Tom Brady Supports Matt Cassel

When Tom Brady speaks, New England Patriot fans tend to listen. This time Tom weighed in on the criticism from fans and media outlets, specifically Sterling Sharpe of the NFL Network, during a recent interview of WEEI radio:

“I see Matt every day in practice and the improvement he makes. I love what I see in Matt. I have a lot of confidence in Matt . . . for the three guys sitting in the booth, I thought it was unfair to criticize the way they were criticizing, because I don’t think they really knew what was happening.”

Brady is correct in saying that the media really have no clue how to accurately rate a player’s performance, especially a quarterback. Brady was also coming to the defense of his teammate, and his comments have to be taken with a grain of Patriots Kool-Aid.

Coaches look at performance, while fans and media personalities view outcomes. Where Sharpe sees a poor pass, a coach may see a missed route. Sharpe, defending his view to the Boston Herald:

“My criticisms were based on the fact the offense hasn’t flowed in the two game Matt has been in. And based on the injuries, there’s a chance, if Tom were to go down, there’s a chance Matt’s going to be [the] quarterback, and I think all of us watching are curious to see what that offense would look like without Tom. Sure, he had a few drops in there, but when the offense struggles like that, I gave a lot of the criticism to Matt.”

Sharpe admits that while Cassel suffered from some dropped, he still blames it all on him. Although we have also been critical of Cassel, it is tough to gauge play during a meaningless contest, where the Patriots have many linemen missing. Head Coach Bill Belichick is also notoriously stingy in making plays available to OC Josh McDaniels during the preseason.

Our hope is that we never answer the question of whether Matt Cassel can play for the Patriots or not, which means that Tom Brady will still be at the helm.

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2 Responses to “Tom Brady Supports Matt Cassel”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Go eat your words Sterling Sharp, How does AFC offensive player of the week for week 13 grab you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Matt Cassel is no Tom Brady, but he’s a backup Quarterback. Nobody thought Brady was very good either…

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