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A chronological look at the players we selected as “Players to Watch” for the 2009 NFL Draft. Here’s a hint – free up some space on your DVR and clear your schedule for October 11th.

Corey Lewis – RB – Northern Iowa
Big Game:
8/30 @ BYU

A small-school prospect from the same place that produced Kurt Warner, Lewis is a beast for the UNI Panthers. He averages nearly six yards each time he carries the rock. The combine will probably determine how high he climbs, but playing against BYU will be a great showcase for him.

Mike Mickens – CB – Cincinnati
Big Game:
Sept. 6 @ Oklahoma

Tall, but light, Mickens uses his 4.4 speed very well. He rarely takes a false step and therefore isn’t out of position very often. He could play in a cover 2 or a man defense on Sundays, and his value is increased by his return abilities.

Joe Burnett – CB – Central Florida
Big Game:
Sept. 6 vs South Florida

From Asasnte’s alma mater, Burnett has the potential to become a starting CB in the NFL as well. He shows good instincts in getting to the ball, and plays faster than his 4.45 speed indicates.

Fili Moala – DL – USC
Big Game:
Sept. 13 vs Ohio St.

Moala is a big disruptive force that makes it easier for those around him. We feel he can play in either the 3-4 or 4-3.

Rey Maualuga – LB – USC
Big Game:
Sept. 13 vs Ohio St.

Umm, yeah, wow. This guy hits, runs, covers, leads, and mows your lawn when he is done. Rey would be an insane addition as an OLB in any NFL defense.

Brian Cushing – LB – USC
Big Game:
Sept. 13 vs Ohio St.

Didn’t get the accolades that his teammates Rivers and Maualuga received, but Cushing is a solid prospect whose versatility will bring him up into the first round. Has a few “concerns” off the field that aren’t too well known.

Chris Wells – RB – OSU
Big Game:
Sept. 13 vs USC

This will be a big test for Wells. The USC defense boasts a front seven that is plainly amazing for the college ranks. He’ll earn any yards he runs for in this contest.

Alex Mack – C – California
Big Game:
Sept 13 @ Maryland

Perhaps the top center in the NCAA, Mack is a cerebral center than can make the line call and begin to maul.

Jairus Byrd – CB – Oregon
Big Game:
Sept. 13 @ Purdue

A good fit in a cover-2 system, Byrd is raw but could develop into a solid nickel/#2 corner as a rookie.

Rhett Bomar – QB – Sam Houston St.
Big Game:
Sept. 20 @ Kansas

While he isn’t much of an employee, Bomar can still throw the ball pretty well. While comparisons to John Elway are obviously overblown, Bomar does exhibit the creativity with his feet and arm that NFL teams covet and offensive coordinators lose sleep over.

Darius Hill – TE – Ball St.
Big Game:
Sept. 20 @ Indiana

This guy is a YAC machine and would fit in really well with the Colts or Patriots where running good routes is valued.

Travis Beckum – TE – Wisconsin
Big Game:
Sept. 27 vs Michigan

Travis is more Kellen Winslow Jr. than Tony Gonzalez, as he isn’t known as an in-line blocker. He can stretch the field and keep safeties busy though. Beckum would fit well in a spread offense in the NFL.

Lesean McCoy – RB – Pitt
Big Game:
Sept. 30 vs Iowa

“Shady” McCoy has a nose for the goal line and is big enough to handle 15+ carries per game on Sundays. He could still work on his power, but his hands and vision are very good. He would fit very well complimenting a Marion Barber or Laurence Maroney in the NFL.

Max Unger – OL – Oregon
Big Game:
Oct. 4 @ USC

Hands down the best OL in the PAC-10, Unger should have his work cut out for him vs USC. Good footwork and strength make him a solid top 25 pick.

Tim Tebow – QB – Florida
Big Game:
Oct. 11 vs LSU

There isn’t much that hasn’t been said about Tebow. Girls love him, guys want him on their team, whether they admit it or not. Urban Meyer’s golden boy should bring a new wrinkle to a more progressive offense in the NFL, although he probably wouldn’t fit in too well in a traditional offense. (See Alex Smith)

Percy Harvin – WR – Florida
Big Game:
Oct. 11 vs LSU

Tebow’s best remaining target, Harvin is a threat on returns and reverses as well. If he can stay healthy, Harvin could easily be the first WR off the board in 2009.

Matt Stafford – QB – Georgia
Big Game:
Oct. 11 vs Tennessee

Some people have Stafford as their #1 QB prospect and I can’t argue with him. While not as dynamic or exciting as Tebow, Stafford is ready now for an NFL offense, with his great arm and savvy playmaking.

Brandon Spikes – LB – Florida
Big Game:
Oct. 11 vs LSU

Spikes is a great leader at MLB for the Gators. He led the team in tackles and has a nose for the ball in coverage as well, averaging almost a deflection per game. His 6’3/240 size will allow him to play in the 3-4 or 4-3 on Sundays.

Duke Robinson – G – Oklahoma
Big Game:
Oct. 11 vs Texas

This big 6-5/335 bruiser has been a load for the Sooners, as he notched almost 100 pancake blocks last year. His smart, mauling style would fit well in any pro offense, especially one from some team in New England.

Knowhson Moreno – RB – Georgia
Big Game:
Oct. 11 vs Tennessee

It will be a tossup as to whether Moreno or “Shady” McCoy from Pitt is the first RB taken next spring, but either one will prove to be a versatile addition to any backfield.

Brian Orakpo – DE – Texas
Big Game:
Oct. 11 vs Oklahoma

“Rak” is a dynamic playmaker coming off the edge. At 6-4/255, this Longhorn is best suited coming off the edge in a 4-3 and getting to the quarterback. He gets to the quarterback often, but needs to work on finishing the sack and holding up against the run.

Curtis Painter – QB – Purdue
Big Game:
Oct. 11 vs OSU

Looking to become the next Drew Brees to come out of Joe Tiller’s pass-happy offense, Painter had an impressive 2007 campaign where he toned down his miscues. If he keep his TD/INT ratio high again this year, he could compete to be the first quarterback taken next year.

Tyson Jackson – DE – LSU
Big Game:
Oct. 11 @ Florida

Jackson should be a top-15 pick next year as defensive ends become more and more valuable. Tyson is a force on the outside and plays well versus the run and the pass.

Malcolm Jenkins – CB – Ohio St.
Big Game:
Oct. 18 vs Michigan

This OSU corner would have been a top-20 pick in this year’s draft and should top the corner rankings in 2009. He has great speed, quickness, and ball-skills, as well as being able to recover quickly. Jenkins is a complete player.

James Laurinaitis – LB – Ohio St.
Big Game:
Oct. 18 vs Michigan

We aren’t as high as most with Animal Junior, but he is a very solid prospect. We can’t see him playing inside in a 3-4, as he doesn’t shed blocks well at all. He is very tough to block, but when he is, he will disappear from the play. Inside in a 4-3 would be an ideal spot where a couple of massive DT’s can protect him and allow him to use his athleticism to mak
e plays.

William Moore – S – Missouri
Big Game:
Oct. 18 @ Texas

Moore is a solid safety that plays smart enough to step in on day one and contribute. His instincts are a pretty thing to watch.

Vince Oghobaase – DT – Duke
Big Game:
Oct. 18 vs Miami

Vince doesn’t have good low-post moves or a sweet j, so most scouts have overlooked this Duke prospect. We feel he could provide good run support and eat some blockers on Sundays.

Pat White – QB/WR – West Virginia
Big Game:
Oct. 23 vs Auburn

White won’t play QB at the next level, but offensive coordinators are already drawing up plays to use his freakish ability, a la Randle El and others from the same mold. Expect White to work out as a WR at the combine.

Michael Oher – OT – Ole Miss
Big Game:
Oct. 25 @ Arkansas

Teams at the top of the draft are always looking for a safe pick. Last year it was Jake Long, this year it will be Michael Oher, as he is easily the best OL prospect, while going up against some of the best pass-rushers in the nation.

Michael Johnson – DE – Ga. Tech
Big Game:
Oct. 25 vs Virginia

Our #1 Pick for 2009, Johnson brings explosive power and speed from the edge for the ‘Wreck. We are predicting a breakout year from MJ, a la Mario Williams a few years back. He’ll have a tough time here against Monroe from Virginia.

Eugene Monroe – OL – Virginia
Big Game:
Oct. 25 @ Ga. Tech

The latest product to be emerging from the First Round O-Line factory(Ferguson, Albert), Monroe brings a mean streak that shows he belongs in the same paragraph as those two players.

Michael Crabtree – WR – Texas Tech
Big Game:
Nov. 1 vs Texas

This guy just flat-out scares people. He’s a big target and people just don’t seem to be able to cover him or tackle him. Watch him every chance you get.

CJ Spiller – RB – Clemson
James Davis – RB – Clemson
Cullen Harper – QB – Clemson
Big Game:
Nov. 1 @ BC

These three should be fun to watch in 2008-9. Harper is a quality QB prospect that should fight to be #2 on the board, while Davis and Spiller remind us of the duo at Arkansas last year, as both could be 1st Rounders.

Mitch King – DT – Iowa
Big Game:
Nov. 8 vs Penn St.

Mitch King isn’t a household name, yet. He is undersized, but his motor never stops and he just seems to make plays. He would fit well in a 4-3 defense that stunts often and has a deep rotation.

Vontae Davis – CB – Illinois
Big Game:
Nov. 15 vs OSU

Vernon’s little brother jumped on the Ron Zook recruiting train and has excelled with the Illini. His great CB size while keeping the requisite speed will make his stock soar. He is still a little rough around the edges, but should continue to develop into a solid corner.

Nic Harris – S – Oklahoma
Big Game:
Nov 22 vs Texas Tech

In a similar fashion to Moore, Harris brings solid fundamentals and athleticism to the defensive backfield. He hits like a linebacker at times, but doesn’t cover like one — looking at you Roy Williams.

Sam Bradford – QB – Oklahoma
Big Game:
Nov. 29 vs Oklahoma St.

After getting the chance to step in for Rhett Bomar and others, Bradford has shown that he belongs at the highest level. He will be in a small group of QB’s fighting to hear their name called in the first round next April.

Myron Rolle – S – FSU
Big Game:
Nov. 29 vs Florida

If you’d like your son to be a d-back in the NFL, it wouldn’t hurt to change your last name to Rolle. This Rolle, of the Myron variety, provides smart football instincts and great speed and athleticism.

Hunter Cantwell – QB – Louisville
Big Game:
Dec. 4 @ Rutgers

Although he has played behind Brian Brohm, Cantwell’s mind and arm are projected to be even better than his predecessor. He also has the size that NFL GM’s covet. With the lack of tape on Cantwell, we wouldn’t be surprised if he went in the top 5 or round 5.

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    Curtis brinkley of syracuse should not be overlooked or held accountable for the Horrible coaching debacle which occurred under greg Robinson in fact brinkley’s effort in spite of his situation should be highly regarded and considered

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