8 Things Brett Favre Should Be Doing

Instead of playing for a team that isn’t named the Packers, here are ten things that Brett Favre should be doing.

8. Be Barack Obama’s running mate.
7. Try out for “Project Runway” with his all-wrangler line. Link included for non-whipped husbands.
6. Fulfill his lifelong dream of finding Carmen Sandiego. Or maybe that is my lifelong dream. Moving on.
5. Teach people how to grow quality beards in less than 3 hours.
4. Sling guns. Sling more guns.
3. Take a nice relaxing trip to the beach. With Peter King. Just don’t give them a blanket.
2. Write for Page 2, beacause it seems like everyone else is. They should just put a big stamp on Rick Reilly’s columns.
1. Take over for Ted Thompson.

Best User Submissions:
Take Chuck Norris over to Iraq and end the war.
Beat the hell out of Stephen A. Smith.

Add your idea below!

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6 Responses to “8 Things Brett Favre Should Be Doing”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Obama wants to implement a $100 billion health care plan with the $30 billion the government receives after ending the Bush tax cuts (for those making over $250K a year). Where is the rest of the money coming from – Brett Favre? I think not. Obama is too much of an unknown, and his policies are ruin. I grudgingly support McCain.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Favre should see if Doug Melvin needs any bullpen help down in the brew city…

  3. The Undrafted Free Agent says:

    Help Greta Van Susteren blow the lid off of the latest murder mystery.

  4. Admin says:

    I wonder if it’s a Jack Bauer style PDA…

  5. BlueWorkhorse says:

    I’ve always wanted to find Carmen Sandiego as well. I think with his Packers’ issued cell phone, Favre is fully capable of finding that ho, and I think he should devote himself whole-heartedly to that task. That means no semi-retiring.

  6. mookie says:

    Perhaps he could ask to be traded to the LA Clippers for next to nothing?

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