Dufresne, Party of Two

I came upon the, um, interesting website called Tin Foil On my Head, which is dedicated to stringing along the Spygate debacle with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Evidently Colin Cowherd, the “Schrutebag” who takes down Sports Blogs for fun, challenged his loyal listener(s) to create the site in response to the NFL conspiracy theories being floated around. The fact that there are websites like this springing up isn’t shocking or really all that interesting. What’s interesting is this little graphic found on their site:

Call off the search party guys – the Dufresnes have been found – we all knew that Coward actually did have some fans, and evidently they congregate at this aptly named site, so we can officially stop looking for them. Colin is “clearly the definition of the world class”? My god I hope these guys are playing a joke on poor Colly.

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