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Welcome to the Sports Blog NFL Power Rankings. Thanks to our friends at The Sports Dollar, World of Isaac, Blue Workhorse, and My Sports Rumors for participating. We’ll be ranking and discussing how we feel the NFL teams stack up each week. Agree or disagree with how things ended up? Tell us why we’re great or how much we suck in the comments below!

Read our reason why we have the defending champion New York Giants ranked 16th here, and no, we’re not just bitter Patriot fans. We are bitter Patriot fans, but other stuff too.

The Sports Dollar ranked Jacksonville ahead of New England just to piss me off. I kid you not. I blame the Seattle weather for that despicable act. He states that “my boy MJD and Ol’ Gold Grill Taylor will still be runnin’ all over the AFC!” Hopefully one of them can stop Brady from going 26-28 again, although we doubt it. We appreciate you sticking your head out Dollar, and we still love ya.

My Sports Rumors had a different take on the top spot, awarding it to the incumbent champion New York Giants. MSR opined that “They ended the season as the best, but are they the best team? No, not even close but they are the champs. So they get the respect and start the year as #1.

World of Isaac took a look at the other side of the spectrum, ranking the Bengals 32nd. His Reason? Stella. “I don’t know her last name, nor frankly, do I care. I do know this. I have no idea how she got this job. Cheerleading is a difficult sport. A sport that only takes the brightest and best. A sport that only takes the cream of the crop of hot women. Dare I say, this women is uh, well, she must be doing some favors on the side to have gotten this gig. And because the Bengals seem to value some “favors” over the quality of the women they have representing their team, I slide them into last place on my NFL rankings.

The Blue Workhorse also highlighted a team at the bottom: the Miami Dolphins. “After having a 1-15 record last season, Miami basically added only Bill Parcells and #1 overall pick Jake Long. Maybe a future addition of Brett Favre can bring them up on this list but as of now they sit at the bottom.


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2 Responses to “Sports Blog NFL Power Rankings”

  1. Neil Joshi says:

    Interesting that the five of you guys have five different teams at the top. Talk about parity…

  2. kellex says:

    Love it James…your Patriots didn’t get love from anyone though :)

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