NFL Beatpaths: Week Three

If you’ve never heard of “beatpaths” before, prepare to have your eyes opened. is a fascinating resource for NFL junkies that are looking to see how teams stack up against each other, especially when they haven’t had a head-to-head matchup. How does it work? If team A has beaten team B, and team B has beaten team C, then team A has a beatpath to team C, even if they haven’t played each other. That’s the quick and dirty explantion — check out the Beatpath website for more information, especially about “beatloops”.

Here is the graph for week 3: check out the NFC Beast along with the poor showing for the AFC in general. An example of how to read the graph: The Giants have beat the Redskins, who beat the Cardinals, who beat the Dolphins. The Giants are shown to be better than the Dolphins, even though they haven’t played yet.

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One Response to “NFL Beatpaths: Week Three”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Never seen beatpath graphs before. Pretty innovative stuff

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