All – NFL Olympic Team

2008 Olympic BicycleImage Courtesy of Xinhuanet

The 2008 Summer Olympics will be kicking off this Friday, and in honor of their impending start, we give you the 2008 All-NFL Olympic team, with an NFL Player making the Olympic Team for each of the individual-esque sports to be held in China this August.

Fencing – Travis Henry
He’s pretty good with his sword, if you know what I mean.

Sailing/Rowing – Matt Birk
He’s a Viking, so boats are right up his alley, plus he went to Harvard.

Sprint Events – Devin Hester
No pads, no defenders, give him the gold.

Long Distance Events – Kenyatta Walker

He’s got Kenya in his name right?

Shotput/Discus – Vince Wilfork
Holds the state record in Florida for the Shot, throwing it 68 feet.

Wrestling – Stephen Neal
Two-time NCAA champ, beating Brock Lesnar his senior season.

Diving – Reggie Bush
Nobody flips like this guy, gotta work on the landing though.

Swimming – Mario Williams
Best Swim move in the league.

Synchronized Swimming – Peyton and Eli Manning
Just a fun mental image for you and the whole family.

Boxing – Tom Zbikowski
Duh. Honorable mention to Steve Smith.

Kayaking – Chris Cooley

No reason, just thought he was the only NFL’er that could make me watch Kayaking.

Weightlifting – Larry Allen
Holy Mother of God.

Equestrian – Chris Williams
He’s got the family ties.

Gymnastics – Martin and Bill Gramatica
Hamm’s? Martin and Bill can jump! And Prance! About the right size too…

Cycling – Shawne Merriman
Lots of dopers to pick on, I’ll chose Mr. Lights out today.

Archery – Tom Brady
Accuracy is his middle name.

Judo – Scott Peters

Badminton – Hines Ward
Koreans love Badminton.

Shooting – Marvin Harrison
Still too afraid to say anything.

Table-Tennis – Jacob Hester

White Running Backs can really play pong.

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