NFL Preseason Haikus: AFC

AFC West
Oakland Raiders:

Haikus and Raiders
They often don’t make much sense

Denver Broncos:

Cutler on the rise
Needs better surrounding parts
This team? IN! COM! PLETE!

Kansas City Chiefs:

Will fans sit or stand?
If team sucks like the last year
What fans? is answer

San Diego Chargers:

Knee problems abound
Can LT and Co rebound?
Stay Classy, Chargers!

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens:

No Mac or Billick,
Offensive Genius is Gone
The Troy Smith Era!

Cinci Bengals:

Palmer hates the ‘Bus
Will the fans return the hate?
Better make playoffs!

Cleveland Browns:

Anderson or Quinn
Answer in form of question
Who was a Beaver?

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Not a funny team
Seriuosly, not at all
Eleven and five?

AFC South
Tennessee Titans:

Draft more Running Backs?
Don’t bet on Vince Young this year
You will lose his shirt

Houston Texans:

Battle Red and Blue will
impress, go Super Mario!
Will glass slipper fit?

Indiapolis Colts:

Dungy’s final year
In their brand new stadium,
Is this a down year?

Jacksonville Jaguars:

Solid D and O,
Little MJD blocks hard
No sack dance for you!

AFC East
Miami Dolphins:

Big Chicken of Sea
Left Simpson’s beau in Big D
Lexus for a Ford?

Buffalo Bills:

Good team, tough schedule
Instead of in moving cars
D should hit, Lynch run

New England Patriots:

Easy schedule
May help their noble quest to
Win last game of year

New York Jets:

Lets squash all the hate
Bill, Mangini rivalry
Swims with the fishes

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One Response to “NFL Preseason Haikus: AFC”

  1. Anonymous says:

    okat the Chiefs not having fans….80 thousand at Arrowhead every sunday for 30 years

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