Purple Jesus Brings Hardware Home

After we finished up our, shall we say, controversial series of NFL Division predictions, thoughts of post-season awards started to pop into our minds. According to our projections, we’ll have some fresh faces giving speeches and walking off with trophies this year.

Most Valuable Player– Adrian Peterson
The NFL’s biggest threat to top 2000 yards resides in the land of 10,000 lakes. If Purple Jesus is healthy enough and Tarvaris Jackson improves somewhat, 2000 yards just might be a start.

Offensive Player of the Year– Adrian Peterson
Minnesota’s offensive line really deserves this award, but that isn’t going to happen. Without Hutch, Birk, McKinnie and others, Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor just wouldn’t be able to do what they are currently accomplishing.

Defensive Player of the Year– Mario Williams
Charlie Casserly must be quietly chuckling to himself somewhere. The man who was instantly crucified for passing on Reggie Bush has been proven right over the last two years, and Super Mario won’t disappoint him this year. If Amobi Okoye can emerge this year, look for Williams to easily surpass his 14 sacks from last year.

Offensive Rookie of the Year– Matt Forte
Cedric Benson’s misfortune will prove to be very Forte-unate for one Bear running back. With Benson gone and Rex Grossman still under center, Forte will be leaned on heavily during his rookie campaign.

Defensive Rookie of the Year– Antoine Cason
Cason was our number one cornerback in the 2008 draft and the Chargers got an absolute steal. With quarterbacks shying away from Cromartie, we expect Cason to get tons of balls thrown his way, and he’ll know just what to do with them.

Comeback Player of the Year– Larry Johnson
Things couldn’t have gone much worse for LJ in 2007. The Chiefs were awful, his line went to pieces, and he broke down physically. This year the Chiefs will still be awful, but LJ should be fresh and his line should show some improvement.

Head Coach of the Year– Gary Kubiak
We have the upstart Texans finishing at 11-5 this year, which would be a major coup by second year coach Gary Kubiak. Kubiak needs to exploit his team’s youthful defensive front to compensate for some problems in the back, along with ensuring that his offensive weapons stay healthy this year.

Golden Toe– Mason Crosby
The guy kicks in Green Bay’s cantankerous weather, so that earns him lots of point already, and the Packers will need to kick lots of FG’s this year, with a quasi-rookie under center.

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2 Responses to “Purple Jesus Brings Hardware Home”

  1. A Master Networker says:

    Hey Dude..not “exactly” post related..but being a <>“Pats Fan”<> living in asylum in SW Fl. – I’m glad I stumbled over your blog..What a “great” time to be a Bos sports fan!! I mean shit.. WE HAVE IT GOIN ON!!!screw the economy.. screw Bush.. screw the gas prices..I’ll take the “Pats, Sox, and Celt’s” along with the problems of the world any day!! (I’ll even toss in the B’s for a ? to be named later)Rock On!!~j~

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jerod Mayo takes the DROY no problem.

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