NFL Midseason: Nintendo Awards

After eight of the most entertaining weeks of NFL Football that we’ve ever seen, we’re going to use some of the most entertaining Nintendo games of all time to help us hand out some mid-season awards. We’re very sorry that we couldn’t fit RBI Baseball into this, we know it belongs.

Double Dragon
The Double Dragon Award – Best RB Tandem
Winner: Lendale White and Chris Johnson

We’ve heard lots of cliches for big and small back tandems, but this one that we heard for White and Johnson is our favorite: The Meat and The Sauce.

Honorable Mention: Michael Turner and Jerious Norwood

The Duck Hunt Award – Worst Quarterbacking
Winner: Jon Kitna and Dan Orlovsky

These two really deserve the award. After Orlovsky’s safety dance, and a combined zero wins, there really wasn’t another choice.

Honorable Mention: Brodie Croyle, Damon Huard, and Tyler Thigpen

Punch Out Award – Best Knockout
Winner: Eric Smith’s hit on Anquan Boldin

Although Smith was fined on the play, we didn’t feel like it was dirty. What it was, was a huge freaking hit.

Honorable Mention: Steve Smith

Tecmo Superbowl Award – Best Game Ever (of 2008)
Winner: Indianapolis Colts versus Houston Texans

An incredible comeback by the Colts, capped by one of the sickest catches ever, courtesy of Reggie Wayne and Peyton Manning.

Honorable Mention: Arizona Cardinals overtime victory over the Cowboys

Kid Icarus Award – Flew Too High in Preseason Rankings
Winner: Houston Texans

Many “experts”, including Fox Sports, ESPN, and yours truly all picked the Texans to make the playoffs. Our bad.

Honorable Mention: San Diego Chargers

Excitebike Award – Amazing, But Tends to Overheat
Winner: Michael Turner

Games of 220, 104, and 121 yards followed by games of 42, 56, and 54 yards respectively.

Honorable Mention: Wildcat Offense

Paperboy Award – Overcoming Obstacles and Still Bringing It
Winner: Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner has been through a lot of highs and lows during his career. Each day, he continues to work hard and exhibit a team-first attitude that has helped the Cardinals start the year out at 4-3.

Honorable Mention:
Kerry Collins

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6 Responses to “NFL Midseason: Nintendo Awards”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just dugg this..Pretty cool

  2. Anonymous says:

    How can you have NFL Midseason awards up when some teams haven’t even played 8 games?

  3. Admin says:

    Bionic Commando is a great game, but the Bills have some competition now

  4. 900K says:

    You’ve got to go with:Bionic Commando: Brilliant game, that changes weapons and keeps it going.The Buffalo Bills – with injuries comming and going, losing a big one here and there still these guys will win the AFC East and make the playoffs!

  5. Admin says:

    It is pretty much amazing isn’t it?

  6. ethanator1088 says:

    I could play Tecmo Super Bowl 4 EVAHHHH

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