Patriots Post-Season Grades: Running Backs

The running back position was an interesting one to watch in 2008, as no fewer than six Patriots suited up in the backfield due to injuries and ineffective play. Let’s grade them out.

Laurence Maroney: D+
Being placed on IR probably saved the first-round pick the embarrassment of being benched. He show homerun ability at times, but still dances too much in the hole.

Sammy Morris: B+
While Sammy Morris will never be a pro-bowler, he gives the Patriots exactly what they need. He’s a guy that can give you 4-5 yards a pop, rarely lose yards, and occasionally pop one for 25+.

Lamont Jordan: B-
With him missing a few games due to injury, Jordan doesn’t quite measure up to Morris, but he still played an important role. Jordan was great in short-yardage and coming out of the backfield.

Kevin Faulk: A
I shudder to think where the Patriots would be if management had released Faulk when everyone was wanting them to, following his fumble problems a few years back. Faulk is our best backfield blocker, our third best receiver, and unmatched in his ability to pick up first downs on draw plays.

Heath Evans: B-
The former Dolphin is never going to jump off the page at you, but he is a solid blocker that can catch the ball or pick up a 4th and 1 when called upon.

Ben-Jarvus Green-Ellis: B
The “Law Firm” was a great surprise this year, as he ended up starting a few games due to the injury problems in the middle part of the year. BJGE would make for solid depth if the Patriots don’t choose to retain Lamont Jordan.

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2 Responses to “Patriots Post-Season Grades: Running Backs”

  1. ShouldHavePickedDeangelo says:

    How can you give Maroney anything but an F?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree on Kevin Faulk, he is the man.

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