Patriots Week Six: Three Up, Three Down

Three Up
Sammy Morris – Had an okay day running and a good day catching the ball, laying out Antonio Cromartie on one reception. Also improved his blitz pickup.

San Diego Cheerleaders – No comment.

Lonnie Paxton – The only Patriot with no mistakes this year.

Three Down
Offensive Line – They’re beat up, but Matt Cassel just didn’t have a chance to make a read out there.

Josh McDaniels – I’ve gotta disagree with the play calling from the 1-yard line in a 10-3 game.

Deltha O’Neal – Got lit up like a Christmas tree by a guy that had zero catches coming into the game. (Malcolm Floyd)

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One Response to “Patriots Week Six: Three Up, Three Down”

  1. DJ says:

    Deltha O’Neal = Duane Starks?hopefully not…

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