Patriot Trade Possibilities”

  1. Cory says:

    Unless someone significant falls out of the top 10-15 picks, I would consider trading down and out of the first round completely. First and foremost, the Patriots don’t have the salary cap space. I would like to see a trade that puts the Patriots with the ability to grab Connor Barwin and Max Unger at the top of the 2nd round.

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks for the analysis, and your projection would be a good outcome, although I see Jenkins as a distinct possibility for the Pats.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Interesting column – Personally ,I love “possible trade scenario stuff . “However … It’s doubtful Pioli’s Chiefs would be dealing with BB’s Pats in a trade for Broncs #12 or # 18 ( great minds think alike – so it’s fair to assume that they will most probably both view the draft in the same light ( especially early on ) Actually -I see KC coveting the same resources as NE ( Though , who knows … Scott may just owe Bill a “favor “) At any rate – Curry / Raji are probably gone by the Broncs first pick & considering they let Asante walk – it’s not the Patriot way to overpay at Db ( M Jenkins ). Also – If Qb Josh Freeman did fall to Pats at #23 (meaning likely suitors Jets / TB have already passed )it would be tough to invision a good fit with any potential trade partner seeing as the remaining 9 teams drafting at the end of the first round all have their current Qb situations under control -so unless the Pats were willing to trade completely out of the first round – it just doesn’t work ( the one exception being divisional foe Buffalo – who just aquired Phillys # 28 …but they’ve given no indication they are unhappy with T Edwards development )That said , It’s BB …so who the hell knows ?
    I FORESEE THE PATS DRAFT GOING SOMETHING LIKE . . . ROUND 1 : #23 – DE Hybrid /Linebacker ….ROUND 2 : #34 – DE Hybrid / Linebacker or Db , ROUND 2: TRADE DOWN >>> #47 & # 199( 6th round ) for trade partners’ 2010 first rounder & 2009 4th , ROUND 2 : #58 DE / Linebacker / DB , ROUND 3 : TRADE DOWN >>>> # 89 & #234 ( 7th round ) for trade partners 2010 second rounder and their 2009 5th , ROUND 3 # 97 – O-Line , ROUND 3 : TRADE UP >>>> # 124 ( 4th round ) & newly aquired 4th for trade partners 3rd & 2010 5th , etc …etc …etc… BILL BELICHIK will fall back when it’s advantageous to reload / Step up when “Quality” falls to a reachable & reasonable location / price . IN BILL WE TRUST .
    BOTTOMLINE : Bad News for Pats Bashers – Pats have 12 overall picks & half of them are within first 100 selections = PATRIOTS CONTROLLING THE 2009 NFL DRAFT !

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