NFC West Predictions

Well, we saved the worst for first. Other than the Seahawks, who are by no means spectacular, the NFC West is just atrocious. If they didn’t get to play each other, these records would be much worse. Let’s just get this overwith quickly so nobody gets hurt.

Seattle Seahawks
Projected Record:

What Needs to Happen:
Shaun Alexander’s replacements need to step up and run hard, while Deion Branch needs to stay healthy. Mike Holmgren will have to coach at a high level to go out on top.

What Needs to Not: Walter Jones can’t have another lazy year, and needs to reassert himself as a true Pro-Bowler. The improving defense can’t let up this season.

San Francisco 49ers
Projected Record:

What Needs to Happen:Alex Smith needs to finally stay healthy and fulfill the promise of being the #1 pick, while Patrick Willis needs to continue to overperform.

What Needs to Not:Vernon Davis can’t have another injury and drop plagued year, while Nate Clements needs to start dominating games, rather than just playing above average.

Arizona Cardinals
Projected Record:

What Needs to Happen: Matt Leinart and Ken Whisenhunt will need to get on the same page, both on the field and off.

What Needs to Not: Edgerrin James needs to not run like he is Shaun Alexander, and the WR’s need to stop worrying about contracts.

St. Louis Rams
Projected Record:

What Needs to Happen: A whole bunch of crap.

What Needs to Not:
Steven Jackson and Orlando Pace have to play 16 games this year, while the new WR corps needs to finally step up.

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One Response to “NFC West Predictions”

  1. cuzoogle says:

    I think the niners are going to suprise. Call me crazy haha.

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