2008 NFL Movie Posters

Here are a few movie posters detailing what we think will be some of the more interesting story lines in the upcoming 2008 NFL season. Thanks to Cuzoogle.com for sending us the idea, you can view his NBA Posters here, along with a bunch of pictures of Jessica Alba, Marisa Miller, and others.

We fully expect Adrian Peterson to have a “legendary” type season. If he stays healthy, we project AP at 2100+ yards.

Matt Leinart really hasn’t lived up to the promise he exhibited at USC. He has the weapons, he just needs to stay on the field.

Check out NFL Preseason Haikus as well!

Brian Westbrook and Chad Johnson are just two of many athletes whining about their million-dollar contracts, and to be honest, we’re just picking on these two to get the Eagles and Bengals fans riled up.

Thanks to our friends at Cuzoogle for the following scary pic of Brett Favre. One year ago, this whole mess sure would have seemed like “fiction”.

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7 Responses to “2008 NFL Movie Posters”

  1. Eddie says:

    I’m going to have to rub my eyes and bang my head against the wall for the next few hours to get that last one out of my mind. The Matt Leinart one – you definitely need to make that one for real, hilarious!

  2. Neil Joshi says:

    Nice post, James. Very well done.

  3. jon says:

    I love it. As a Packers fan…the Pulp Favre poster would apply before this year as we’ve had to deal with this retirement stuff every year since 2005…

  4. Admin says:

    That would have been better BW. I hate you.

  5. BlueWorkhorse says:

    I was hoping for Aaron Rodgers in “I Am Replacing Legend” rather than AP

  6. cuzzy says:

    movie posters and photoshop, could spend all day on these.good work, I love the failure to launch

  7. kellex says:

    Hahah Pulp Favre…f-ing love that! Nice work James

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