NFL Mystery File: Shaun Alexander

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We weren’t incredibly surprised when Shaun Alexander had a poor year for the Seattle Seahawks in 2007, but by no means did we expect the precipitous drop off that occurred to the former NFL MVP and one-time holder of the season touchdown mark. He still doesn’t have a team for the 2008 season!

What could have triggered this fall from grace? Here are a few likely explanations:

10. Mike Holmgren was even more successful holding him back from earning incentives this year.

9. Defenders found it very easy to grab onto the fork sticking out of his back and tackle him.

8. Shaun must not have been Vista compatible.

7. He really wanted to be considered for the “Comeback Player of The Year” award.

6. Just wanted to make sure he wasn’t on the cover of Madden again, because that can ruin a career.

5. Spent way too much time pondering why c7-c5 is such a powerful response to d2-d4.

4. Always dreamed of being on Eric Karabell’s fantasy sleeper list.

3. It’s much harder to run when Steve Hutchinson hasn’t destroyed half of the defensive line.

2. Shaun found out how Shaq’s ass tastes. Needless to say, it was a scarring experience.

1. As you suspected all along, he did it just to screw up your fantasy football team.

Feel free to add your own reasons in the comments below!

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