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The NFC East is going to be a very good division next year, although one “star” shines a little brighter than the rest. Compared to its AFC counterpart, the NFC East might be the best conference from top to bottom, although you might be surprised who we have picked for the bottom.

Dallas Cowboys
Projected Record: 13-3

What Needs to Happen: The Cowboys just need to make some more crunchtime plays and continue to improve on defense. Integrating Pacma-errr Adam Jones and Tank Williams into the already stacked defense would make them very difficult to move the ball on.

What Needs to Not: Marion Barber can’t be allowed to wear down. Felix Jones will have to show he is able to carry the ball 10-12 times a game to allow Barber to continue hurting people well into the 4th Quarter. Marion the Barbarian’s run through eight patriots and the end zone to avoid a safety was the best play I saw all year.

Philadelphia Eagles
Projected Record: 10-6

What Needs to Happen: Instead of posting about trading for WR’s, all the Eagles Fans on Yardbarker need to write letters to Andy Reid to just give the ball to Brian Westbrook. Lather, rinse, repeat.

What Needs to Not: McNabb can’t be on the sideline sipping Chunky Soup. He alone opens up the full playbook to allow the Eagles to exploit their quick weapons.

Washington Redskins
Projected Record: 10-6

What Needs to Happen: Jason Campbell needs to deliver on the promise shown during the 2007 campaign, and Clinton Portis needs to dress up like a 1500 yard RB again, instead of Sherrif Gonna Get Ya.

What Needs to Not: The new WR’s from the Draft can’t play like typical rookies. The Redskins are in a good position to make a run into the playoffs, and they’ll need a good stable of WR’s to do it.

New York Giants
Projected Record: 8-8

What Needs to Happen: Tom Coughlin will need to pull another rabbit out of the hat, and Eli’s hypnosis sessions need to continue to work. If Tuck and Osi continue to improve, they can make the playoffs again, although we are betting against it.

What Needs to Not: The Giants, who got insanely hot during the playoffs, a la the 2001 Patriots, can’t do what the Patriots did that year: come back to Earth. With Strahan retiring and a few other key pieces moving on, 8-8 in this conference might seem generous.

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2 Responses to “NFC East Predictions”

  1. Queue says:

    I love the Eagles! :O They seem to be doing okay.

  2. Anonymous says:

    DalASS sucks! Biggest bunch of arrogant, pear faced, whiny, spoiled-brat, sissy, cry-baby LOSERS in the league (except for New Stinkin’ Cheatin’ England). I hope both teams rot in hell forever and EVER!Go Steelers!!!

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