Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

Here are the NFL Power Rankings for Week 8.

The Scouts: These guys are concentrating on scouting for the NFL Draft at this point in the year.

32. Lions
31. Bengals
30. Chiefs
29. Seahawks
28. Niners
27. Texans
26. Raiders
25. Vikings

The Pretenders:
The Kool-aid drinking fans still think they are going to the Superbowl, but a fatal flaw will not allow that to happen.

24. Rams
23. Dolphins
22. Jets
21. Browns
20. Broncos
19. Chargers
18. Cowboys
17. Ravens

The Contenders:
A few balls haven’t bounced their way, but these teams look amazing when they get hot.

16. Eagles
15. Colts
14. Saints
13. Cardinals
12. Falcons
11. Patriots
10. Jaguars
9. Packers

The Top Dogs:
The elite of the league, these teams should be there come January. Any given Sunday, each of these teams looks like the best in the NFL.

8. Bears
7. Redskins
6. Panthers
5. Bucs
4. Giants
3. Bills
2. Steelers
1. Titans

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2 Responses to “Week 8 NFL Power Rankings”

  1. kellex says:

    Love the quick rankings. Mine are up as well!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gotta Love NFL Power Rankings — I’d have the Patriots at #8 though. They STOMPED the Broncos!

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